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  1. It's not just about the money. It was abject failure- not even trying at times, stubborness and arrogance when anyone- pundit, journalist or fan- dared to question what Farke was trying to do.
  2. Spot on Foggo. Sadly. Tail wagging dog: there is nobody at the club with the passion or the expertise to change the structure that's been put in place.
  3. An excellent effort: cynically benefiting from the parachute compensation. This club is now embarrassing not only our supporters but our city and county. Already softening up the faithful warning the Championship is far too tough for a club like Norwich. 45-1 odds on a football match my mate got!! Horrendous shame.
  4. There really are some twa*ts on here. 12,000 + posts don't seem to have got you far
  5. I recall the old regime being castigated by the new regime for pi88ing accrued Premier League riches up against the wall. That same new regime now has riches after yet another relegation from the Premier League- the most ignominious so far, yet once again, a good earner. The fans should stop beating themselves up for being critical of this regime. Unless of course they actually spend some of the money this time rather than once again pleading poverty. The following comment about the new signings so far is not encouraging: “Perhaps they have not come from the best leagues but they have lots of potential,” said Farke.
  6. “Perhaps they have not come from the best leagues but they have lots of potential,” said Farke. Already being softened up that we aren't a big enough club to take on the wealthier Championship clubs. Despite benefiting from yet another relegation from the Premier League.
  7. “Perhaps they have not come from the best leagues but they have lots of potential,” said Farke. True to form, rubbish the players he has to work with. Before a ball is kicked.
  8. Ask a neutral and they will agree that since the restart what he says about Norwich City is absolutely true. We did fall from "best ever bottom team" to "best ever there for the parachute payments team". Neutrals also find Daniel Farke's constant belittling of his players astonishing. This has damaged the reputation of the club.You don't have to have the experience and expertise of Cascarino to work this out.
  9. FFS the recruitment has been dire. Even worse if the plan was for the Championship after netting the zillions for being relegated. Those commentators who say that Norwich have been cynical in anticipating parachute payments have made a point that needs considering.
  10. The late Jimmy Sirrell of Notts County fame, was a great football philosopher and a man of very few words, most of them unprintable. In reply to a question from a pesky sports reporter he once put the science of successful football thus: "If you want to win matches you have to score goals. If you don't want to lose matches you mustn't let goals in. It's fu****g simple." As Jim would have said, it's got f**k all to do with luck.
  11. How many chairmen, directors, CEOs, sporting directors, managers, assistant manager, coaches, players, sponsors has she got through, not to mention loyal season ticket holders has she got through in the quest for...........?
  12. My grandson thinks our club's leaders are constantly sold a pup. He is very young, but canny.
  13. Whoever it is, did they choose the right players to spend what is still a significant amount of money on?
  14. Are we all going to swallow the line that this was due solely to lack of money? Early in the season it was right to give latitude because of injuries, though why we had so many to key players needs scrutiny. However, we are where we are now whilst pretty much up to strength. We had limited resources yes, but what we had was spent in the wrong areas and on some poor choices and senior management has to account for that. Historically, this club has been arrogant in the Premier League: the Norwich way: "we appoint unproven Premier League coaches, we buy players all the big guys have missed, we ignore the basic principles of setting up a strong team....and we will prove the others wrong." It is not the fault of the coaches- good operators like Neill and Hughton. But when fortunes dive Premier League clubs take decisive action by appointing the right character at the top: look at the opposition today. Would Norwich have gone for Moyes? Not in the same league, Norwich? Who is leading it with any real senior expertise? What was the Moxey saga all about? If Webber and Farke fail, who will be making the next call? Probably them.
  15. Thoughts from Huddersfield fans would be interesting. there but for the grace.....?
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