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  1. NCFCInnit

    4 Home Games Left..

    Too early to stress about where we will be this time next season? Not long since the doomsayers predicted promotion of this team would end in humiliation and tears.
  2. NCFCInnit


    Did we hate Ron Saunders and John Bond as much as Paul Lambert for moving to "bigger" clubs? Asked this on another thread- I genuinely can't remember, but don't think so, even after Bondy thrashed us!
  3. NCFCInnit

    Don’t boo lambert...

    Did we hate Ron Saunders and John Bond for moving on to what they regarded as "bigger" clubs as Paul Lambert is perceived to have done? I genuinely can't remember.
  4. NCFCInnit

    Don’t boo lambert...

    Are we big enough at the next two matches to celebrate two managers who took Norwich to the Premier League? Hopefully, it will be a hat trick and the third involved in these games will emulate his two predecessors.
  5. Nice one. Those of us who collected cash for Norfolk FA in the South Stand in the 60s have seen it all! whoever would have thought it....a German!
  6. Agreed. Otherwise we will have to boo Martin O'Neill!
  7. Anything less than a genuine round of applause when this guy returns would be a disgrace. It's truly embarrassing that it isn't understood that this is a small industry and it's inevitable that key people will move around. Does anyone really think that Paul Lambert owes a debt of gratitude to a club's supporters who rightly revered him for what he achieved? Other way round, I say.
  8. Did we complain like this when we were fogged off for a bit? Was at a Charlton match when the keeper didn't know it was fogged off until a copper emerged from the gloom in the penalty area to tell him. The stands were empty
  9. NCFCInnit

    The usual problem

    Much has been made about the 3 all thriller against Forest and memories the last time it happened. Forest broke the transfer record not only for a striker but also for a keeper and with Lloyd and Burns created a formidable defence supported by "journeyman" pros. They left the Carra goal spree behind and conquered Europe. Basically, Clough learned and adapted.
  10. NCFCInnit

    The usual problem

    Sorry but this love- in with our run has to be put into the context of the Premier League. Conceding 7 in two at home in the Championship is unlikely to be form that wins promotion, but if we did go up with this tactical philosophy we would be destroyed. There is no substitute at this stage of the season for building from the back and packing the goal when two up. Time to stop crowing about how we, and Leeds have thrilled the Championship. Otherwise we will be doing the same this time next year.
  11. NCFCInnit

    Interesting Pundit Opinion ...

    The guy is an horrendous broadcaster, Talksport's equivalent of a Tudor court fool. I believe he is a West Ham fanatic: a club once the backbone of English talent but now somewhat multi national.
  12. NCFCInnit

    Farke News

    The paupers being starved?
  13. NCFCInnit

    Farke News

    The journalism on this site is becoming more and more like a pauper's supper- crumbs from the same stale loaf night after night. For "Read the full story here" read "here's yet another bite from the interview I did days ago".,
  14. NCFCInnit

    What was the point of Ed Balls?

    The new structure is certainly lean. Two couples and a nephew.
  15. NCFCInnit

    City piece on Football 365

    Sheffield United: How the f**k has this happened? Date published: Thursday 11th October 2018 12:48 Seems like I read something similar.........