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  1. I recall we couldn't agree terms and quite likely at the time he felt he could do better. However, if we went back into the second half of this season with him as one of ours, it would rank as one of the best January signings we've made since I can't remember. Top quality.
  2. 15/17 Mixed up a couple of defenders and then a couple of strikers. Shows what I know
  3. First saw him in the mid 70s when I was a kid, at my first CR experience (a night match). The anticipation of seeing live the City player everyone talked about was immense, very exciting. It mattered not that we lost that friendly 0-1 as I saw the great man play in goal for my team. #citylegend
  4. I have always been for expansion at CR but I feel that horse (for now) has sadly well and truly bolted. Imagine if we borrowed a sizable sum for this venture only to then find covid 19 reappears in version 2/3/4 next winter and then again the winter after that? A large proportion of our supporter base that already occupy those seats as season ticket holders would probably never return for fear of infection etc. This of course might not occur but who would borrow a debilitating sum against risks such as these? For us as a club to progress we need to expand that ground and find innovative ways to entice support, especially younger fans into those seats, which is not beyond the wit to do. However, if you held the purse strings, would you gamble on what we already know?
  5. Sneaky suspicion he will be better prepared and we will have a good 2021. No other predictions
  6. who's expecting/hoping for another successful year ahead for all things Norwich City? I certainly am.
  7. This would be the obvious route. Can't see it happening anytime soon though. Being mercenary, the key would be to spend the next 3 years minimum in the PL, then if relegated we could afford the bridging from our PL wages to the championship wages over the two or three allowable years. Within that time hopefully we could get promoted again, with the advantage of a better squad compared to those who had to adjust for the cap, in the championship (in theory). The only winners without a PL wage cap being introduced is the top six. Difficult times ahead possibly
  8. Shame to hear that. Very few players have issues here once they are settled. He was a bit part player so that would not have helped.
  9. I don't wish to sound picky however, you have quoted aspects from an incident 27/28 years ago and just highlighted one of my observations. I reiterate if you had been offered the opportunity to work with them as I was for many years, I feel your stance would be somewhat different. My experience is from the last two decades. I strongly suspect their were racist issues in the police many years ago as there were certainly in the military and elsewhere.
  10. There have been some very strange views taken here. Please read my experience. For the record I too am of mixed heritage (I understand this doesn’t give me the monopoly on opinion or right to be correct in every detail- it does mean I have spent over half my life with my obvious mixed heritage face first). I have lived in many areas of the UK. Were the majority of Milwall fans who booed, expressing racist views? Well of course they were and as I said on another thread, it was bound to happen. But it’s not as simple as that. I spent a decade in the military in the 80s and 90s which I loved and then undertook a variety of work elsewhere. Over the last two decades I have worked on very many occasions with police forces undertaking a variety of roles. So I’ve mixed with a fair few people. By far the most racist group was those I served with, in the army. It was of course the 80/90s but it was in your face and obvious. I was ‘lucky’ I was tough, from a hard upbringing and very resilient. It ‘s said, if you need dirty work to be done you don’t recruit from Henley of Windsor, you go to the poorer areas of town. Every year we remember those who didn’t come back from various conflicts and rightly so, I can get quite emotional about it. The police work I undertook meant I got to know a lot of them very, very well. I can honestly state I’ve never worked with a more inclusive, open and welcoming bunch of people than police officers. I did not experience or hear a single moment or comment of racist or discriminating behaviour, ever. I would go as far to say that if you are from a BAME background then the police is a very welcome employer and something to seriously consider. However, unlike the military the police are vilified, blamed for every ill and continuously criticized as being a racist organisation. A single suggestion of wrongdoing and even without evidence they are all considered guilty by some commentators. This is in my experience a completely and utterly wrong assumption made by the ignorant and those with an agenda or particular gripe. They are an easy target. The taking off the knee was poignant and powerful initially when first seen in the USA a few years back, it is obvious there are issues in America. But here in the UK they are not comparable, and with regards the police, not even close. Though some with an agenda would have us believe they are. The mixed messages from the BLM group who adopted the taking of the knee, the violent protests when in the middle of a pandemic and the disgusting assaults on the police (by the far right groups and the BLM) causes issues for those who would rather a dignified approach. The behaviour of some protesters does not in any way help racial harmony and it is that which I believe has in many ways undermined the taking of the knee. The sentiment is spot on but the ‘Kick it out’ campaign was better delivered.’ Finally, if you really believe the police in London (which is a seriously multi cultural organisation) and elsewhere are mainly driven by racist desire in their stop searches, then I can only presume you are an agitator on a particular narrative or a struggling politician with an election looming. They have been facing an uphill battle for decades trying to reduce murders, stabbings and violent crime predominantly in the black community. The Stephen Lawrence racist murder was even mentioned. He however failed to mention, as many do (as that would not fit the narrative) that the first person who tried to save Stephens life was an off duty police officer after others had walked by. From what I have seen, it is sadly often typically the totally unconnected, comfortably placed and distanced white persons from their arm chairs or ‘bench seat’ that hinder progress and by doing so more victims are made. I can only speak from my actual and real experiences in life.
  11. Exactly how I saw it. Cantwell came on and the game completely changed almost immediately. Mclean started wining headers and made a number of important passes. Both strong players at this level and really well introduced back into the side.
  12. Ha ha. Them lot I suppose, but seriously who actually cares? I honestly do not know who they played this weekend and have no interest in them anymore. Which is a shame, as that was not the case a decade or two ago.
  13. Sorenson was a minimum of 7 all day long. Cantwell was superb and tears teams apart. However, he should have laid it on for Pukki so I suspect that is the reason for the unenlightened to just give him a 4.
  14. Not a chance. If M Evans can keep pleasing the easily pleased support down there (which appears the case- not sure why) for a little longer, then he will be able to massively reduce the wage bill next season and actually get a return on his poor investment.
  15. If Shef Utd had actually competed in some matches and still struggled like us last season I could see the sense in keeping Wilder on. However, money talks and he will be gone soon I suspect. Arteta is my prediction for first to go though.
  16. Initially thought this may be a drawn game and very difficult for us. However, wit a few returning from injury and Pukki back to his best I can see us nicking this. 2-1 Norwich
  17. In reply to your interesting subjective topic Number 9, your question was: I would suggest compared to our last stint in the championship, all of these have improved our first team. We are conceding less and scoring more with a depleted squad to boot. Sorensen has done very well indeed in another position. Quintilla has not looked out of place on the left, hit the ground running and has already put better balls into the box than Jamal managed. Rupp has blossomed and looks and improvement on one of my favourite players in Tettey. Gibson has been part of a meaner defensive unit and despite the odd issue looks class in most games. So yes, improved the first team. PL standard? That's another question altogether.
  18. I feel Sorensen, Gibson, Quintilla, Skipp and Rupp have all improved our first 11/14
  19. Byram was that effective when he started for us, that when he first took over from Aarons last season at CR I genuinely did not realise. Just thought Max was having another good game! Sorrensen and Byram would be superb at this level and possibly above, for us.
  20. He looks like a superb player for us potentially. Hope his injury does not set back his enthusiasm for the attacking part of his game
  21. Swansea at home (so far). I'm reading a number of posts declaring how lucky we are with results, deflections, penalties etc etc. The simple fact is that especially at home we have dominated every team, bar one with 60-70% possession. Yet a few posters believe we scrape results and are in a false position. Utter rubbish. This seasons litmus test so far was against Swansea (Steipermann scored late on, Aarons was flattened and the brilliant Mumba came on as sub and tore them a new one). Swansea are a class team and went toe to toe with us yet despite our injuries, we won. That is the type of set up we will be against if we get promoted again. No other team has come here and set up to match us team wise, they have virtually all been defensively. Therefore, we will spend most of the game trying one tactic to another and eventually 'our luck' or rather endeavour will usually pay off (Derby aside). We make our luck and long may we continue to do so. The more we persevere the luckier we get! Get behind the team.
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