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  1. This is the bit I don’t get. Surely they can’t be happy with the unharmonious situation with the local media?
  2. Anything Max can’t do, isn’t worth doing. £35 million, not a penny less.
  3. In League one. Mumba will get his chance with Norwich next year. Plan was probably this year, but Aarons didn’t leave.
  4. Well, maybe we should stop spending £10 million plus on the likes of Sara.. and put more in the budget for a top class manager? Would love Bielsa. But not going to happen.
  5. You just can’t imagine Delia being happy with this stand off, can you? Which, worryingly, proves the point about Webbers dictatorship.
  6. Norwich fans, traditionally, are not the most vociferous or tribal, and Carrow road has never been an intimidating place for visiting teams or supporters. We’re also quite placid and accepting. It’s just how it is… but generally, always support the team, and do it well. I do feel there is an element of entitlement at play, and that’s generating frustration and anger. But there’s much more to it. Post Farke hangover, the disconnect between club officials, fans and local press, and a squad not fully motivated and driven to succeed. All this os contributing to poor football and a poor atmosphere. The club needs freshening up. It wouldn’t take a lot to get the fans back on side, and the atmosphere to lift. But pathetic club run interviews with bean counters ain’t going to cut it.
  7. See Nunez linked away already too! Would be a good move for Idah. I think he should’ve been out on loan already tbh. He’s development has suffered. Now with injuries, there’s a real risk it doesn’t happen for him.
  8. He’s a fairly limited player. Depends what you expect? He’ll sit in that CDM role and do a good job at holding position, breaking up play, and off loading quickly to a more creative teammate. The sort of attributes we’ve missed since Tettey.
  9. Thing is, that could easily fail. There’s a bit of chat about dropping Hayden, but I’m not sure. He helped keep it together during a tough period… I know we looked better when the subs came and he went off, but that can happen late in a game. Doesn’t mean it’ll happen from the start. I think Cantwell especially, struggles for consistency over 90 minutes. Impact sub may suit him. We desperately need some consistency, too many different players and systems. I think that starts with Hayden and Gibbs, with Hanley and one other next to him.
  10. Cantwell, Nunez and Sara behind Pukki then, Hayden and Gibbs DM - is this our best midfield and attack?
  11. They’re on the up… and about time too. The fact we’ve enjoyed so much superiority over them for the last decade is not just about us.. but the absolute dreadful state of how they’ve been run. In the same way we were poorly run mid to late 90s and late 00’s, helped them have the upper hand over us. Their current look is reminiscent of us in the Lamber era. You could see them going up and immediately doing well in the championship..
  12. Don’t see it.. flatters to deceive and too often carried. It’s why he’s still a Norwich player.
  13. What we need now is consistency. We can’t afford to keep chopping and changing. Hayden is here to be a key player, he needs to keep starting. Dowel struggled today, but Onel was decent. I’d maybe drop Dowell, but that’s it.
  14. Fair play, I don’t rate him. But he played well. Good decision by Smith to use him from the bench?
  15. Big performance needed from Cantwell. Turn the tide, make a second and secure the points. bet ya he can’t.
  16. Towards the end of our last Champs season.. Farke went with Cantwell, Dowell and Buendia as the 3.. not one a winger.
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