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  1. If he's as good as he looks and continues on the same development curve, 2 years is as long as we'll have him for. So lets enjoy him! Just hope we stay in the EPL for the next two seasons so the profit margin is maximised.
  2. We need a DM more than a CB. A world class CB wouldn't make us that much more secure defensively, but a decent DM would. Gibson and Hanely are limited, but decent defenders. They like to do the dirty work. But they need a bit of protection in front, mainly to stop the opposition running straight at them. Force the opposition to play longer balls, or balls in the air. Bread and butter for them. A midfield destroyer helps with this. Hot knife through butter is a cliché we hear to much in EPL!
  3. On paper, a fantastic, exciting signing! However, he's only 19! So may struggle to make an immediate impact, which is something we really need having lost Buendia. Having said that.. his record last season is impressive. Hopefully we've got him on a 5 year contract and get to enjoy him when he starts to hit his prime, like Buendia.
  4. I'm surprised we haven't gone for a couple of the championships top performers. I guess it's down to cost, but has worked for us in the past, Snodgrass, Howson, BJ etc.... Grimes and O'Brien fit a similar bill.
  5. Would be a good addition for the right money. Not necessarily a starter every week, but would add some quality in depth. I suspect we're interested, but doubt we'll go north of £5 million. Huddersfield will want nearer £10 million, which we won't pay for a championship player.
  6. Hmmmm.... at least a negative test result is accepted. Otherwise, it would be uproar. Still.... Chaos at some point will ensue, no doubt about it.
  7. Half the price of Armstrong. Let's hope it's another Weber masterclass. It does beg the question however, why did we not sign Sargent with Rashica? Does that suggest Armstrong (or another) was first choice? I read that Bayer Leverkusen we're ready to bid, so perhaps that forced our hand.
  8. Without descending this thread into a COVID war, I read that only 2 EPL clubs have all their players vaccinated. A lot of players refused the vaccination before the Euros too, for fear of it affecting their performance. Belgium being a case highlighted in the media. Given our recent covid outbreak, I suspect we are not one of the two clubs. There is also likely to be exemptions for footballers, based on factors such as medical and religious grounds. Seems odd that elite sportsmen and women are behind the vaccination curve...
  9. I believe Leitner was too, for Borussia Dortmund. Lees-Melou has the credentials for sure, but this is still a big step up for him. I wouldn't put Rupp streets ahead of Leitner, Trybull or Steipermann. Different players, but fairly similar bracket of ability IMO.
  10. Can the same not be said of Rashica and Sargent? Both struggled in a relegated team.
  11. The difference is not as wide as "absolute no contest" Gilmour and Lees-Melou are new players and unproven at this level. Rupp has been integrated for a while, but again not proven at EPL. Whilst Leitner, Trybull and Steipermann were also not proven at EPL level, they were firmly integrated into the team and were coming off the back of a very strong season. They all started the EPL season very well too, Leitner and Tyrbull ran the show at home to Newcastle. Whilst I agree with your sentiment that we have better players, it's not clear cut.
  12. Ipswich are making some decent signings for League one, tbf. Sadly, I think they may do well once they get everyone up and running.
  13. Apparently, Armstrong doesn't fancy the move here. Being brutally honest, we'll lose out on any player another EPL team takes an interest in. That's why I also don't believe we are actually in for him. I think we got lucky with Gilmour, in that I speculate we probably already had an agreement lined up before the euros. In terms of CBs, unrealistic, but I liked the idea of Cahill on a short term deal. We desperately need experience - Scott Dann another released from Palace? Would help with Omo's development and provide much needed cover. Both more reliable than Klose. Shane Duffy another?
  14. I'd love a bit of Pendulum booming out - would probably wake the city stand up though, and we can't have that.
  15. Jed Wallace, more goals and assists than Cantwell last season in a defensively set up team too. Openly accept their not glamourous suggestions, but horrific is a tad extreme.
  16. Still plenty of championship talent we could look at. I see Jed Wallace is struggling to agree a new deal with Millwall. Probably more of a squad player, but scored plenty of goals and assists over the last two seasons. Rarely misses a game and a decent age. I like Cauley Woodrow too. Again, maybe not the most glamourous of suggestions, but one I feel could be a useful addition.
  17. I'm not sure we can go with that attitude. Every club has injuries, it's football. We always seem to bang on about them, but squad depth, or rather quality in depth, is the issue. One that's very hard to address for a club of our size. Covid outbreak has been tough, however, I can see it hitting other clubs in the next week or two during the season. So it a strange way, it may have been a good thing to have it now.
  18. Rupp to have an ankle injury assessed, Mclean suffers recovery set back too. Rupp can't be relied upon for a full season, incredibly frustrating. Although just a friendly, feels all too familiar to an away game two season ago. We're still so far off a fit EPL squad raring to go. Both in terms of players needed and fitness. Probably best we have the opening fixtures we do and not ones that are really meaningful in terms of staying up. Need another CDM and CB.
  19. At first, loved it. The stripe is unnecessary though, but I've bought one for me and my daughter. On balance probably prefer the away shirt, but out of stock. Still dislike the home shirt!
  20. Yeah, sure that's a big ask. But it's not impossible, and a 10 goal plus EPL striker at a young age is worth £20 mill straight away. Which is my point. If he doesn't, well @ £8 million it isn't a huge risk. In any case, I feel Sargent will bring more to us than just goals. I think he'll be very effective for us in other ways.
  21. Strange post this. Sargent has decent pedigree whilst still being young and developing. If he manages to score 10 goals next season, you've at least doubled his transfer value straight away. I think this could be a shrewd bit of business. Clearly different to what we already have, and seems adaptable to different positions. Makes sense to me. Can't all be flair type players... looks like potential fan favourite material to me, a more technical Grant Holt?
  22. It's a shame that all people undecided on whether or not to have the vaccine are labelled 'anti vaxxers' and hurled abuse and insults. From what I can see, Matt Morriss makes some valid points. This is such an emotive subject and one that's been thrust upon us. Everybody will react differently, and have different views. The science is so blurry from all sides, that no one can sit on the moral high ground and shout down at another. I wish people could respect each other more. The way our freedom was taking away so easily through lockdowns was, and remains, worrying. The response to Covid-19 has been completely disproportionate to other illnesses. That's not me being cavalier to Covid-19 either. I don't buy the whole narrative of get the jab and return to normal.. Most people are only going to have one vaccine (the current one). As pointed out earlier in the thread, its simply not viable to enter a continual vaccination programme. Therefore, the masses will eventually be exposed to new coronavirus strains, with booster jabs reserved only for the vulnerable, as per the yearly flu jab. So are we just spending a fortune now, delaying the inevitable?
  23. Under UK sovereignty, and therefore law. If passports are not made mandatory by law, then the club could be accused of discrimination. So all hinges on what the government do, and the definition of mass gathering events.
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