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  1. That’s the sort of rational view id like to take, and I don’t disagree. But in context of recent performances it’s a hard sell.
  2. How is this so different to a few weeks ago… yes Huddersfield and Millwall… but we were really starting to look like an organised side - we’d lose to both of them right now! Is playing Pukki and Sargent the main issue?
  3. I think I’d take Pukki off and put Sargent through the middle. I’d rather Ramsey as an extra body in midfield.
  4. I really thought Nunez was going to be some player.. but he’s really struggling.
  5. Needs games.. and that also is the potential problem in re-hab, too much too soon. Keep playing him and cross fingers. Hayden, Gibbs and Nunez should work well.
  6. Love that analysis… reckon he just closed the keeper down though
  7. I’m not saying his a failure, but is he really what we need? I don’t think so, the money should’ve been better spent.
  8. But, without Buendia and Skipp. And that nucleus isn’t nearly as motivated now. So why do you think it’s still good enough to walk the league?
  9. You really think the talent we’ve loaned out is good enough to walk this league? Jeez… The squad, sadly, is not good enough. It’s the same nucleus as our last championship campaign, minus the exceptional Skipp and Buendi, and a game changer like Vrancic. Hanley, Pukki, Gibson, Aarons, etc.. are carrying too much baggage from relegations of the past and have stagnated. Rather than £11 million on Sara, we should’ve bought 2 or 3 players capable of sloting straight in with a boat load of hunger and desire, to help mitigate above.
  10. I don’t think we do. I’m not sure how you can say that with any conviction. We’re a top ten championship side. And recruitment is to blame for that.
  11. Far superior squad to ours. He’d be failing with anything less.
  12. Hope springs eternal.. Have a feeling we’re in for a very nervy 15-20 minutes straight after HT.
  13. This fixture 3 years ago had an attendance of 18k in the championship…that’s 10k less than tonight. Despite current league positions, first time in a decade it feels Ipswich are in the ascendancy…
  14. No, he hasn’t. That’s not fair. A mixture of poor signings, demotivated players with too much baggage, and an entitled and over expectant fan base not able to let go of Farke, have sucked the life out of CR. Fingers should be firmly pointed at Webber, whilst the owner of said fingers, probably ought to look in the mirror too, before any blame is laid at Smiths door. Look, I’m not convinced by Smith and starting to have serious doubts. But there’s no denying, he’s bought a ticket to an absolute sh!+ show.
  15. Krul (mainly for presence) Aarons Byram Hanley Dimi Hayden Sara Nunez Hernandez Ramsey Sargent
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