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  1. Hope they didn't scout him just from those videos
  2. Where do the insurance companies stand? Seems to me that if a player spits on the grass out of habit and a speck ends up on a multi million pounds asset that the response from the insurer might well be: "not my problem Mr Zillionaire player owner. You put him there."!
  3. For the record, the Daily Mail recently ran an editorial demanding that the government spends on corona virus propaganda adverts in their local papers to support them during a period of lost revenue. Ads in papers which frankly, no-one reads and which are already supported by ludicrously expensive, compulsory public notices which would be better placed on council websites. The Daily Mail also employs expensive columnists who also often earn from TV appearances. How much have they, and the group's well paid executives volunteered to cut their salaries before putting out the begging bowl for state funds?
  4. You and my wife must move in similar circles... I couldn't possibly say. But where may those cycles have been? Outside No. 10?
  5. Paul was a colleague. He would have appreciated the joke. He would also have been an outstanding cheer leader in the Barclay as he possessed the loudest yell in the country! Good lad. RIP.
  6. Don't know you sir but I have enjoyed your dispatches. They should send you some scampi.
  7. Sorry, this is becoming a tad obscene. Who really cares about football when you can't even go to the pub? When 5 old boys around a table having a pint and talking about Ron Saunders could close the Norfolk and Norwich? Airlines demanding bailouts, banks shafting, credit card companies uncontrolled.....these are the topics of the day.
  8. What will happen to this forum if all the over 70s pop their clogs before next season?
  9. Why is it so difficult to understand that getting promoted was an accident?
  10. Slightly off topic but Daniel Farke's tributes to the kit men make you hope sincerely that this huge challenge comes off for the man. He has class as a character and appears to be a great motivator of everyone at the club including the fans- and neutrals looking on.
  11. Why blame MOTD? Their fans want to see goals. There weren't none. That's why we are bottom.
  12. Interested only in comments about the club. Its what the forum was set up to do. It's become pathetic and an embarrassment to fans who are independent of a silly clique. Childish
  13. This silly playground bullying is putting football fans off this site
  14. Don't suppose tactics could have anything to do with our plight? Reinforcing the centre of defence both pre-season and now could surely have made/make a difference.
  15. Ron Saunders was terrifying! In a post match Villa interview he said: "If that ****ing linesman is on the zebra crossing when I leave here I am going to run him over."
  16. Who said that? Season ticket holder? Would be investor? Naysayer?
  17. Time to talk like this is January. Christmas has come too early. Might get more presses than you're expecting.
  18. I tend to agree with the former manager of Finland, who lost track of Pukki during his subsequent sojourn in club football: there is a long way to go. I also recall that we had a rather poor start to last season. I further recall that we did squander a previous venture in the PL by urinating it against a wall. However, the injuries are troubling- especially those sustained in training.
  19. Who is this idiot? Has he even noticed that Sunday TV football is now shown in colour? Has he clocked that the oligarchs are moving on, leaving carcasses of football clubs behind them? Does he respect the Bolton debacle? Read Jordan's account of his devastating experience with Crystal Palace and then look rationally at the future for clubs like ours. Fact is "Big Vince" if the Delia plan is to recover from near administration and finance a secure place in the Championship what is so absurd about that? Got any cash Big Vince? If so, put it where your........
  20. Spot on. Just look at the number of "big" clubs who haven't had a sniff of the prem in years.
  21. Disappointed I won't be wearing a Norwich shirt again this season. I won't be a walking billboard for gambling. "Family" club?
  22. This team? 11/12 substitutes? It's a ditherer's charter. Perfect for Ranieri
  23. Given our splendid multi racial line up these days I would also like to hear the Norwich City Calypso once more
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