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  1. We should have signed both last summer… they were mentioned often on here.
  2. Is it a poor league, or a really competitive one? What constitutes a really good quality league? One where the table is tight, and anyone can beat anyone, exactly like we have this season?
  3. Middlesbrough unbeaten in three and a dominant performance tonight! Akpom in red hot form… tough game Saturday.
  4. Really impressive.. dominating teams too. Definitely play off contenders.
  5. MOM yesterday, by the way. I think if we’re bringing Jacob Ramsey in to the debate, that only supports the argument to buy Aaron Ramsey. I think at 19 years old, there is enough evidence to suggest he’s on the trajectory to being a regular EPL player. I’d buy him in a heartbeat, tbh. But as said previously, this discussion is ultimately irrelevant as we’d never be able to sign him.
  6. “Dead wood” Jesus… look at what he’s doing at 19 years old!
  7. Don’t think we should be planning on what might happen in the future… The plan should be buying players that makes this squad a championship promotion one. The lad is 19 remember, and scoring and assisting in the championship. That’s really impressive, I think he’s a top talent and a future EPL player for sure. Probably supported by the fact we’ve got zero chance of actually getting him.
  8. Tbf, the comparison to Man Utd is valid. Newcastle have spent, but now where to the level Man Utd. You have to give credit to Howe.
  9. Have you got any evidence or reason to support this opinion? Seems a very narrow minded statement, to me at least.
  10. But all your doing is winging about the drum, instead of letting them get on with it.
  11. Like you say, allow people to support the way they wish.
  12. Tin pot AF - why is it? Trying to create a partisan atmosphere to support the team is not ‘tin pot.’ I can’t believe how much backlash positive things can get by fellow supporters sometimes.
  13. Unconvinced. Mainly due to they price tag, and the thought we could’ve spent it better without the compromises a few have mentioned above.
  14. I’d like to think (hope) that when fit, Nunez plays instead of McLean.
  15. Nunez and Gibbs are the best passers of the ball we have. Granted, both have been hot and cold, but really hope to see more of these two, and together. I think we’d control games better.
  16. Makes more sense… heavily reliant on McCallum and Aarons getting forward and providing width, which they can both do. Dowell would love that position Ramsey has.
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