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  1. It doesn’t matter which club you are or how wealthy the owners are, every club will have bad seasons mixed in with the good. 

    I’m sure most would like to see a change of ownership with fresh impetus, but firstly we are a relatively small club in an unfashionable part of the Country, so are unlikely to see a multi billionaire buying the club as these days most new owners are seeing it as a money making venture and secondly for every Man City there is probably 5 other Cardiffs, Derbys, Burnleys etc. 

    Anyone who bought the club would really need to be a dedicated supporter otherwise it just would not improve the playing side. 

    I would much prefer to see us follow the German style of being substantially owned by the supporters. 

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  2. 14 hours ago, Midlands Yellow said:

     Brentford fans nod their heads in agreement. 

    But the chances are very high that they will be next season's Sheff Utd or Leeds.

    Momentum carried over from the previous Championship high is vital in getting points on the board early and keeping that confidence.

    Whilst its not the main reason we have struggled, the fixtures given to us early on have been very cruel the last two EPL seasons.

  3. Good article on the front page by Chris Lakey.

    However, its not just NCFC who are seeing the issue. The TV games have shown a number of clubs with obvious numbers of empty seats including Villa, Southampton even ManUre etc. so it would appear to be a problem that is becoming more prevalent.

    I get the feeling that maybe people are saying the cost of football is becoming too much for the entertainment provided.



  4. 27 minutes ago, Ken Hairy said:

    Plus 1 here for changing the dirge of a national anthem we have, and for getting shot of an outdated family model in the Royals. 

    The anthem has never filled me with with pride, only good thing about them is the old girl is getting me an extra day off next month. 

    At no point does the national Anthem mention England, the UK or indeed the people (at least in the verses everyone sings and knows) in it other than to say we should be 'reigned' over.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Naturalcynic said:

    Inheritance tax is paid at 40% on everything above the threshold of £325,000.  That seems pretty heavy to me.

    Again you have no idea, very few Royals or Establishment clowns are paying that because their wealth is either NOT in the Country they profess to love or they find ways of avoiding the tax by using Trusts. You are being conned.

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  6. 2 minutes ago, Naturalcynic said:

    Best you have a word with your friend in the Kremlin in that case.

    And that is where you have no idea what you are talking about.

    Our own PM and Trump are very closely aligned to the Kremlin and its cronies and have been happy to take their money for their own personal gains and now realise their is a very big price to pay for that.

    Have a look at how many Tory MPs have been funded by Russian money, its quite frightening.

  7. Farke was and will always be a great Championship manager and way out of his depth in the EPL.

    Some of his team set ups were so tactically naive it was frightening, the Chelsea 7-0 game being a case in point. We had full backs pushing up the field leaving Chelsea players in acres of space behind and at no point did we change tactics in the whole of the game.


  8. 14 minutes ago, daly said:

    Quite comical when you support the £100000 plus a week footballers

    Have some pride in your country 

    Watch the England Rugby team show passion 

    Having pride in your Country should be something that the Country has to earn, it should not be a given.

    That's why we end up with Wars all the time because too many people blindly follow to edict of the idiot in charge.

    This current War could potentially see the end of us all.

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  9. 3 minutes ago, A Load of Squit said:


    Just a peaceful protest. 

    I suppose you'd all be happier if you lived in a country that banned 'this sort of thing'.



    I would be happier if i lived in a much more equal country where inherited privilege was taxed heavily so we don't end up with so many inbreds dictating our lives.

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  10. Farke was great in the Championship but way out of his depth in the EPL. 

    Mike Walker’s first spell and Dave Stringers years were the best. We were one of the best teams in the Country and playing very attractive football to boot. 

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  11. 3 hours ago, Creative Midfielder said:

    I haven't heard that (yet), my comment was based on what he has said previously and also the type of football he has got us playing - I'm using the terms 'playing' & 'football' in the loosest possible sense obviously.

    Still I'll take the moan/whinge comment as a sort of compliment since I've been accused on this board far more frequently of being a  'happy clapper' than a moaner - just shows what an impact it can have replacing the best coach(/manager) we've ever had with a dud.

    Farke was the best Championship manager we have had and played probably the best Championship football of all.....but he isn't the best manager we have ever had.

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  12. 1 minute ago, Creative Midfielder said:

    You may be right although I wouldn't take such a pessimistic view of them, especially Dowell - you were advocating the need for more creativity in the team, which I agree with but I'll be very surprised if we sign anyone better than Dowell in that department especially if DS stays since, as I said previously, I don't see creativity as being one of his priorities.

    Even though that is exactly what Dean Smith said today?? 

    im glad I don’t go down the pub with some of you lot, it must be a right miserable night out. Moan moan whinge whinge.. 


  13. So many people use the word 'investment' but its not investment, its just someone with more money than sense chucking cash ( in some cases that they don't actually have) at a football club hoping to buy some success.

    The problem is that 'investing' £50 million in the team becomes a constant just to stand still, it does not guarantee success on any level. Its why many owners suddenly stop putting money in because they realise that they have to do it every season, its not a one off. ( See Wolves)

    Norwich will never be a top six club with football as it is now because the club does not have the fanbase nor the media love-in that is needed to elevate a club onto the world TV stage and thus bring in a wealthy benefactor and with the imminent restrictions on wages to turnover and the independent Government appointed body to oversee English football, things are likely to change in a big way in the coming years.

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