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  1. Problem with comms, hopefully they will abandon the game
  2. WFT free kick Byram is seriously pi55ed off. Shortly down to 10 I suspect
  3. Not a single player starting for us has scored in the PL this season, we are in for a long match
  4. Not a chance. Sometimes to look at the near future you just need to look at our recent past. Leicester Home: Poor performing opposition who were seriously struggling, we should have taken at least a point **** Away: poorest they have been all season, should have taken a point. Couldn't manage it Watford at Home: Taught us a lesson, part one only as we have to go to theirs, god help us. Leeds at Home: An injury plagued squad low on confidence, couldn't take our chances should have won. Wolves Home: Dominant performance for some part, couldn't take our chances. should have won Newcastle Away: Poorest team we have faced and yet again we produce a poor team effort and individual mistakes. Should have won Man U Home; Couldn't take our chances, we should have taken a point. These are the team we SHOULD have done better against as we faced them when they were at their poorest for a variety of reasons. That we failed on every occasions should answer this question posed by the OP. Simply put, the least points (being extremely conservative with this) we should have taken against those teams was an extra massive 10. We can not afford to throw away games, like Newcastle, Wolves etc and expect to get away with it. And get away with it, we won't.
  5. I'd imagine the only aim of this club now is to not set a new PL record. Cup runs and league positions are for teams up for a fight, not quite our position at the moment
  6. Flakey and powder -puff is just about right. It was about 40 mins yesterday when McClean gets booked for a mistimed tackle and receives a yellow card. Yet we spent the the first half just watching them have the ball without so much as a 'professional' kick up the backside on them. The amount of teams we have seen come to CR, dish out the rough treatment in the first 15/20 minutes whilst the ref allows the game to settle in, by which time they are 1-0 up is am embarrassment. If nothing else get a tough nut in there to liven it up a bit when we need a bit of steel early on. Powder - puff, tippy tappy and missing in action make up our PL midfield and it's time for a wholesale change
  7. Buendia was going, end of. It has been made clear he wanted to go and I suspect the rumours regarding him stating he would not play for us again were correct. The money we received was excellent, given the circumstances. That he was magnificent (in the championship) and one of the best ever players I have seen in our colours should not confuse the situation ref his desire to leave. The snake pit echoed my thoughts on him at the end of the villa game, good on them. There was not a single simple chance he would have been turning out in our team this season. Would he have kept us up if he stayed and most of the others we signed had still be signed? I doubt it. Our single biggest obvious, in your face mistake was not dealing with the CDM issue which we knew of for at least the last two seasons and the striking issue which has been looming for a while. Almost as criminal as not dealing with the CD issues last time in the PL. Pushing the boat out for two or three marquee signings in these areas may have helped, instead of 11 untested, expensive also rans.
  8. Am I missing something here? 'It's gone viral!' Which upon closer inspection shows a whopping 271 comments, a massive 15 shares and a staggering 1.1k of likes. How the fu(4 is that viral?.................................And what type of City supporter really cares? Are you that desperate for attention on here you have to start a threat on any single item that pops up? Jesus H Christ, take a day off. We (not sure if you actually attend games in person) were thrashed yesterday by one of the greatest teams in the UK. One the richest teams in the world. And at a time where we are struggling in every sense. Some of your posts are interesting and spot on. Some are simply embarrassing. And yes, I could scroll on by blah, blah blah. However, do we need to highlight every imperfection against us, just for post counts? What's the point? I should add 'Norwich gets laughed at every where they go' is utter bollo ck s
  9. Struggling to get my head around the complete lack of bite in our midfield, this is hurting us. Dowel, Gilmore and to a degree McLean just can't win a 50/50 tackle and carry very little bite and aggression in there. A bit more of the Brandon / Plachetta attitude and we just might have a chance. At this rate we are just looking at faffing about a bit then rolling over for a five goal thrashing.
  10. The ticket office should be open on match days. I suspect the lines will be busy so phone early. If they have to provide a paper one you should be able to pick it up from the window (to the right of the actual ticket office). But as advised get there early. good luck
  11. Thank you. Fingers crossed for a win against Arsenal. We are rapidly running out of games to get out of the bottom three
  12. I wont be testing myself before the game. Unfortunately myself, partner and youngest tested positive yesterday, had a PCR test today so are waiting for results. I feel pretty run down as a result, but they are fine. lets hope city can spring a surprise and cheer us up.
  13. It was mentioned earlier on the radio that the level criteria for postponing matches was explained to the clubs and as a result they expected more matches to be called off. After all how can you expect clubs like Liverpool with only 16 fit full internationals available to field a team
  14. Heading South, say something positive about us (i.e our team NCFC) not yours. There is the distinctive whiff of bitter, jealous bin about you. Go on, say something positively all Norwich City
  15. Certainly will go down as one of my favourite ever players for us. Quite ironic that when ever we were in a rut results wise he came back into the side (generally following an injury) and steadied the ship, changing our results.
  16. Byram is a class footballer in my opinion and if he can stay fit he may just be part of the solution to our survival this season.
  17. Pleased it's off, hopefully all will get better and fit for the 26th
  18. It is quite shocking how much of a hoof ball team they (ipswich) are. Absolute dog turd of a team if this is their standard.
  19. Yes we would. And yes, it was a penalty. However, it still doesn't take away that it was a clever bit of play acting by Ronaldo which ensured it was one. Without the acting I suspect he wouldn't have even know Aarons was there
  20. Apart from the small matter that he didn't. Live at the game it looked a clear dive, ho hum........... Or in other words. Cheating fu(4ing diver
  21. Yes they do and I think most clubs also do so? It's also interesting at the start of the season to how many seats are always empty.
  22. They know exactly what they are doing when they protest to the ref and I love it. It's gamesmanship, it upsets their player, keeps the ref on his toes and we need every advantage we can get. In truth, I (from my loft position in the River end) find it quite funny and when the refs do eventually fall for it, it makes me titter
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