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  1. VAR will benefit teams like us I'm sure of it. The old adage of giving the decisions to the big team with the influential managers ~cough* Man united et al, will hopefully be a thing of the past to a certain extent. Very similar to our first experience of it at Chelsea a while back.
  2. I would be very surprised if they managed 12000 season tickets let alone 14000 plus. Either way they probably will not announce the number if their targets are not reached. They may get decent crowds if they start winning a few games but that will dwindle the minute they lose one. I can remember our game at Colchester and thinking at the time this could be tricky. That was with our team which had a smattering of decent players. Some teams in that league are going to rip the Binners a new one.
  3. With his experience through all the leagues, including the many moves, disappointments and moments of success he has tasted, he may have a good managerial career ahead of him. I for one wish him all the best of luck and it is superb seeing someone of his age playing competitive football still. A real life Peter Pan.
  4. A couple of great seasons in the Prem with us (if we go up) and some crucial goals in the mix, I suspect we will be talking about him for decades. What a signing.
  5. Fairly sure that is the main stand. The old south stand had the clock and if memory serves me well a Fisons advert plus a picture of a bulldozer (may be making that bit up). Unfortunately I think I missed that game, but went to many others around the late 70s (stood in River end) early 80s (Barclay end).
  6. Yet again there remains the almost bizarre assumption down there by the deluded few left, that League 1 will be a cake walk for them due to being in Europe 40 years ago. This apparently demonstrates that they will dominate that league. Good luck with that one! If ever there was a time for them to show humility then this is it. As I have said before until they lose that entitlement a large percentage of their support has, they will just stagnate. However, lets not concern ourselves with their self induced downfall and the woes of all things binner. Enjoy our successful ride up the divisions again. The joys of supporting NCFC.
  7. That is the unfortunate side effects of a successful team that wins promotion. I enjoy the discussions and reading balanced opinions and constructive concerns. What I can't stand is the arrival of the 'experts' as soon as we do not destroy a team. The singling out of players trying their best is destructive to my team and perhaps some should be a little more reserved in their outrage. Onwards and upwards
  8. He was part of a team that took us to the top of this league, and until he was injured was an integral cog in an extremely effective unit. Watching him play during the mid season, was exciting and he had the x factor at times. A few under par performances whilst following our most skilful player does not warrant that type of criticism. Non constructive and abusive towards a young player of ours.
  9. When you actually attend a game, your idiotic comments way have some weight. Until then, unfortunately for you and a few other critics, we are top of the league...………….
  10. Why don't you just bore off. Ineffective and poor reaction made by someone who should not be commenting to us. I never want to hear from you again. On other news, he is a young chap in a pressure cooker of a game, trying to make things work. Todd Cantwell was extremely effective earlier in this season. Has to follow our best, most exciting player and all the critics line up to offer their expert advice. Others were poor today, but not as poor as your remarks.
  11. I wonder what the odds are of 'R Ipswich' being seen this time next season?
  12. As a relegation, that was as lacklustre as you can get. No fight, no spirit. Down, gone and sent off with a round of applause. How utterly bizarre.
  13. Make sure it includes the words apathetic and pathetic somewhere. Just about sums them up
  14. Draw for both leeds and sheff U would be grand. Would not be surprised at all if one of both were held to a draw. However, by tomorrow after noon I believe we will all breath a little easier.
  15. Agreed. However, the issues is not just Evans and his ownership. He has largely been anonymous throughout his time there, yet the 'board' who act for him appears to have got off scot free, whilst overseeing one poor decision after another. It beggars belief no one group down there appears to be worried enough to challenge this! Yet when MM style of hoofball drags on too long a few of them are then outraged at the manager. Someone who continually kept them in the chumps (yes they where boring as hell to watch) They as a club have simply slept walked into League 1...….without so much as a whimper...……..apathetically pathetic display. And I strongly suspect, it will continue for some time yet.
  16. This could be the day that shower are relegated and yet there appears to be not an ounce of fight against the causes of this by their fan base. If the continual decline which has happened down there occurred here, I'm absolutely sure our board would be made aware of our feelings in no uncertain terms. What surprises me most is the apathetic acceptance of it by their support! No wonder saint Marcus the tout, gets away with it. It is truly pathetic. Almost pitiful.
  17. Spot on. Stiepermann was not 'extremely poor', he certainly did not have his best game but I suspect without him we would have been fairly light up front tonight. Reading had a plan and played for their survival, yet we had one really poor passage of play and it cost us their second goal. An idiot in front of me failed to join in with a single chant, song or words of encouragement throughout the entire game, but during one quieter passage of play, shouts out loudly 'you're fu9ki4g shiit Stiepermann'. What a total to$$er. We missed EB and these things happen. What a time to be alive!
  18. Thinking more Paul Lambert. In the 'Services to the Championship' award...…..taking that shower out of it for a few years to come
  19. Quite right too, and so he should be. Only one person missing from the awards...…….
  20. Who cares what a bunch of glory hunting Tw&ts from London and the Home counties think?
  21. Absolutely. EB has the X factor and clearly worries teams and excites City fans in equal measures. He will be missed, if nothing more than because it is a treat watching a player with that talent playing for us! However I agree we have some superb players to come in, such is the standard of our squad. It will be interesting to watch the games he misses though we have enough to cover these without a doubt. But Emi Buendia is something else.
  22. Deep down there will be a large amount of their support who will look with a green eye towards us, and who can blame them. Their club is rotten to the core having been hung out to dry by a quick buck merchant ticket tout. Beating a terrible Bolton team will temporarily reignite that flame of hope...….but temporary it will be. Even the most devoted blue bespectacled binner must look at us and wonder why they can not even get close to similar form over the last 15-20 years.
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