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  1. They had a game to disrupt us and target some of our more gifted players, and it worked in a sense that they fouled Vrancic and Bueinda constantly. With a stronger ref that would have been dealt with early on and I suspect we would have then dominated the game and scored perhaps more. Credit to them though. They are as individuals very short on footballing skill apart from the odd player, but as a team they stuck to the task and limited us to 3 goals (as silly as that sounds). At no point did I feel we were going to lose or even draw that match, but it was certainly the poorest I have seen City play for a while and was due to being dragged down to their level at times. Plus the need to just get the job done. The atmosphere was okay but the midday kick off can kill it for all unfortunately. We have great vocal support but the main banks are in the Snakepit and blocks D and E Barclay which are separated. So often there are two songs being sung, but when it comes together it is loud and boisterous. If their support had turned up and were not vocal I would have been worried (for them). I was not particularly impressed with the away fans. Or their struggling manager.
  2. That particular flag was a superb display and really should make an appearance each time we are on the TV from now on. Pride of Anglia indeed!
  3. He was certainly targeted today and successfully so unfortunately. From my view point looked like he was given a dead leg during their corner. Their tactics of 'lump and thump' failed against a team who rarely got out of second gear.
  4. Passion and handbags. Wouldn't worry about it.
  5. Probably one of our standout players of the season. His temperament is something we have been missing in the team. Pukki was immense today as well, putting himself about as well as the 3 goals (yes one was disallowed)
  6. He should of been reprimanded earlier. Was constantly running out of his box down the touch line. The genteel support of the city stand certainly got wound up about it at times. The Red card was coming with his antics
  7. Their support made some noise a various parts of the game, but were seeing one of their best performances this season. Our support was superb, especially second half and the display at the beginning looked great from our end. However, despite winning 3 - 0 we never really got going for any period and the frustrations after going one up very quickly, were obvious. However, the best team one and they are going in one direction only.
  8. Good luck HK Canary. Wherever you do go, take a scarf and educate someone on all things City.
  9. A quick look at their fixtures show today as probably their last big day out, crowd and atmosphere wise. They have already been to Villa, leeds, Boro and Forrest with only the Blunts after us regarding decent support. This could well be their last decent crowd they witness for many a year. So lets give them something to remember what a support should be, as they continue their downward spiral. Sing, shout and cheer loudly. I will be Send them off in style OTBC
  10. Personally I feel your plight is slightly self inflicted, for various reasons: Your club previous successes (as good as it was) was a long, long time ago, few ippo fans I know can actually relate to it. However, due to a continual desire (understandably so I suppose) of being seen as a heavy weight in this division by your fans (the older generation), it has become a millstone around your necks. Never can an ipswich team run out at poorman road without being constantly reminded of it with the banners etc. It must eventually suck the life out of your team. It is used as a measure and one that is unfair on your current players. Secondly, (the part I struggle to understand) is that despite this complex, your fan base is placid / laid back with your sad plight (which has gone on for many years now) to the point of being horizontal. I know our fan base would have protested, marched and made quite clear we were not happy with the situation, had it been the other way round. You lot just seem to accept it......bizarre! Relegation, when it comes to you will hit you like a steam train. The general feeling down there appears to be 'if Norwich City can do it, so can we'. It's not like that. Contrary to popular belief we did not have parachute payments either. We had an average of 24-25,000 home gate, sold out away at every ground and a first day demonstration by two unhappy customers returning tickets to our then manager. The message was delivered from the stands and taken on board. Weather people thought it was appropriate or not! Our support has made their feelings known on many occasions in the past, and good on them. The 3rd Division will hurt you and you will either get lucky with early promotion or drift along for several years. What is for sure, is that your support, unless they can back the current team and not hold them up constantly to the light of yesteryear, will not assist one bit in your struggle. Good luck...…...I suspect you may need it!
  11. He had an issue with the management of our club (or part of it anyway), so got his move to a 'brighter and better place' as was his wish. However, his mistake was making a public show of defiance, a sort of 'up yours' when he returned and won here. This was of course only towards the club management but he should have known his antics would have a deeper impact on the support. Especially as they were relatively 'neutral' towards him that day. No one particularly gave him too much grief. Truthfully, I do not think he really gives a monkeys about NCFC, or Colchester or any of the clubs he was successful at. Otherwise he perhaps would have behaved differently when returning to each, despite orchestrating a win? Ho hum......
  12. A teacher in Ipswich asks her students “What football team do you support. Raise you hand if it’s Ipswich?” Everyone in the class raise their hand except one boy. “John what team do you support?” “Norwich City.” The boy replies. “Why” said the teacher. “Because my Mum and Dad do, so do I.” “Well you don’t have to copy your Mum and Dad. What if your Mum was a prostitue and your Dad was a smackhead?” “Then I’d support ipswich like the rest of you dim scruffy gits”
  13. Yes quite. However, apparently the manager of our next opponents doesn't know much about our team...….
  14. I suspect the worry that emanates is in part due to the thought of losing this match and then possibly not having the chance to rectify it in the next season or so. Of course, on paper it is probably our easiest game. Not sure it will be though. Early City goal please.
  15. The original nickname aptly applied following Lovejoys discovery, was due to all things bins, items of rubbish from bins ergo 'binners' . Not because your cr7p team should be refuse collectors, or are as honourable as binmen. 'Binners' is just an adaptation of that. Clearer?
  16. Be funny to see it on the screen at CR Sunday.
  17. 15 mil max for Aarons if not promoted, and we would take it. I suspect IF we do get promoted there will still be tempting offers, but the chance of first team football may just persuade all interested parties to stay for the season, who knows? As it is I'd rather we have this abundance of talent that has others taking note, than not.
  18. Update version of the Farke rap Funny everytime
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