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  1. The funny thing is that next season in the prem, this 'tactic' may actually work. Just do not mention it again and hope the media have bigger and better stories to run.
  2. just about my thoughts as well. The longer I support this club the more patient I have become and 'accepting' of our place in the footballing world. It certainly generates a more calming outlook. Some of the games last year we looked like world beaters for a period and I thought we could do well. The start of this I with other saw a stutter and resigned myself to another season of adjustment. The rest is history, bring on next season...…………...
  3. Not sure I agree entirely with the OP and to be clear, Daniel Farke's English is far better than my German, so I'm very pleased he completes his interviews in our native tongue. The other bit regarding Wilder, I can see to a degree where you are coming from and if Wilder was our manager with that no nonsense style, I suspect a large part of our support would love it. He is passionate about Sheffield United and apart from that rant regarding us, he has been generous in his praise. After all he knows when he sees a good team. Given a choice? Daniel Farke for my team every day of the week. OTBC
  4. To be perfectly frank, by the time the Premiership starts next season, no one will even know what supporters of crappy teams like ipswich think about us. We will be hosting the best teams in the country and unfortunately for the terminally afflicted like them, there will be no time for us to show them compassion or commiseration. This lack of attention will of course irk them, but that is the affect of success like ours and failures like theirs.
  5. There was only one team going to win that, and that was the Express. Great result great team.
  6. 'Success by association' quest by the Binners?
  7. If you do go , look out for the Henry Kable cell in the castle. He was a teenager sent out on the first ships to the penal colonies. Imprisoned at Norwich as a young boy when taken out on a burglary by his father in south Norfolk. Became one of the forefathers of Australia and an important man out there. A book called Enduring Spirit describes it in detail and is tragic and graphic in equal measures, to say the least.
  8. That is one fit player, and a great example indeed.
  9. There is not the slightest chance they could win this match if they tried. They are an utter, utter shambles of a club and any suggestion by them or anyone that they have the power to 'throw this match' is laughable. They will turn up as usual and get spanked, as usual. Mc Goldigger to get a celebrated hattrick, and stick the final knife in. You heard it hear first.
  10. Special indeed. Imagine supporting a club like Leeds. In your own special mind the club is crucial to the fabric that is British football. But in the mind of every single supporter of every other club in this land, it can rot in hell and disappear down the plug hole, never to return. Bog off Leeds! A once great club with an insufferable boring bunch of constant wafflers. Premiership here we come.
  11. Leitner did not have his best game last night that's for sure and he is one of the players who it will be interesting to watch how he adapts to the Premership. However, when he is on his game he controls this team and simply purrs along like a classic car. He was placed last night into a pressure cooker game having very little game time before this. He makes the simple passes and makes our play tick over. Love watching him play
  12. I seriously hope we have the promotion and title tied up by the time Leeds get to potaloo road. A thrashing of town by Leeds to cement their forlorn place in third and ultimately failure in the play offs is required. Sod both of them.
  13. Very true. You could have a banner just for him with his spectacular strikes and at some memorable locations.
  14. Throughout the game he was leading the protestations on the side line and who could blame him. I have a sneaky feeling he will still be angry come Monday and Stoke could be on the end of a back lash.
  15. Fleck was our talisman for us over a good period (first time round) and was a massive fans favourite, a big character and led the line well. Gossy quite rightly gets the plaudits but it was his spectacular goals that season which put him in the limelight as he was not a regular starter for us (if memory serves me well).
  16. If Buendia has a similar successful season with us next year and we are in the Premership, you may indeed be right with this. We have been blessed with a few spectacular players over the years and he is certainly one of them. Lets hope he stays a while.
  17. Thought it looked excellent. This season has been a real success with the visual displays, well done all involved in the organisation , you are a credit to this club. Just need an FA cup final next season to have both our large banners on display at Wembley. Over to you DF
  18. Thought the support was excellent tonight. A bit of a lull second half, but generally good all round from were I was sitting. The Barclay display with the banner and especially the flags in the upper tier looked superb.
  19. Don't agree with being too early for this squad. I think we have the personnel to be very adaptive and when we go up will surprise a few teams. I can see a change in the starting 11 though for next season, but only tweaking not wholesale. Can't wait.
  20. From our position, with his twists and turns, you could almost see it coming. Great goal indeed
  21. I also heard his remarks and agreed with some of them, but we have not really been playing that well for the last few games so suspect a bit of it is just frustration. We will get there, just dragging out the celebrations.
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