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  1. 5 hours ago, The Real Buh said:

    The question persists why western, developed countries have been so badly hit even with their sophisticated health systems and resources.

    There has to be some sort of genetic link or other thing going on here to see western immune response to be so much worse than elsewhere

    There are strong links to obesity being reported. Statistics show men over 55 who are overweight are far more susceptible but it's not certain if the weight itself is to blame or associated problems that obesity can cause.

  2. 2 hours ago, keelansgrandad said:

    "There will be ambulances at training and games. Is it fair to take those from the NHS? I don’t know.

    Well they will have to be private ones because the NHS will not be giving them any.

    I doubt there will be any private ones available to hire either. You would hope NHS and care homes have first dibs on those.

  3. 48 minutes ago, Bill said:

    or more accurately football will not survive unless the TV income (or replacement) is not handed over

    It is quite staggering to see how many fail to grasp even the basics of finance in this regard


    clubs cannot simply go into suspended animation and re-appear a few months hence, they either get the money or go bust

    and before any squeaks sound off, I am not endorsing playing these games, merely pointing out the stark facts

    More importantly, the industry needs to understand that for the time being at least the unlimited flow of money has stopped and it has to cut its cloth accordingly, just as every other person and business is doing.

    The PFA need to agree a cut in players wages that allows clubs to survive otherwise the players might well find they have no jobs at all come August..

    Football is not immune to basic economics.

  4. Football cannot resume until August/Sept. IMHO.

    Watching multi million pound footballers playing football behind closed doors( which personally i would not pay for anyway) whilst the majority of the country cannot go to work nor see other family members would be a serious PR own goal but those in charge.

    Teams playing three games in a week and one player ( or even one person at the match) in one team being tested positive during that week means half the teams would suddenly no longer be able to play for another two weeks which ends the whole thing anyway.


  5. 18 minutes ago, Barry Brockes said:

    According to the Sun this morning (yes I know it's the Sun) Boris seems to have agreed to the principle of completing the season behind closed doors as 'it will be good for the country's morale'. 

    This would be the same Boris who didn't adher to the guidelines on safety and social distnacing he was telling everyone else to do.

    The world is about to change, the plans of people like Boris are no longer relevant.


  6. 7 minutes ago, king canary said:

    It's a very confusing statement. 

    We're talking about a possible £35m hole in the budget.

    But we aren't talking about trying to save some money from our biggest cost base in the organisation. 

    Because we can't. If players are not paid in full, they can walk away from the club and their contract and join another club for free. That is how players contracts are drawn up in the football world. The club is protecting its investment in the players.

    There may well be some big sales made in the summer.

  7. 9 hours ago, JF said:

    yes I’m not convinced it’s Bournemouth as I’ve just looked and apparently the mirror have reported it and this club they have referred to as a PL ‘giant’ saying they are going to have to take out a £100 million bank loan. I’m thinking Spurs 



    Bear in mind clubs have no money coming it at all at the moment other than season tickets DDs and a few sales the the club shops.

    They could easily be losing £9 million per week at this moment in time.

  8. According to the majority of the Press this morning, the Govt plan to get the Country moving again says sports will not be allowed to start until July or August at the earliest. I can't see how you can finish this season then without having a massive negative impact on next season whch would be unlikely to start til Sept or Oct in that case.

    'Integrity of football ' which i keep hearing bandied about by those with a financial interest in playing again, is irrelevant in these times.

  9. 46 minutes ago, Jim Smith said:

    Its not really a substantial amount (bearing in mind the above is the maximum figure and the real figure is likely to be lower) to find for a premier league football club though is it and one that has already budgeted for a "substantial profit" this season (close to £20m as I recall). Obviously, as the paupers of the premier league we probably have the best "excuse" of any club in the division to use this scheme but in my view its still questionable.

    It is if you do not have any money in the bank or the money in your bank is already put aside for other expenditure and there will be no more money coming into the bank for the foreseeable future.


  10. Simple fact is that the club is protecting the jobs of those lower paid workers by furloughing them, the other option is to make them redundant.

    No sensible company pays staff for doing nothing and with no idea when these employees might have work again.

    Its been mentioned many times that only us and Burnley are the only other self funded in the PL, all other clubs have very wealthy owners. And Burnley are the only club initmating that they will have some serious financial problems as a result of this.


  11. @sgncfchas it right as best you can surmise from the information available.

    148 non-playing staff x £2500 per month =£370,000 per month assuming all those staff earn at least £2500 per month (which i doubt they do).

    If you have zero coming in, which is where all football clubs are currently, then its a substantial amount of money to find. The only other option is to make them all redundant which also has cost implications, probably bigger cost implications than that.

    I don't really have an issue with the club furloughing them as because as i said above the only other option is to make them redundant which will also cost the club and the Govt money in the short term.

    What i do have an issue with, and its a football-wide issue, is that the huge sums of money come in one end and are immediatley spent, mainly on player wages and transfer fees. Football clubs as a whole do not carry any sort of reserves, despite the huge sums coming in.

    How many on here were moaning a few weeks ago that we had not spent enough on new players?? How stupid that would have looked now!




  12. The reality is that it's quite possible that if the club does lose £15 million then it would technically be insolvent based on last years accounts (from memory). That means running out of cash.

    It's all too easy to criticise those in charge when its not you making the difficult decisions.

  13. Government are using football and the top players to deflect from the f*ck up they have created.


    How about we point the finger at tax dodging companies and individuals who are the ones really responsible for the fact the NHS has been starved of cash and equipment and staff for the last ten years.

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  14. Just to add to this, i live in the Midlands and i know a number of the Wolves players (most Portuguese) are back in Portugal and have been since before the lockdown. At what point will they be able to travel again?  I beleive that Farke is or was back in Germany too. They all have family to consider.

    Its a certainty that any travel across borders once lockdwon is relaxed, will require some sort of health certificate, possibly for a year or two.

    I cannot see football being allowed to bypass any new travel restrictions in place.


  15. There will come a point when finishing this season actually costs the game more money than cancelling it, as it will impact on next season.

    Its impossible to finish one season and go straight into the next as drawing up new contracts for many things, organising dates for all next season matches ( which must be a huge job in itself as there are others outside football to consider in that) all have to be done.

    How long are they prepared to consider going past 30 June in finishing the season? I would suggest that is the common sense cut off point in every respect.



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