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  1. 16 hours ago, keelansgrandad said:

    I think we have missed Leitner the most but Buendia's absence has been noticeable. His drives infield from outside do add another dimension to the straight dribbler Hernandez. Cantwell, although he has the skill, still doesn't have the same power as Buendia. And Buendia is quite a feisty lad which is sometimes useful and necessary.

    My thoughts exactly. I'm hopeful we can hang on to the tail of Leeds over the next 3 or 4 games, by which time Leitner will be back and in the groove dictating pace and direction. I have no doubt that when back we will push on strongly.

    However, for sheer work ethic and the character he shows, Buendia will be a very welcome sight back in the team. I also believe Sbreny could temporarily replace Stiepermann.

  2. I think the funniest moment with that lot was when they thought they had finally won at Carrow Rd last season. I couldn't cheer our last minute equalising goal, for laughing so much.

    Happy to see them languish in Division 3 for a bit then yo yo into the Championship. That club has to drag it's mentality into the present from the 60s-80s, otherwise the decline and stagnation will simply continue. Imagine being a player there and constantly (no matter how well you are doing) being reminded at every single home game that you will never be as good as at team of yester-year. Must do wonders for their teams collective spirit. Virtually every flag or placard they have displayed, references a player from nearly 40 years ago (apart from the amusing/embarrassing Hurst one).

    As for those transfers, he has to effectively start again with a near half new team. Without the benefit of a pre-season, and still produce probably the greatest half season they have had there for 10 years...……………..very unlikely. 

  3. Yes they could have coasted at 5 or 6 -0 but it probably has more to do with the will to win attitude in that team that they continually pushed forward. Plus they has some second string players on the field, looking to impress.

    It would be better off if they, firstly referred to it as the league Cup and not the 'Mc Clutch cup' or what ever it is now. Secondly, like the FA cup should have imposed, place a far greater prize at the end and finally allow the final to be played as a single entity, without all the other games that day. 

    ......….Wish we were still in it!

  4. We often hear pundits declaring so and so was 'clearly touched so he had a right to go down' to win the penalty etc.

    My favorite moment of such was watching our flying winger tearing up Millwall at Carrow Road a few seasons ago. there appeared to be a lot of young Hoolies in from London that day and our very own DH came flying into the 18 yard box in front of the away support when he was clearly touched!  Now, I'm not saying he dived however, he completed a very exquisite flip in the box and was duly awarded a penalty as a result of his efforts. Que the away end to go absolutely bananas with rage. The only person in the stadium to see it was not a pen was obviously the Norfolk born ref.

    It was an amusing moment made funnier by the mass of Milwall who I'm sure were on the advance stages of invading the Jarrold had DH not decided to gentlemanly miss the resultant penalty.


    Happy days!


  5. I think there is no question, he for some reason does not play the Farke way particularly effectively. I believe he was given some chances last season but clearly not this one. He is probably on higher wages and Aarons is the better option.

    Excellent Championship full back being kept out by a premier standard one!

  6. Welcome Harry53. Ivo is a good club full back kept out by an outstanding one. He has great character on the pitch and I have always enjoyed watching him at Carrow rd. It was a shame he did not get a run out against Portsmouth, my youngest son would have been ecstatic.

    Good luck to Ivo Pinto.

  7. Let us hope the loans do indeed come back to bite them, we need all the luck we can get to keep this campaign going. Our team is slowly coming back to full strength and just at the right time. looking forward to the next two games involving the top 4 teams especially.

    QPR have hit a bit of form and could help us this weekend. However, we need a result at a loan free West Brom.

  8. Leicester will get at least double what they paid, he is playing well and making them tick. I think we sold well with him, made the deal early allowing us a plan to bring in our targets. He was an unproven player at Prem standard and hopefully we will benefit from a move, if it comes off. We as a team, playing as a team, have also benefitted with his transfer, so good news all round.

    I do wonder if Man Utd are serious about him or just trying to unsettle a rival team playing well though.


  9. We did not get the rub of the green in many aspects yesterday and they exploited our changed defence well. The loss of two of our most talented midfielders is going to hurt and combine that with the combativeness loss of Emi who wins far more 50/50 balls than should do and it is a concern.

    We have (I'm led to believe) conceded 22 goals at home so far, half that amount away, and the worst 'goals against' out of the top 8. This is clearly not a crisis however, unless we adapt immediately to cover the weakness, our season will fall away during a hard January. Which will be a shame.

    I suspect DF will change this for the next few games and we will redress this. I hope

  10. The display from the River end looked excellent, especially with the centre one aloft. Permanent flags over exposed walls etc would be a positive addition and add to the display. As I said before, the players obviously notice this when the emerge from the tunnel and it certainly helps with the atmosphere. Good effort all round. Onwards and upwards. Or rather across and upwards..

  11. Looking forward to another display by the Barclay end this afternoon from our vantage point. If you look at the players when they run out now most of them have a good look at that colourful show of support, and it must give them a buzz.

    Keep up the good work and get them flags raised high.

  12. Their next two league games are Millwall and Rotherham at home after today. Failure to scrape the two wins needed out of those and I suspect even the most optimistic of town fans will be questioning the positive vibes Lambert gives off. Whist he was excellent for us, he has bitten off too much there I suspect. I would not be surprised to see him jump ship the moment their nightmare ends.

    Long may it continue.

  13. Forest came with a game plan to basically frustrate and waste time which I though was obvious from about 15 minutes in. Their keeper was superb. I suspect other teams will set up similarly.

    Two of their goals came from our mistakes and at least one of those (Aarons) should not happen again. We missed Leitner and will do until his return, such is his influence when he plays. I agree Hernandez should start and thought last season he was looking good towards the end. January is going to be a hell of a month for us and the injuries are mounting up unfortunately, especially in defence and that is where we are going to be exploited/targeted over the next few games so no more mistakes needed.  It’s going to be a great game today.

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  14. Good evening all, long time lurker, even longer time supporter (commenced mid 1970s).

    Really enjoying this team and can see the similarities between this and other promotion teams we have produced. However, this is by far the most exciting one, especially with the speed all over the park we possess. Ironically I thought last season was one of the most tedious I’d witnessed. The Barclay project with the flags and banners is superb and getting better each game, keep up the good work. It looks impressive from my seat in the River end. Have you a plan to do something for the upper Barclay and across to the Snakepit?

    Bring on Frank Lampard’s Derby!

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