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  1. His contract expires on 30th June, therefore he's still employed by the club and obviously being kept busy! Thought everyone knew that!
  2. Looked class tonight, lets hope he carries it into the PL season. In fact if Scotland had K McLean playing for them tonight it could have tipped the balance of play in their favour
  3. I want to see our GH score a brace to make it to 2-2 and then England to win it in the last minute.
  4. Personally getting A Gunn here would be an excellent acquisition to our squad, short and long term and certainly if that happens at the fee suggested then well done SW for seeing and seizing the opportunity. There is no doubt a good keeper in there and one that you could see performing really well for a club like us especially given his connections. Losing Krul next season due to injury does not bear thinking about and I for one can only see positive if this happens. Another passionate, aggressive and dominant Gunn in goal for NCFC, is all good in from my view.
  5. Have no doubt there will be a queue of potential main sponsors now for NCFC. The exposure would be huge and mentioned at every City PL game shown on TV. We could come out of this in a good place indeed.
  6. Nail hit firmly on the head I suspect. Secondly, it was obvious that had the season (or next) started to unravel, the murkiness of this sponsor would have been highlighted by others, to our embarrassment.
  7. I suspect Villa hit the magic number first with the offer made and we wanted the deal done quick. I too am surprised he didn't go to a higher placed club but have nothing against villa, so good luck to him. However, they have bagged an absolute bargain. Of that, be in no doubt villa fans.
  8. Whilst it certainly cuts deep that he has been sold (so we believe) it is by no means unexpected. Especially as it is suspected he was given assurances regarding moves if he stayed and help us gain promotion, which he did with aplomb. Further more, and I do believe he has been one of the most skilful players to turn out for us, he is not the be all and end all of NCFC and its chance of survival next season. With this move done quickly (why would we want to wait till early August) we can at least look to improve the squad at our pace now. The money reported, in these times, for a player with one failed season in the PL is reasonable I feel. Would I rather he had stayed? 100% yes. However, he was probably off anyway and I'm still looking forward to our next PL campaign.
  9. Ha, ha don't think so. Banksy is what I would call an urban artist and obviously very talented. The cretins who simply 'tags' a spot are underserving of the title 'urban artist,' but not 'urban cretin' in my book. Have no doubt, a local half wit will deface it at some point sadly.
  10. Actually quite liked Danny Mills when he was here. However his best days were else where. Saw a lot of Ian Culverhouse playing for us as well and if called for a definite nominee at this time, it would be him. However, Max Aarons has the makings of being probably the best RB we have ever had, if he stays around. Unfortunately that is not likely. So unless that happens, Ian Culverhouse gets my vote. We have had some superb RBs and LBs at this club, that's for sure.
  11. It's called a Tw4t tag when they do that, isn't it? At least it should be
  12. Fingers crossed it will work out for them.......... as per the first paragraph only.
  13. Brentford in the PL would make a nice change. Take some pressure away from us as well I suspect
  14. Nice character, very good player for us initially. Now? not a chance he will be PL standard unfortunately.
  15. I read the patronising drivel from some of them and find it difficult to imagine any of those posters not being mid 50s or above in age, from this area, who started 'supporting' leeds when they were successful in the 70s (my mate did and I found it amusing for decades after- he didn't). And for the sake of clarity to any patronising tw4t who responds; yes leeds are a big club (and have some 'supporters' who clearly have an inferiority complex with us- for some strange reason), yes I enjoy watching them play and yes I'm impressed how they did this year. But for the love of god, particularly to posters like lowlands who feel the need to try and 'educate' us all, why don't you just p155 off to your own destructive, pathetically entitled forum to spout your unwelcomed garbage?
  16. I remember his time here and thought he was quite innovative. Suspect Portsmouth have done well there.
  17. We certainly have a knack of developing players but he is too low a standard now to start with I feel. A player playing the long ball type style ipswich do and did, especially for many years under McCarthy, is not someone the club would automatically look at, in my opinion. Not sure, other than a rumour 2-3 years ago, why anyone feels we would be after him
  18. Lower chumps for him I suspect (if he has an enthusiastic agent of course). while he may have been 'bigged' up down there, it is clear he is not the next Cantwell etc etc etc
  19. Lift from their site. Doesn't make good reading if true . Alex Pritchard, transfer fee, wages and the rest close to £20M in total, just left on a free, 65 games played at a cost of roughly £300K a game, its not as bad as it sounds though he did chip in with 3 goals.
  20. I really like Lukas Rupp in our team. He formed an excellent partnership with Ollie Skipp and thought he did well even when moved further forward. Once he gets into a game he becomes one of our stronger players however, the litmus test will be in the PL. Sorrensen and Rupp in central midfield in the PL? It's not ideal but certainly not a proposition that worries me too greatly.
  21. Absolutely gutted for Kenny. As mentioned he is a top character and would have been a strong member of the Scotland Euro squad after scintillating displays for us this season. I just hope, once he recovers from the devastating news, he can start to look forward to an exciting campaign back in the PL with us and work to that goal. I'm looking forward to seeing him in our PL team that's for sure.
  22. Absolutely. And had we not been dealt a poor hand against Bournmouth and actually tried against watford it would have been a 10-11 point gap. In any case an excellent season, considering
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