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  1. Thinking more Paul Lambert. In the 'Services to the Championship' award...…..taking that shower out of it for a few years to come
  2. Quite right too, and so he should be. Only one person missing from the awards...…….
  3. Who cares what a bunch of glory hunting Tw&ts from London and the Home counties think?
  4. Absolutely. EB has the X factor and clearly worries teams and excites City fans in equal measures. He will be missed, if nothing more than because it is a treat watching a player with that talent playing for us! However I agree we have some superb players to come in, such is the standard of our squad. It will be interesting to watch the games he misses though we have enough to cover these without a doubt. But Emi Buendia is something else.
  5. Deep down there will be a large amount of their support who will look with a green eye towards us, and who can blame them. Their club is rotten to the core having been hung out to dry by a quick buck merchant ticket tout. Beating a terrible Bolton team will temporarily reignite that flame of hope...….but temporary it will be. Even the most devoted blue bespectacled binner must look at us and wonder why they can not even get close to similar form over the last 15-20 years.
  6. Ah I understand. Didn''t see the cut he received.
  7. I suspect Cantwell will be the man. thought he was good when he came on. However, make no mistake EB is what makes this team tick.
  8. Good amount of noise in there today indeed (upper tier). The Barclay looked superb again from our view and the OTBC was one of the loudest this season. It will be deafening on Wednesday. Just need a few more of the resident experts to tut a bit louder and it would be even better.
  9. Saw TP getting his right thigh bandaged up after he was substituted. Anyone else see that? Fingers crossed. He could have had 4 goals today, deserved man of the match. Infact all our players were superb.
  10. We need unstinting, relentless, loud, passionate and raucous support from the stands if we compete in the premiership next season. Sign those qualities up and we will be fine in FCR.
  11. I believe he looked hard at that shower before committing to join them, went there and cleverly tapped into their psyche! They had a number of years with MM the straight forward Yorkshire man who having eventually had enough of their collective 'chip' reminded them who they really were by telling them to F off, in the most embarrassing (for them) situation possible. PL has come in, read the situation well and has literally been massaging crushed egos whilst continuing the poor form. They have lapped him up as a result. You literally couldn't make that stuff up! Bravo PL.....
  12. I sincerely hope so this time. We slipped up late 80s early 90s and but for a few more things to go for us, we could have really had 'our day in the sun' then. I'm hoping that the current management team stay with us for the next few seasons at least and we have some success. The ingredients are all there just need some one to prepare the icing!
  13. You forgot the FA cup winner Greg Downs. Good player for us as well
  14. I got the distinct impression he was not particularly enamoured with that idea when questioned about it recently and I can not blame him. Whilst it would be mildly amusing, that is exactly the type of stunt which would have the mick ripped out of us/him for a long time. It we win promotion, put him on the front of the open top bus parade, and celebrate loudly. Leave the horse worrying to that shower down the road
  15. I can't wait to see them in League 1 next year, especially with PL in charge. They will have the opportunity to mirror our season down there, as that is what they feel they will do at a canter.
  16. I strongly suspect, Look Norwich and Talk Norfolk will do enough to wind that shower up. However, the pride of Anglia banner making an appearance at Carrow Road, after their long awaited demise would do just as well!
  17. Quite funny Red Dwarf quote that. However, I listen to Greg Downs (generally have one ear to the radio at the game) and find him amusing and informative during the games. Each to their own eh?
  18. Good news. That will be another year we will not have to pay for him to sit in the reserves.
  19. 2-0 away loss to Fleetwood on opening day of next season will soon show them the level they have sunk to. And probably remind ipswich as well.
  20. True we have been incredibly fortunate with how things have turned out (or very cleaver with our scouting set up) However, there were plenty of moans when Pritchard left, me included. was not too impressed when Jacob left either. Maddison and Josh Murphy? Just thought it was inevitable, and to be honest myself and few others thought it might benefit the team if Maddison did leave (that's' how I remember it). In any case, all of them wanted to try out elsewhere (Maddison possibly less so), and good luck to them back in the Champs next season (except Maddison) There is no doubt, no one could have predicted where we are now with probably 8 or 9 of our players the envy of most Championship and quite a few Premiership sides out there. What is our squad worth? .........….Priceless to us right now!
  21. Seen on WOTB. 39 years ago today, I remember it well as a young lad. Very upset he was sold (managed to get over it now) Our first £1 million sale!
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