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  1. Actually I quite like what they do. And if one of ours is (was) getting airtime on national radio highlighting our club, good on them.
  2. This in a nutshell. There are a few teams that will get royally stuffed there this season. Our next six games are against a mix of very good and lower prem teams. Lets see how we are after that lot.
  3. I'd start with our first starting 11 from Liverpool and today (or even from half time today) and lay down the gauntlet. If by half time we are languishing, then changes are needed and we have 45 minutes to see how that works against a decent side.
  4. I almost agree with this. However, changing now, in the second game, at half time, could be a confidence destroyer.
  5. Just think we need to see a bit more from our more creative players when they have the ball and give it another 15 mins after the break then make a change if the pattern stays the same.
  6. Now that is a tactical change. I like your thinking
  7. This is how I have always understood it. They make a calculated guess as to how many we are likely to sell and take up that proportion of the availability or, return en block if it's felt we will not sell out. Returning tickets days before the game give the home club time to sell, we do it quite a bit.
  8. Ha, ha. Yes indeed. In fact being honest, if he did become our manager (once he has proven himself elsewhere and not next week obviously) I would be equally surprised and pleased for him. It would represent an incredible achievement in management (for R Martin). His 'brand' of playing appears successful with a good mix, similar to ours. The club will be keeping tabs on people like him, of that have no doubt. However, I will not comment further as to do so would make me obsessed, like the rest of you.
  9. Young and hungry. He will be excellent for us (if he comes here)
  10. Good result (away) tonight for one of our future managers? Not quite as good for one of our former forwards.
  11. My opening line was 'tongue in cheek', let's hope they have a great season (Cheltenham not the binners)
  12. I too didn't realise that Cheltenham were even in the league. It's looking again like a very long season for them. However, It's been said and demonstrated many, many times over the years that their core support are simply pathetically apathetic to the situation. That they will accept any spin handed out, as long as you mention a past achievement from 40-50 years ago is comically baffling. You couldn't make it up. It is a pretty seriously sad state, yet despite some half wit turning up with a flare at training during school hours, they never properly vent their feelings on the issues as a group. I wonder if the new owners were briefed by Evans on how soft the ride wold be if things didn't pan out as expected?
  13. I suspect the outcome might not have been but there is a good chance the result would. As mentioned it's not the result against the Liverpools of this league that will particularly hurt us. However, a committed and tenacious Oliver Skipp can (I believe) make a difference against most other teams in this league.
  14. Thought we generally played well. Their first came at the point we had got a foothold into the game and it was a caused by in part a lucky deflection. They were the better team overall, no question. However, to not take some serious positives from that is churlish. Unfortunately we are now playing probably a better team next week.
  15. First saw them when the free kick was about to be taken. Actually thought it was lightening for a brief second. Surprised it was allowed (and even more surprised if it is repeated another game)
  16. Agreed, love seeing him on the ball today. He is class and certainly we will see better from him as this season progresses
  17. A legit Norwich goal ruled out for offside by VAR? A Pukki hattrick? Any thing else?
  18. Spot on. Any youngster looking ahead will want to be where they are likely to be developed and within the Norwich academy system, they have a golden seam of players continually emerging through great coaching and infrastructure. It's clearly nothing personal against his first club but I suspect a few half wits will see it that way. He will be very pleased with the move, of that I have no doubt
  19. He was indeed a great player for them and if he was one of ours, we would have loved him. Mind you he got a lot of stick from our lot. RIP Paul Mariner
  20. The European games were great especially the Bayern Munich at CR. The home games during the 03/04 season when we won promotion back to the PL under N Worthington were generally something special and the atmosphere at most of those was superb. However, despite having been going since the mid 70s, the 3-2 win against Manchester City 19/20 season will take some beating. You could even see Pep Guardiola surprised by it. If CR rocked like that every home game, we would win the friggin league!
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