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  1. Such a shame the club and the thousands of supporters can't have another celebration following what has been a record breaking event for us. This season especially after the disappointment of last, should have been capped off with a massive party. Whilst I'm aware there are hugely more important issues going on in the world, this does seem like an anti climax of sorts. Mind you, a good start next season and all this will be forgotten, especially with a crowd in CR.
  2. The negative element will be back (unfortunately and predictably) as soon as we start next season, have no fear. My advice is to 'ignore the noise'
  3. Never have never will be. Proper club, real supporters with a genuine connection In fact I would rather chat to an ipswich fan from manchester than a manchester fan from ipswich. Plastics, can't stand them
  4. Onel, is certainly one of my favourite players in this team, and obviously a character. Would love to see him have a successful time next season.
  5. Hopefully this will come out ok. Very funny indeed https://video.twimg.com/amplify_video/1389266345146081291/vid/720x720/I11R_25M4ZaubgfD.mp4?tag=14
  6. I would have thought if Spurs were willing to sell there would be a number of interested clubs. If that was the case I wonder if he would actually choose us? However, if we were serious about landing him then the time is now as a season in the PL and he will certainly be out of our financial reach
  7. Sounded like a fair few outside the ground showing their appreciation. Such a shame we could not be there this season as it looked even better than 18/19 for quality on show.
  8. A points deduction and a massive fine plus other longer restrictions I suspect would (in the longer run) be beneficial to the real support of the big 6. Get rid of some of the immensely annoying plastic fans and redress the competitive nature of the PL for one. As others have said though, it will not happen and any sanctions will be minimal I suspect
  9. We tend to be quite compact in the centre where he operates and his control is generally excellent in tight areas. However, due to that situation and the lack of space he has he can be exposed. I'm hoping, much like TC last time in the PL he will find his feet quickly and be a real asset. I have a feeling he will do well.
  10. There is no question he is an excellent keeper and one we have been fortunate to have benefitted from enormously. Imagine having 'won' a penalty against us in a tight game. Placing it carefully on the spot only to look up towards our goal.................................. to see the Dutch penalty master starring you down!
  11. This 100% There needs to be some levelling out of financial matters and now is a good moment to look again at it, across all leagues. It is not obscene that the more successful clubs are rewarded but the extremes in reward are far too stretched. I also feel the wage / earning cap is a necessity, and agents need to be reined in.
  12. Yep, been a great season for us again. Just a shame we were not able to have the ground full of supporters. It would have been absolutely rocking at times.
  13. This is probably the best option. The damaging of other teams busses and the unlawfull large scale gatherings should be dealt with, I doubt it will be though.
  14. Sort out our impending CDM issue and retain our jewells and there will a number of teams worse than us next season, that's for sure. My only concern is the usual issue of physicality. Looking at clubs like Burnley and Crystal Palace, they fill their ranks with big athletic individuals who appera to have football skills as a second priority. Thisof course is nothing new but we need to be ready for that type of lower PL team when they rock up to CR. Can't frickin wait
  15. He will certainly be up there as one of our best ever loan signings over a season, that's for sure. As to next season, I would not be surprised to see him back for another term. However, I have an inkling Sorrensen will step up if needed and if we have a fit Rupp back with KM improving all the time we have a few for that area. Skipp next season would be the icing on the cake though.
  16. Spot on. Whilst I'm a realist and an optimist, it was the combination of the widely published injuries to our key defenders that enhanced our demise. That and the lack of a 4th fit CD at the start. This is an entirely different NCFC in every case this time round and whilst we are probably not top ten bound (if we are promoted etc etc etc) I am optimistic we could do better than 18th in the PL. One of our strengths right now is the team spirit, it is obviously very high and if we can keep that togetherness going we could start next season well. Our weaknesses are obvious and need no further explanation, the likes of liverpool et el know they only have to cast an admiring glance and some of our team will go weak at the knees, upsetting our group. However, our single aces is the Webber/Farke combo and no matter what rumours or fears are spread regarding any of our players, it is this management team we need to keep in place at all costs for our next challenge.
  17. It will pan out the same as the last few managers, if he turns in consistent poor results. They will moan like mad behind the protection of the keyboard/curtain towards the hapless incumbent of the manager whilst the owner continues to get away with it. The likelihood of an organised large vociferous protest (as opposed to a few idiots passing by) against the owner is zero, due in the main to the apathy set in there over many years. The only thing I hope we do not have to witness again, is the utterly cringingly embarrassing spectacle of a couple of teenagers turning up to the training ground during break time, and hiding in a bush behind a fence with a sparkler and a smoke bomb. I seriously didn't know whether to laugh or cry at that effort.
  18. I feel this is probably the likely outcome as well. The senarios could be (if we are promoted to the PL), staying on (both) if we do very well, finish top ten, and seeing another plan to move forward (development of team / ground expansion possibly) or leaving as planned if we finish lower down but survive in the PL and showing a incremental increase in their collective efforts for NCFC. Either way the support would be behind the decision I suspect. If we again are relegated, who knows, but I feel one at least would go. The biggest dissapointment is not being there for the games, as some of this team will not be here next season and it would have been one hell of a ride for them with the atmsophere during those games this time round. Funny old game
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