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  1. Anyone who they try and buy in January is likely to have gone up in value dramnatically when Newcastle come calling.
  2. That doesn't win football matches though. I still think they might be hampered in where they are geographically to persuade the very best players to come to Newcastle. But as said above, we are getting close to the final nails being banged into the coffin of football as a competitive sport.
  3. Rodriguez cynical foul was deserving of a red card even though that isn't the rule, another foot and Ozan was in the box.
  4. There is no legal obligation to have the vaccine...however those who do choose not to have it, also have to accept that there will be some things that will exclude you from participating in. Playing professional football should be one of those things and it looks like it will be a requirement to be vaccinated to enter Qatar and thus play in the World Cup in December 2022.
  5. This group of players should not been bottom of the League with no points and only one goal from open play after 6 games.
  6. I think the next two games will make or break Farke's season. If we still have zero points after Burnley and Brighton, then its time for a change.
  7. If we want to stay up, then I think Hodgson is the best option. He will, at the very least, stop us leaking goals
  8. if the next two games end up with us Nil and the other team scoring, then i think his time is up. That's assuming the club want to make a go of staying up this time.
  9. I think you might find the Chinese Government have stopped allowing that sort of money laundering.
  10. Just Eat and Deliveroo will be next on the list of restricted advertising.
  11. Farke needs to decide on a line up and stick with it for a few games. The whole core of the team is changing too much for each match.
  12. Ronaldo earning £500k per week is about to blow PL wages out of the water. I see Salah wants the same and so will many other top players. Where does that leave the likes of us?
  13. I wonder how long before Emi feels he is too big for Villa? Mixing with Argentina's top players would suggest it might not be too long.
  14. I think he does the job he is there to do but I agree Bellingham is a step up.
  15. International football has no appeal for me anymore made even worse by an England manager who uses the Hughton tactics handbook
  16. And a lot of players have apparently refused to be vaccinated.
  17. This is where it all gets ridiculous. If there is going to be one rule for the rich and famous and another for the majoirty, then there will be riots on streets.
  18. Police in Brazil appear to have walked on to the pitch and attempted to arrest Emi for supposedly breaking covid regulations.
  19. Sometimes a player can be too big a star and gain more personal media attention and divert away from the club itself. I may be proved wrong but without a doubt his best days are behind him.
  20. To be honest, good luck with that ManUre. he looked past his best at the Euros and i'm sure a few other Utd players will be knocking on the manager's door asking for their wages to be matched to Ronaldo's 0.5 million pounds per WEEK!
  21. I would say these 'journalists' are cheating Talksport who presumably are paying these people money to talk about something they do not understand. I would love to know where this magic money tree is so i can go and pick up a few windfalls.
  22. Football at the top level is now a very rich man's plaything. Its not really a sport anymore.
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