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  1. Why dont you ask him in your daily snidy phone call?
  2. Nice attempt to divert attention away from your mates embarrassing post til1010.
  3. Where’s River End Canary? Surely he isn’t going to miss the opportunity to say something disparaging about the yellow wall?
  4. Come on lads, Til1010 is trying change his ways and be supportive of the efforts of BEN and ACN. We should give him a big pat on the back
  5. Please don't encourage him, it's about the only place left that remains free of his rants.
  6. One day you might actually see a post on here that you don't try to turn negative.
  7. Says the man who had no idea they were anything to do with the flags on the first place
  8. Any reasonable person and genuine City fan could see it was work in progress. Well done to ALONG come Norwich AND The Barclay End Projekt.
  9. So you expected it to go from no flags to Saturdays awesome display in one game? Naïve at best.
  10. It looked superb. Brought a lump to my throat.
  11. Yes. In my experience there bark is worse than there bite. Never had any problems in the past.
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