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  1. and today's scapegoat is.... FFS we won. Just enjoy the feeling.
  2. A bit of short term debt? To make a difference we would need to be spending £10-20 million. That's not insignificant to a club run without a supremely wealthy owner ( which is another argument altogether).
  3. None of us know the reality of the club's current financial position but to spend money we do not have would be suicide.
  4. Yeh El Ghazi puts his kit and boots on and turns up on a matchday.
  5. We will never see another time like the first Mike Walker era. Coming close to winning the EPL, European football and great entertainment. If only…..
  6. Well at least we won,t have to worry about him being cup tied tomorrow if he is going to Newcastle.
  7. I wonder where that leaves Emi? On the bench probably.
  8. Nice. £25 million to Newcastle
  9. I suspect the owners of the Super League clubs would suddenly see the likes of us as a great investment with a steady supply of quality players to feed their super league team.
  10. Good article. It is what needs to happen so football can become a true sport again.
  11. Emi isn't exactly setting the Prem alight at Villa with better players around him. He looks very lightweight in the EPL as he did last time with us.
  12. We failed to address the one issue we knew was there two years ago and Webber and Farke admitted was there...we are too lightweight. We do need a couple of big strong DMs. We could do worse than put Kabak in there in all honesty.
  13. If Palace Boxing day game is off there is no way they will be playing 48 hours later surely. No player with covid could be involved.
  14. The only reason quality players will move there in January is to fill their pockets. Any player who wants to play in the World Cup next year would be well advised to stay away.
  15. 41 goals conceded by Newcastle and not even half way through the season. A few weeks ago the media was all about how Norwich had conceded so many goals... now two teams have conceded more than us.
  16. So now it's a yellow card for complaining about being shoved with an elbow
  17. So VAR has done anything but provide consistency..it looks more pathetic every time it makes another wrong decision.
  18. The EPL - putting profit before everyone’s health every single time.
  19. They ought to have sent their ladies team- they would be more likely to give Barrow a game.
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