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  1. Struggling to see us getting a really good result tonight no matter what team we put out. Wetspam are going into the top 4 if they win, so rest assured they are going to murder us for the first 20 minutes.

    I can just see Antonio and co in their changing room rubbing hands and getting into a football frenzy for this.

    However, conversely  this set up/team could do well against Everton so who knows.

    Watching from behind the sofa tonight. 



  2. Just now, Mello Yello said:

    Well if there are defeats away against the Hammers and then beaten by Everton at home?.....

    Maybe the full time whistle will be met by a combined crescendo of.......

    "ON THE FALL CITY!"....

    Well, maybe by whoever is still left in the stadium after 90+ minutes....

    On the contrary Dean.....I think the club, squad, staff and most of all our club hierarchy get off fairly lightly, all things considering.....



    I suspect if we are trounced by westham and then get beaten by a very poor everton side, not only will half the stadium be empty by 85 minutes but those staying will have something to say about it to the board.

    And quite right too. 


  3. 39 minutes ago, Wings of a Sparrow said:

    Isn't he another Danny Mills, in that he seems to gloss over his time here 🤔

    Not that I have noticed.

    However, understandably he was extremely successful at other clubs where he played after us (having been forced out of here for money) and it is expected he would highlight those achievements. I certainly would. 



  4. We have already played 5 or 6 teams who either had numerous players out or were massively underperforming before we turned up, and we failed to capitalise on each occasion.

    Look at Aston Villa last night against a strong Man Utd team. They are sat in the bottom half of this league and honestly I feel they look head and shoulders above us. Seriously, do you really believe we can compete against that type of team? Because to stay up we will need to right now, not in two or three weeks, right now.

    I understand your optimism, as I am an eternal optimist and would rather be that than not. However, at some point realigning the expectations is probably the right course.

    We would have to start by pulling of a shock tomorrow night then again for another three to four games in the next 6 weeks minimum.

    Not going to happen. Our recent history tells us that




  5. It looked a clear foul to me (not sure we would have got the decision though) and the only complaint my end was why did it take sooooooooooo long for VAR to simply refer it back to the on field ref. That delay caused the angst and I'm suspect if that game was at Villa Park it would have been decided much quicker.



  6. 12 hours ago, YoussefSafriFromDistance said:

    Unlikely I know as he has been sought after by Burnley but said he wants to go to a higher-profile prem team. I was wondering if he doesn't get his move to a bigger team and Burnley get someone else in, maybe we could swoop in for a loan late in the window with Juve paying half wages as they've stated that they're keen to offload him? 

    Wages probably still too expensive at 50% but he would certainly improve continuity between midfield and attack which seem to be very disconnected at the moment.


    Mate. You need to get with it. We have moved on from the likes of small fry, £400k a week, Ramsey, to the international striker Lukaku, who on a similar large (see- massively out of our reach) wage, is more our type of target this window. According to another poster, on another thread.

    Similarly, Ronaldo missed starting a game last month............................


  7. 7 hours ago, Nora's Ghost said:

    They know that if they let the dust settle the easily mugged support will some to terms with the mess.


    No club in the land has such a passive and accepting fanbase so ultimately we get what we deserve time and time again.

    Utter b0((ocks and for an example of a fan base these comments apply to, look no further than down the A140. I'd be interested to know your thoughts on their stance on the state of their club.

    We (our club support) have often made it clear when we are seriously not happy in a variety of ways and it is well documented. 

    In any case we are still in the PL and it is clear that a supportive fanbase will be far more beneficial to our chances of survival than not

  8. 13 minutes ago, corbs said:

    In Norwich City terms failure is being in league 1, or being financially in jeopardy. A medium sized provincial club like Norwich would expect to be in the 2nd tier. Our record is generally a lot better than this, due to good stewardship we have achieved top flight status, and we have excelled in the Championship. The exciting times over the last few decades have been a mark of our success. On a personal level, going for a drink with an old mate after the Palace game, talking the banter from him and his fellow Palace fans, I did feel somewhat humiliated. I’m of the generation of City fans that were genuinely gutted when we finished 3rd in the Premier League. And people on here talk about lack of ambition. 

    Totally agree.

    I'm of a similar generation and can remember when Norwich would rock up at Highbury or White Hart lane and expect to get a result. The two FA Cup semi finals when we failed to turn up on both occasions still rankles with me as does the enforced omission from Europe. 

    However, it is abundantly clear we are again at a bit of a crossroad, we need change and how that looks, I'm not sure. But change is needed. 

    The only glimmer of light in the short term is the postponement of a couple of our matches, it might not stop the inevitable but it may stop the expected annihilation that was coming our way

  9. 6 minutes ago, Commonsense said:

    But how much of the criticism of him comes from people who pay to watch Norwich home and away, compared to the amount that comes from a few sad blokes with nothing better to do than type bile on their computers?

    Spot on. I would suspect that most of the 'on line' bile is from a number of sad sacks wo do not actively follow city. However, they and us unfortunately are put into the same bracket by the media. 

    A bit like the very few who remonstrated against BG at palace. Whilst it was very few indeed the headlines do not reflect that. 

    It's the way of the world. Unfortunately. 




  10. The ST cap of 22k approx will be met next season either in the summer or by December, what ever league we are in you can bet your last dollar on it. Carrow road has been left at the same attendance for many years and for good reason. Supply and demand. Everyone knows the minute we start to do well or hit the PL a waiting list appears and we sell out.

    Put an extra 5k seats in (which I feel we should) and you may have a point ref attendances / ST renewals, but at the moment it's not the case and they will sell.

  11. You have to factor in we obviously didn't even know we needed a dedicated CDM until the start of this current campaign, and when Normman (not a CDM) eventually was persuaded to join on loan the vacancy (not a CDM one) was filled.

    I mean, it's not as if for the last 3 years we have needed a CDM of our own and upgrades across the defence area.

    So for starters I feel brining in a couple of CDM type units in midfield would have helped. 

    Of course, we understand they are not just out there. Not for us it seems but for teams like Watford, Brentford, Bournmouth et al, they are. 

    How inconvenient is that?

    Mind you, at least we didn't start our latest chance in the hard fought PL race with  3 strikers, 2 of whome are not quite sure where the oppo goal is. Now that would be really silly. 

  12. 1 hour ago, yellowrider120 said:

    Sorry about that . Need to learn how to use  a keyboard!

    c£10M fee would probably get him + a whole list of potential add on's which might just edge it to closer to £20M.

    My thoughts as well. Possibly £10-12M plus a few add on's 

    However, I do wonder if an agreement of sorts has or is in the process of being hammered out with a club like Leeds, hence the 'he's available hints' to up the price a bit

  13. 9 minutes ago, Getagrip said:

    So you think it's ok to shout abuse at a boy who is trying in that team o ****, again I ask who passed more ran more and won most tackles for you ? And that's the guy you wanna make the scapegoat you are sad a fk and deserve to go down and never return and if he ends up doing what he is capable of doing for a better team I hope you get him in a cup game or something and he tears you apart. You do know it's gonna happen 


    For crying out loud mate. Give it up.

    You do realise you a simply arguing with a couple of wind up merchants and a few of their alter egos? They are simply taking the michael and will continue to do so until you stop.

    These are the facts, I suggest you and that other fool digest them:

    • This forum has thousands of members and countless posts, you are simply arguing with a couple of our usual suspects.
    • There are other NCFC forums, with less WUMs to choose from
    • We have a proud history of celebrating Scottish players here and our currant captain is very well respected. 
    • A very few people chanted at yet another hapless display and yet you feel the whole county of a near million people joined in. Other than yesterdays unfortunate chant he has been well supported here by fans (not that you would know this yourself) 
    • We have been terrible all season and unfortunately, despite it not being his fault, BG is constantly bigged up as our saviour (this couldn't be more wrong)  just because he came from some plastic's supporting club in London.
    • We have yet again (despite the injuries etc) recruited badly for tis season and yet again are seeing an opportunity slipping away, we are seriously pi55ed off and angry. Things are likely to get a lot worse if this continues.
    • Your attitude towards the majority of Norwich supporters, who have not turned on BG or others is poor. Yet you wonder why a few give it back?
    • Finally, you will not win on this forum, you are being played and frankly I (and I'm sure I'm not alone) am embarrassed for you.

    For the love of god, re read this and sign out.

    You are doing no one any favours other than the usual forum wind up merchants who are having a field day.  These are people I suspect haven't even set foot in CR for years.






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