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  1. Trying to purchase 2 tickets for this match for my son and nephew, if anyone can’t make it on Sunday please let me know.
  2. Otis62

    Should Srbeny start?

    Why not ? he’s hasn’t really been given much game time to prove himself.
  3. Munich ? Don’t we do Hernia ops in the UK ?
  4. Otis62


    I think Famewo should have come on in the last 15/20 mins and Amadou moved into defensive mid. We’d nothing to lose and Famewo would probably slot into a back defensive four a lot easier as it’s his natural position.
  5. Otis62

    When will it end

    Realistically, who do we think will be back after the international break ?
  6. Otis62

    3 at the back

    I wonder if Hanley will play against Aston Villa and Amadou will be moved into defensive midfield ?
  7. Otis62


    I think Srbeny should have come on. From what I’ve seen he always gets stuck in and if not Srbeny it should have been Idah, either one of them would have supplied a bit more muscle too.
  8. Relegation dogfight ? It’s only the end of September and we’ve so many players to return.
  9. Otis62

    Max Aarons?

    Will Zimmerman be ready for this weekend ?
  10. I am unable to access the home ticket page on the club website, is anyone else having problems ?
  11. Otis62

    Home Ticket

    Yes, I was hoping to get 2 tickets for Tuesday , probably sold out for Saturday too ! Will keep trying, if not will call ticket office in the morning.
  12. Otis62

    Championship Shopping List

    Anyone worth looking at in League One from Luton, Barnsley or Portsmouth ? I seem to remember Jamal Lowe who plays for Portsmouth was impressive.
  13. Wanted 2 tickets for Wigan game.
  14. Otis62

    Wigan Spare Tickets

    Hi, thank you for message, actually managed to pick up 2 tickets.
  15. Otis62

    Team for Rotherham game

    Regarding the above games was Leitner missing from all of them ? Just seems to be a calming influence in midfield when playing.
  16. Otis62

    Changes for next game?

    Leitner and Vrancic seemed to be warming up for a long time I’m surprised they did not come on sooner. I do not think either player looked very happy regarding the long warm up especially Leitner who kicked the side of the stand just in front of us.
  17. Otis62

    Look what I have found

    Is it just commentary ? I can’t seem to get a picture.
  18. I read that the team will be remaining in Lancashire, just wondering what facilities will be available for them to use in regards to training etc. Or maybe they’ll just check into a spa which will hopefully rejuvenate them after having a run of matches so close together !
  19. Otis62

    Staying in Lancashire

    The Canaries will stay in the north-west after the game at Deepdale however, as they have another game in the area on Saturday, against struggling Bolton. In the Pinkun a few days ago, maybe they changed their plans.
  20. After Daniel Farke’s comments about possibly strengthening the squad with a winger would Jamal Lowe be someone that would fit that role if available ? I thought he really stood out for Portsmouth.
  21. Otis62

    Transfer Market

    Yes, that’s true. The next few days will be interesting.
  22. Is anyone else thinking a mini snow break might help us in terms of players recovering from injury ?
  23. Otis62

    Snow Break

    Do Sheffield and Leeds have key players injured ?
  24. Otis62

    Farke’s Dilemma

    Just seen David Freezer on Twitter post team he thinks we should field on Friday which includes Stiepermann, didn’t think he was expected to return this early ?
  25. Otis62


    Totally agree, as I said before on here it was going to take a while for him to get back to previous form after all that time out through injury.