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  1. If we set another record against them for point separation in the same division this season, it would certainly make for an interesting reaction. Especially if they have to win against Leeds to stop that happening (which is not going to happen).
  2. Leitner would be exactly the type we need for Bristol City. His vision could really set the tempo against a team used to having their own way, such is their good play. I suspect unless he is 100% we might not risk him starting straight away. The business end of the season is approaching and we need him for the whole of that.
  3. They were talking about some sort of 'blue action' in the ground. I believe this is something to do with installing open toilets in the corner of one of the unused stands, and being sponsored by a toilet cleaning company? Might be wrong...……...
  4. Strange last year was, at times difficult to watch and the contrast to this season is stunning. Really looking forward to the last quarter of this campaign. Some great games coming up me thinks.
  5. He certainly cleans up, when he's on.
  6. Mark Rivers has been singing our praises all afternoon. He will say it as it is so, if he thinks we have a superb team then we may be onto something very good this season and next. I believe this is one of the best all round teams I have seen NCFC have so buckle in and lets enjoy the ride! OTBC
  7. He's going to be a Norwich great!
  8. TWTD......The home for the Hapless, Hopeless and Helpless. A place for the delusional deliberations of dedicated dimwits.
  9. No one is actually saying he is our best ever keeper. But right now, at this moment, considering our options and position financially, he is a good goalkeeper for us. Declan Rudd is clearly a good keeper on his day. He had his chances with us (not sure he took it) and then left for pastures new. However he is not in a top two team chasing promotion, albeit he has a superb game against us, and good luck to him. I hear your displeasure at TK, what therefore is your solution?
  10. We are playing much better (according to my Tele) but it looks like one of those nights possibly
  11. I suspect Leeds will redesign most of the town centre if they lose out. 500k worth of improvements.
  12. The idea the Farke in his match preparations also included instructing his GK coach to wind up PL is simply idiotic, ludicrous and something only the terminally dim could really believe. The simple obvious answer is that PL saw an opportunity to 'stand up' for his team during the game and took it. The fact it went disastrously wrong for him on so many levels, is his and only his fault. No one else is to blame. Hence he apparently has a separate charge. It was their collective fault from the start to the end, with deliberate niggly fouls and outright kicks aimed at injuring players, everyone could see it (apart from the referee at times). The incident was compounded by his poor behaviour. Their season is over, it is natural for the easily led down there to want to hang on to something and here we are.
  13. I can not split Zimmermann, Buendia or Aarons. Zim for his steadfastness in the back despite having many partners there. Buendia for his trickery and excitement he brings to the field and Aarons for his stunningly upwards trajectory since starting. That said, I love seeing Trybull and Hernandez (who started as our most potent player this season) in the team. Lewis has been superb as left back and again so young. Great having difficult decisions like this.
  14. Thought the Steward and the Police officer did a good job considering the tension and amount of handbags being thrown (mainly by PL) at the time. The halfwit Chambers should be the one they look at as he became physically involved. However looking at the size of our coaching team it was probably fortunate for him that it was stopped quickly.
  15. Indeed. However if there ever was an argument for the case that some players fit clubs/systems used, this is certainly it. Much like a G Holt. There must be more players that appear to fit in so well like he has, having come from no where.
  16. I did wonder if instead of closing the stand which is next to their outside practise pitch, they could simply open the back of it and turn the seats round. They could then have our ressies play there during home games to increase the numbers, and improve the entertainment on offer. Give them decent football to watch perhaps. Of course it may prove a issues with some. I mean what decent City reserve player would want to travel down there and play in those conditions?
  17. There was a glimmer of hope for them on Sunday though. One positive from the match that they can take away. At least this year their manager didn't come out onto the pitch again and shout at them to Fu(& off ! Mind you he was absent for the majority of the game.
  18. Just pondering which will be the first part of their hovel will be closed first, due to lack of attendees next season (or even the end of this one)? Will it be the upper tier of the tired one opposite the away fans, or one of the two behind the goals traditionally covered in pigeon droppings and dirt. It must be lonely sitting in those upper areas watching the cr7p they serve up. I'm aware they have been gradually reducing the seats over the last few years and have a capacity of about 28k, but that must surely be 8-10k too many seats? With the stands the only thing the actually own as a club, at least they can have some control over this. What joy.
  19. As I mentioned on a previous thread. The continual hark back to a bygone era will probably keep them in the lower regions for quite a while. Weather that's struggling in the chumps or in league 1. It is important to celebrate historic success, but the large swathes of empty seats there show a number want change, not just in management. The association with the pub bore noisily telling everyone how good he use to be, is spot on Sad really
  20. Too late to help the hapless club situated in Portaloo road, they're in a dip !
  21. Preston are unbeaten in 5 and Bolton have lost 5 of the last 6. Stand to reason then we will win comfortably at Preston, then get a footballing lesson (and a draw) at Bolton.
  22. If Daniel Farke, lifts the Championship title, gives us a good season or two in the premership, perhaps a really, really good cup campaign, then the likes of Lamberts will indeed be replaced on that wall. Or at least moved across it to make way for the new messiah!
  23. TWTD is infected by the delusional and the self important types. I suspect virtually none of their contributors go to the games yet they are all experts, its quite laughable really. The atmosphere around Riverside and Lower end of POW Rd was good, loud and colourful, as was the display in the ground. Midday kickoff is a problem for a derby but that is what it is. We have a lot of vocal support but it is spread thin across lower Barclay and Snakepit, Shame that stand was not one large bank. However, due to the relative size of our ground and the lack of capacity expansion (which is understandable), there is very little chance of the casual supporter getting a ticket and having their once a season shout at the old enemy. If there were more tickets available for games like this then I suspect the number of season ticket sale may decline (unless Prem league of course). Perfect supply and demand is Carrow Rd. I also know of at least one sad sack from this area, who somehow gets tickets for the occasional match like this but 'supports' a Prem big team and likes to remind you of that when ever they get the weekly win. People like that are hardly the support that will cheer on City at the match, but will attend the odd first round home European game and act like an expert on all things football. Quite funny and shallow at the same time perhaps?
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