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  1. So why hire him in the first place? No due diligence on and off the field?
  2. I have been a senior journalist for 40 years and it is rare to read such an unprofessionally constructed article written by a paid reporter and published without standard editorial checks and balance required by a mainstream news outlet. On what facts is any of this rambling content based? As published, it appears to be the opinion of one employed writer who could just as easily be any member of the public- but the latter person would not have unbridled access to a credible newspaper/website.Before publication the editor should have taken full responsibility and asked the reporter why no sources were credited? The article doesn't even hide behind the catch all anonymous credits of the tabloids of "sources close to the club", "sources close to the player", etc. Most fundamentally, the impression left is that the source of the article could have been the player himself- but that is totally unfair on him. Was he even approached for comment? Balance in journalism demands that he was approached and the article should publish that- reporting is not about leaving impressions.If the content reflects the view of the player he should have articulated it. If he did not wish to comment when approached the article should have stated such. Otherwise the reader could be left feeling that the reporter was used as a mouthpiece, which is hardly a scoop.....it is propaganda.
  3. Tettey's impact has to be measured season by season. He has given a substantial part of his lifespan as a player to this club. Talk of him developing as a player is nonsense- it's more that the team and the playing culture has progressed because he has been there. This is the one testimonial I want to support- 2 years ago I told non Norwich mates I want to get up a coach load from London for it and they all want to come. Tettey is more than Norwich- he is rightly widely admired. So who is organising the testimonial? I'm on board.
  4. There was a gripping 3 all against Forest at Carrow Road in the late 70s . We thought we were buried. Can anyone remember when?
  5. Forest were champions of Europe twice- back to back- but their astonishing achievement was to do it without overseas players. Clough was an amazing manager, with John Bond once remarking: "I've heard he never does any coaching." He would tell them to get out there and do their jobs and **** off for a game of squash!
  6. Amazing how lack of fans only disadvantages those clubs that are doing badly. There must be some who would be in the top six if only they had 2k fans a few matches ago. Basically, Wilder is a loser.
  7. This is embarrassing, bordering on bullying a young lad. Leave him alone, I say. If he leaves, so be it. He has done well and good luck to him.
  8. Got lucky with Sorensen hitting the ground running but maybe unlucky with McCallum who is yet to come off the block? Seems to balance things out in the management judgement stakes. Norwich defence currently doing well and what Premier class player who is not a time server is going to sign before we are up?
  9. Actually, I went there in or last promotion season and thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere both in the ground and a couple of locals. It was a massive contrast to experiences I had there in the dark old days.......but then again, many away grounds were dire!
  10. i just watched his interview and i hadn't a clue what he was saying https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/canaries-wycombe-wanderers-daniel-farke-preview-team-news-injury-updates-1-6897706
  11. Luton, Coventry and Wycombe must be thinking exactly the same thing. Its a tough old league when you've got no cash.
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