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  1. 10 minutes ago, GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary said:

    Still there are people who are saying this isnt a poor league

    For us to still be in 4th now everyone has played the same amount of games, after the bad run we had in October says it all.

    We really should be about 8 pts clear of 3rd place now

    Is it a poor league, or a really competitive one?

    What constitutes a really good quality league? One where the table is tight, and anyone can beat anyone, exactly like we have this season?

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  2. 28 minutes ago, canarydan23 said:

    Yes, I agree. And as we have him already and have a chance at promotion this season, why would we waste funds on making him permanent in January? Surely we either negotiate a deal based on getting promoted or we decide he isn't good enough for the EPL and then assess where we are where he is in the summer? What logical argument is there to deplete our meagre budget on him in January, unless you believe there is a significant chance of him becoming an EPL-quality attacking midfielder? And on the latter point, there is nowhere near enough body of evidence to suggest that chance is anything like significant. Let's not forget that his brother hasn't cemented a place in the Aston Villa starting 11 and by the time he was Aaron's age he'd made a hatful of EPL appearances already.

    MOM yesterday, by the way. I think if we’re bringing Jacob Ramsey in to the debate, that only supports the argument to buy Aaron Ramsey. 

    I think at 19 years old, there is enough evidence to suggest he’s on the trajectory to being a regular EPL player.

    I’d buy him in a heartbeat, tbh. But as said previously, this discussion is ultimately irrelevant as we’d never be able to sign him.


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  3. 2 minutes ago, Six Pack said:

    There's enough "dead wood" hovering around the club as it is - let's not add more. 

    To the unsavvy he looks ok against the minor clubs - we have higher aspiration than 16th on the table. 

    “Dead wood” Jesus… look at what he’s doing at 19 years old! 

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  4. 47 minutes ago, canarydan23 said:

    Yes, and we already have him for this Championship season. If our aspiration remains to get into and stay in the EPL, there's not much point spending limited funds on someone who, on current evidence, wouldn't be much use the EPL.

    Don’t think we should be planning on what might happen in the future… The plan should be buying players that makes this squad a championship promotion one.

    The lad is 19 remember, and scoring and assisting in the championship. That’s really impressive, I think he’s a top talent and a future EPL player for sure. Probably supported by the fact we’ve got zero chance of actually getting him.



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  5. 1 hour ago, Commonsense said:

    So all of their players are playing for free! You do realise that huge sums spent on wages are just as, and often much more, important than transfer fees.

    Tbf, the comparison to Man Utd is valid. Newcastle have spent, but now where to the level Man Utd. You have to give credit to Howe. 

  6. 2 hours ago, canarydan23 said:

    I wouldn't at the moment, he's definitely not shown anything to suggest he'd do well in the EPL yet. However, when you think how he was playing in his earlier appearances to how he is now there has been  a major improvement, albeit from a very low base. If he continues to improve at the same rate he could be decent.

    But we’re a championship side?

  7. Just now, Nexus_Canary said:

    No I didn't.

    I posted that I thought it was tin pot. ( It is a forum and my opinion)  I actually strongly feel that it's obnoxious and promotes everything which is wrong about british football culture. Again my opinion.

    You call me out I respond.

    Continuing to quote tree me is not me winging it's me responding to something I feel needs addressing.

    Have you got any evidence or reason to support this opinion?

    Seems a very narrow minded statement, to me at least.

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  8. Just now, Nexus_Canary said:

    You totally contradicted yourself.

    On one hand you say great about the drum calling it positive.

    Then you say that which suggests you can see how it's intact not positive for all Involved.

    Have an opinion by all means, stick to it though when proven wrong or called out.

    For all the heat I get, I stick to my guns and can accept when I'm wrong.

    But all your doing is winging about the drum, instead of letting them get on with it. 

  9. 8 minutes ago, Nexus_Canary said:

    Each to their own allow people to support the way they wish.

    If older fans want to catch up with friends and chat while enjoying the game why is this such a crime?

    A bunch of  y00t getting pissed and banging a drum. Great.

    In my eyes it's pathetic and further from what I want from a Saturday. With that In mind my season ticket is far enough away from the Barclay / snake pit that I am not impacted.

    What about those in the Barclay that don't want to sing or have a drum banged? Should they move to the river end? Do you reach a level in your support where you have to move?

    But don't get into this stupid "support" elitism.

    It's daft with our fan base divided enough as it is around the manager.

    Enjoy your football the way you choose to and kindly don't dictate to others how they should enjoy the match. 


    Like you say, allow people to support the way they wish. 

  10. 10 hours ago, Nexus_Canary said:

    Tin Pot AF.

    Drums in rock bands YES

    Drums at football NO


    Sorry to be a kill joy 😄

    Tin pot AF - why is it?

    Trying to create a partisan atmosphere to support the team is not ‘tin pot.’ 

    I can’t believe how much backlash positive things can get by fellow supporters sometimes. 

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