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  1. 3 hours ago, Greavsy said:

    If it was a utd defender on Teemu every single one of you on here would be saying it's a penalty.  That's because it was. 100% 

    Take the green and yellow specs off. 

    Yes we would. And yes, it was a penalty.

    However, it still doesn't take away that it was a clever bit of play acting by Ronaldo which ensured it was one. Without the acting I suspect he wouldn't have even know Aarons was there 

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  2. They know exactly what they are doing when they protest to the ref and I love it. It's gamesmanship, it upsets their player, keeps the ref on his toes and we need every advantage we can get.

    In truth, I (from my loft position in the River end) find it quite funny and when the refs do eventually fall for it, it makes me titter

  3. 5 minutes ago, Bluefloyd said:

    People of my vintage (or at least I) see Ronaldo as the 'winker', a diver and a cheat and a shadow in messi's wake. 

    My son who isn't actually filming, but is a Norwich fan (and is in that photo!) sees him the way I saw Diego Maradona. 

    Like him or not he is aside from Messi the biggest player in the world game and opportunity to see him play here, once in a lifetime probably. So I'm not going to judge. 

    The lad bottom left is my spirit animal! 

    Well said and this mirrors my situation, sons viewpoint and animal spirit exactly.



  4. 1 minute ago, Disco Dales Jockstrap said:

    You're got a real cross section of the football fans there.

    You've got the lad giving it large to Ronaldo - no respecter of reputations this boy. He loves his club.

    Then you've got the 'fan' right next to him with a Norwich hat on...and a half and half scarf with Ronaldo's face on. While they also video Ronaldo. I mean. WTF?


    Ha, ha, bearing in mind that's the family section. Bit rough in there 😄

  5. 2 hours ago, KernowCanary said:

    The team performance wasn’t all that great at all, and not the sort of performance I would expect from a team capable of staying in the division.

    Right now, we are toast.

    To be frank, the team performance considering their current situation (if you're aware of it) was excellant.

    But yes we need to put chances away.

    Toast? Not even warm yet

  6. 1 hour ago, Greavsy said:

    Well the two that were in the upper river end soon got evicted today once they showed their true colours!

    More of that please, and let the true fans watch our team. 

    Ban those two idiots and the two who sold them their seats. 

    YBF the head steward did come back afterwards to get their seat numbers, for further investigation. Shame they had moved round a little before kick off, and even got some regular season ticket holders to move so they could sit together, but hopefully the club can work it out and take appropriate action. 

    Respect to the stewards for getting them out quickly and efficiently.   

    Yes saw that, it was near me about 7/8 rows from the front. Thought it was only the one thrown out from my view point and the steward was quick and dealt with it well I thought.

    It certainly upset a few around us  

  7. 39 minutes ago, Ward 3 said:

    I could walk across the field and soon be at sprowston Manor. I live on the estate. 2 min walk from door to door. Stone all the windows and get some fireworks 🤣

    Mission agreed. Stone the windows at 2300hrs then Fireworks every hour from midnight to 8am. May just help us tomorrow. 

    Remember, you are doing it for the good of humanity and should feel proud.

    Let us know how you get on

  8. 21 minutes ago, Satriales said:

    There is a lot of anger there! Suprised they are taking it out on the players and not the owners/board.

    Yes. It's quite ironic, that a small handful of halfwits decide to abuse one of their players after another abject performance, yet their entire support allows 2 decades plus of absolute decline and rot and subsequently fail to do anything meaningful about it.

    Other than a smoke flare at the training ground and a poster here or there, there have been an almost zombie like acceptance of utter tripe served up down there without any resistance. Just for that complete lack of organised pressure on the board and united expression of disaffection alone over many years they deserve to rot.

    Christ, even Mick McCarthy told them all to Fu(k 0ff on TV (embarrassingly for them at Carrow Road).

    Apathetic as usual and yet wholly predictable that a few will get drunk and embarrass themselves. 

  9. 34 minutes ago, Willmeister said:

    Fans trying to attack their own players now. They really are the gift that keeps on giving.



    Sounds like he is over egging it a bit. From the clip I saw a few of them were shouting from the stands at two of their players and one fan came over from the side and pushed one of them before being removed by stewards.

    To be fair they are usually such a inert bunch that I'm quite surprised they finally let the team know what they thought (please note I do not condone the behaviour of the moron who pushed their player). 




  10. During the game yesterday, I was perplexed that the chanting on a number of occasions from the spurs support was very loud near us yet hardly any appeared to be taking part. That and when they did chant it seemed to always get to the same level of noise for the same length of time, before finishing at the same time. The noise was as if the whole ground was taking part when in reality that would not be the case. Between these 'enhanced' moments you could often hear a few spurs fans away to our left in the same area each time trying to start a chant, but it was much quieter 

    By the end of the match I was absolutely convinced they were piping in fake noise. Looking on t'internet this evening I see a number of reports that they are probably doing this. Pretty diabolical if that is the case

    Did anyone else have the same suspicions regarding this?

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  11. 32 minutes ago, TheGunnShow said:

    Spurs deserved to win because they were more clinical in front of goal, but on another day Teemu, Adam AND Josh could all have bagged very presentable chances.

    I'm not so sure.

    We need a finisher.

    Not an athlete, not someone quick who can run on to a through ball, not a statisticians dream, just a finisher for the final ball. Pure and simple, someone who can go 'cold' in the box and finish the chances we create, as we certainly do create. 

    Not necessarily easy to obtain I know but surely we can do better with our signings in this area?




  12. 2 hours ago, Tetteys Jig said:

    give over. He was arguably our best player last month and integral to promotion. We're hardly going to attract Reuben Dias and Virgil Van Dijk.

    Today was all about our hopeless midfield and attack.

    Absolutely 100% nailed on correct. 

    Gibson was one of a few not playing well, but to sign post him is disingenuous at best. 

    My impression at the match was that we looked 'intimidated'


  13. Just back from the game. 

    Invest in a decent striker/finisher from a league or two below and we could do well as there are chances being made. Carry on as we are and boy are we in for a very long journey. Other than Pukki (who missed a chance today) I'm not sure what we have 


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