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  1. Leeds were immense, but thought Sheff United were very good too. However, the best team I have seen at Carrow Road, without a doubt...……………...are the CHAMPIONS Well done Norwich Superb season
  2. A good, interesting point well made. We are vulnerable in defence but exhilarating in attack. A conundrum definitely.
  3. I certainly have not got your sentiment wrong and agree 100%. Rio 'the obvious talent spotter' Ferdinand, can sod off and leer elsewhere.
  4. Yes, must remember to thank him for the decent money on them, and the investment in the team it allowed afterwards. We must invite him to Colney for a specially arranged reserve game soon, see what gems he can unveil
  5. Ha, ha, just seen that. However, despite the secret I've always liked Villa, I do hope we win and are presented with it at the end. What will be, will be I guess
  6. Very, very likely outcome for some of ours.
  7. I predict we will unfortunately lose one or two of our back line, possibly even one of our gifted midfielder. Historically when the bigger clubs come calling, despite the obvious less chances of appearances with them, players tend to force or want moves. Even if it means giving up the chance to play each and every week with us. Look at some of the top 6 -7 clubs in the Premier, they will strengthen, that's for sure and a few of ours will no doubt be looked at for next season or to be coached for the future. So my four signings would wait until we know who is likely to move on from our first team. New RB and CB probably.
  8. In recent years we've had 2 great play off finals, and a number of exciting promotions with superb days out supporting this team. I don't want to trudge along in the PL grinding out dull draws just to be safe in 17th. lets play with our style and adapt as necessary. Imagine being a club missing out on Europe each season but doing just enough to stay in the league, forfeiting the cups to do so? Not for me. Get in there and give it some. History states we will be back winning promotion again, lets enjoy the ride with our style and brand.
  9. I'd have Jacob Murphy back here in a heart beat. Not for anything like the money we received for him mind. I'm not convinced he would make our staring 11 but I'm sure he could force his way onto our bench and he has that x factor if we need it.
  10. Absolutely. Young lads that tried to better themselves. We received an incredible return for them and they owe us nothing. I personally enjoyed watching both of them playing for my team. Good luck to both in the future.
  11. I'm not a bold as you, I'll say top half finish!
  12. Personally, I hope we win the game, end their run and are presented with the Trophy at the end. Just to shove it down their throats for the p155 taking at Carrow road a few years ago, over our then manager. However a well worked draw will do nicely.
  13. In the two home games in which EB was missing w could have won convincingly. That we had to rely to equalisers or had last minute goals against us is noteworthy but did not show the pattern of the game. We dominated Sheff Wed for most of the first half and should have been done and dusted by half time except for luck. Against Reading we had chances and again they just did not fall for us. Wigan? Well it was a good hard earned draw in my opinion.
  14. I suspect if Daniel Farke wasn't part of this team (and was sacked last Sept ish) we would have been in the brown smelly stuff. But just one player? No chance.
  15. It closed so quick. I remember looking at it and thinking it was worth the punt, but before I could release the reddies the target had been reached. Hence another type launch now would in my opinion go some way to fund another project, what ever that may be. I believe we cap the ST numbers at 22,000 approx. Scope for more?
  16. We as a support need to be stronger for the fight that is heading our way potentially next season. If we can get behind the team when all is not going as planned during games we will be fine. If we start moaning and whining (which is the default for a lot of our fan base as soon as we are behind) when passages of play are not producing results, we could struggle. A team like NCFC need the fans. Teams like MUFC can just rock up and play in front of 70,000 tourists on a day trip, not us. Get behind the team.
  17. Lets hope next season on MOTD they have this and then our Pride of Anglia banner as part of the intro.
  18. I was thinking something similar, a scheme to encourage new ST holders , perhaps over a two/three year span and to include a season ticket incentive to us with one already. If there was ever a time to do this it is now. Our footballing style has been praised highly over the season and it is superb to say the least. It has caught the attention of the public and if the last scheme was anything to go by I suspect raising at least 3 x that amount again may be possible. An extension to the GW stand for me, 5-6000 extra, max. New blood, younger supporters introduced. Besides, there is nothing between here and London to compete or compare!
  19. Spot on. There were many people providing excuses and mitigating it, trying to write it off as a nothing event. They are wrong in my opinion. The facts speak for themselves! The rest is conjecture.
  20. I would have Green in goal and Holt on the bench. Bassong first season would be immense. Loved Drury but Lewis is the better modern day version, ditto most of our attacking midfield However, the team we have now is simply one of the best 'teams' I've seen play for us in decades.
  21. The right player right club situation is extremely important in football especially at clubs where value for money is so important. My observations having watched him live a number of time this season is that he would (at the right price) be an excellent signing for us. We have witnessed him coming on with literally minutes to spare and being successful, maintaining pressure and either scoring or being very, very close to scoring. He has the ability to find the ball in the six yard box under pressure and when we are chasing a game next season that could be crucial. There is not a chance I would want JR to be our main striker but as a back up? Absolutely. Many times we have gone up, had whole sale changes and systems and it rarely works for more than a couple of seasons. lets develop and progress as a club with predominantly players we know. We certainly need 'help' in some areas but in the striking department I believe we have two in place already, just need to either extend one or make it permanent.
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