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  1. I'm not convinced we can afford to play Emi and Cantwell in the same team, it makes us too lightweight physically. In all honesty, the team has not proven to be good enough this year so changes are neded regardless.
  2. It would be interesting to see the stats on Hanley, Klose, Zimmerman and Godfrey all being available for selection at the start of each match. I doubt even three on them were fit on matchday very often. It has had a profound effect on our season tho that isn't to hide from the deficiences and errors elsewhere. I don't know whether that is bad planning, bad training regimes or just bad luck but it does need to be addressed.
  3. Trouble is our two main leaders and physical players, Zimmerman and Hanley, have spent so much of this season out injured.
  4. For the life of me I cannot understand (Injuries permitting) why we have not played Godfrey in DCM, he is made for the role. As a centre half we have players who can do the same job as he can, at centre midfield, we do not.
  5. I wasn't looking forward to it because football without a crowd is pretty pointless anyway but at least I know not to waste my time watching anymore. Ps I bet we get to the FA cup final
  6. I don't think anyone has been relegated on 54 points so far.
  7. It seems 1p5wich wanted L1 play offs to go ahead with anyone who was interested reagrdless of their position over the season to date.
  8. Think they have only published the first three games for now as they have no idea if this will work.
  9. I doubt many clubs will be spending big this summer with the uncertainty around. There is no guarantee if this season will finish or when next may start.
  10. The reality is football needs to have a wage cap. Its been introduced in many sports over the years with success. The problem in top level football is that the rewards are potentially huge for thsoe employed by the clubs, especially those actually running the club ( not the owners).
  11. Football is unlikely to go back to what it was, in my opinion. I wouldn't be surprised if this makes a Euro League of the biggest Euro teams far more likely and the rest of us can go back to football on a much more sensible scale.
  12. Read this thread till about page 3 and then gave up. Let's be honest, until football is played in front of a full crowd again, it's not a football I would bother with and I know I am not alone. Unless something dramatic happens in the next couple of months, I thinks that is unlikely until 2021 at the earliest. Even the brightest of scientific minds have no idea what the rest of this year holds for any of us. Imagine Leeds in the Prem for the first time in years and the whole season is behind closed doors. ?
  13. If the PL season is not completed in the same way it started then it needs to be voided. Those are the only two fair options. Anything else is a fudge and NOT sport. Sky can forget about receiving any money from me in the future if it becomes a fabrication to suit the big clubs.
  14. The mid table clubs players have lots to lose and nothing to gain by the season being restarted anytime soon.
  15. Liverpool and Everton opoposed to it too according to reports. Those with a genuine home town fanbase it seems are in the main opposed.
  16. This ^^. Two awful no shows. Mike Walker was manager in his second spell, IIRC.
  17. If i could pay to watch NCFC matches only on the TV i would do that. I often put the football on because there isn't a lot else I want to watch but i have to confess i have not missed it. I do understand though that would just make the bigger clubs wealthier still and the gap between us and them ever bigger.
  18. Football has lost the plot and is going to lose lots of support if it's not very careful.
  19. Reality is there will not be any football played for at least a month. In terms of the lockdown we are about 3-4 weeks behind the rest of Europe and none of them are playing football yet. Not sure any are even training in any useful way.
  20. There are strong links to obesity being reported. Statistics show men over 55 who are overweight are far more susceptible but it's not certain if the weight itself is to blame or associated problems that obesity can cause.
  21. I doubt there will be any private ones available to hire either. You would hope NHS and care homes have first dibs on those.
  22. More importantly, the industry needs to understand that for the time being at least the unlimited flow of money has stopped and it has to cut its cloth accordingly, just as every other person and business is doing. The PFA need to agree a cut in players wages that allows clubs to survive otherwise the players might well find they have no jobs at all come August.. Football is not immune to basic economics.
  23. Football cannot resume until August/Sept. IMHO. Watching multi million pound footballers playing football behind closed doors( which personally i would not pay for anyway) whilst the majority of the country cannot go to work nor see other family members would be a serious PR own goal but those in charge. Teams playing three games in a week and one player ( or even one person at the match) in one team being tested positive during that week means half the teams would suddenly no longer be able to play for another two weeks which ends the whole thing anyway.
  24. This would be the same Boris who didn't adher to the guidelines on safety and social distnacing he was telling everyone else to do. The world is about to change, the plans of people like Boris are no longer relevant.
  25. Its also an appalling indictment of the game as a whole. It has to go back to clubs being self financed. We are attmepting to compete with clubs who are not self financed. The football world must be losing so much support even from those who follow the game closely.
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