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  1. It has not been used since the derby. It would be nice if it made an appearance perhaps each time there is a game on the tele. It looks that impressive! I wouldn't be surprised that IF we went up it featured on MOTD. Now that would be annoying for the shower below us
  2. There are a few of us in there who do try. Actually it can be quite good...……..for the River end. The Barclay use to chant 'sing up the River end'
  3. Of course it's a major trophy. I wouldn't listen to anything from a supporter of a has been team who hasn't won a major trophy for nearly 4 decades. It's called having a massive chip on your shoulder. Especially when you hamper your current team with it all.
  4. Could the stewards not get involved somehow, perhaps to remind the few 'forgetting' to leave them at the end? Would be a massive shame if they were to gradually disappear after such an effort. Great display again yesterday.
  5. It was easy to see why Bristol City have done so well, they looked excellent for large parts of that game. Well organised and very well balanced. Unfortunately a few of our players had a poor first half by their standards. Second half was more the Norwich we are use to, fluid attacking intent and could perhaps should have nailed another two goals. Hernandez is back to his very, very best. Outstanding again. I hope Bristol stay in the play offs with their style. Took their second goal at our end superbly.
  6. What about a community funded beam back for them from CR?
  7. Very, very funny. This could spectacularly back fire if they have to bin it, when it stagnates at a few 100 pounds raised. It will then be announced the money will go to charity of course. #TINPOT
  8. There is no doubt relegation for town would be an unmitigated disaster. To be fair to them a few of their support realise this and can see beyond the 'it's not really a debt mantra,' and can also see ME for what he really is. It is far to say those in the enlightened batch are worried for the future. Even accepting they may be in league one for a few seasons before they regroup properly. However, the fun really is as you say hearing from a few of the terminally dim, that Marcus is their saviour and all will be well when they storm the league next season, due to the size of their club...…...
  9. I believe he will not be here next season, whatever division we find ourselves in. It is obvious he enjoys it here and has been a good fit. He has missed a penalty and been very unlucky with other chances, as well as on the verge of scoring when the final whistle was blown. His goal tally to minutes on the pitch up to Preston was a bonus. The management will have has a season to target strikers and others for next season and JRs age and wages probably disadvantages him. It is going to be very interesting in the close season, no matter the result of this one.
  10. I can see FL doing quite well in management compared to other 'big name ex players' He is under an enormous spot light there and it will not go away. Good luck to him (next season of course)
  11. Spot on. He has the makings of a good long term manager somewhere and it is obvious he is learning and adapting as he progresses. He was excellent for us at that time. Who knows for the future under a SW type individual.
  12. It speaks volumes doesn't it? I suspect a lot of that is due to City giving various 'out of favour' players another chance here. That plus the state of our training ground facilities and importantly the match day support which is phenomenal home and away. People take note of these things. The perfect ingredients for a player, to enjoy his football and enjoy representing the club.
  13. The football last season was a few patches of scintillating play with large swathes of the tedious. Teams would ultimately find us out and win. However, it was clear there was a plan, but a difficult one to swallow. I even heard Delia out chants (albeit from only one or two) and anti DF chants at some matches, which was unfair in my opinion. Daniel Farke has turned out to be everything we hoped, and much, much more. His style, vision and execution is putting City back on the footballing map again, people refer to us in glowing terms. We have always had a good reputation of a playing side and this will enhance it to a different dimension if it continues. I am 'loving what he is doing' and hope to see the same next season, in another division. OTBC
  14. Quite! However, if unjustly relegated, they are 'going to storm league 1 next season' arf……. Our current position, run and level of skill displayed in games has surpassed even the most optimistic, glass half full type of supporter such as me this season. However, I'd rather a safe gap between us and third than the drama unfolding. Such is life.
  15. As apposed to the 'dull as dish water' wait for relegation to be confirmed for your shower of sh!4e . Now that is a right laugh.
  16. Its a shame for Bryan to have the news spread across the papers, but he has no one to blame apart from himself in these instances. Caught by a bright yellow, static, road side, speed camera, not the police it seems (not that it matters). Should have learnt his lesson a bit earlier. I did. As for Julia Bradbury? Sounds jumped up and importantly opinionated without the full facts, typical 'celebrity.' Just trying to be popular, and failing badly. She should try speaking to the family of deceased in road deaths when speed is part of the problem.
  17. Quite. However, even they will acknowledge we have invested in an effective scouting system and it has obviously paid off. Teemu Pukki is in his late 20s, so in his prime. Could be a good few seasons for him and us coming up. Much like a certain Mr Holt.
  18. A compilation of his goals at the end of the season is going to be a must watch, that's for sure.
  19. Mark Rivers is a straight talker and has been critical as well and encouraging in his assessments in the past which I like. I often have one ear to the commentary on the radio when watching at Carrow rd and I think Greg Downs is probably my favourite pundit. Again good commentator and describes it as it is without the fluff.
  20. If we set another record against them for point separation in the same division this season, it would certainly make for an interesting reaction. Especially if they have to win against Leeds to stop that happening (which is not going to happen).
  21. Leitner would be exactly the type we need for Bristol City. His vision could really set the tempo against a team used to having their own way, such is their good play. I suspect unless he is 100% we might not risk him starting straight away. The business end of the season is approaching and we need him for the whole of that.
  22. They were talking about some sort of 'blue action' in the ground. I believe this is something to do with installing open toilets in the corner of one of the unused stands, and being sponsored by a toilet cleaning company? Might be wrong...……...
  23. Strange last year was, at times difficult to watch and the contrast to this season is stunning. Really looking forward to the last quarter of this campaign. Some great games coming up me thinks.
  24. He certainly cleans up, when he's on.
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