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  1. 2 hours ago, lake district canary said:

    If he knows so much more - as he should - he should at least be able to come up with something of interest if he is being paid by the BBC. Stating the bl**ding obvious in disparaging terms is not punditry it is just lazy throw away one liners. 

    I generally am a half glass full person and often agree with your stance on various aspects. However, consider this.

    Keown whether you like him or not was a limited defender and as such would have had to play literally out of his skin every game to make up the short fall in talent to stay in that team. As a result he became an absolute bas74rd on the pitch, worked on his strengths and was part of an extremely successful club.

    What does he see with us?

    We came up last time, understandably spent only a modest amount before the season and were taught lesson after lesson for most of the campaign (despite our injuries which I acknowledge do not get taken into consideration by pundits) especially after the restart when we actually had a slim chance.

    Keown and his ilk now see us again faffing about in the PL and failing in nearly every game to impose ourselves, give it a go, be street wise, take a chance or as he would have done in his day, let the opposition know in no uncertainty they are in a game.   

    His comments were far less harsh than they could have been in my opinion, considering the chance we had yesterday. 

    We need to be nastier in the right areas on the pitch, change it up and be far more direct when needed for a short period of time during the game and ruthless in team selection. We may change it around but it needs a kick start and that can only be done by a change in mindset and tactics.

    I think we have a talented team but am worried teams are going to try an steam roller us as we are seen as a soft touch. I'm off to Goodison and last time I went we scraped a last minute equaliser (Bassong). 

    I'd take that right now.





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  2. 33 minutes ago, cornish sam said:

    Do we get parachute plastics? Giving us time to shed some of our excess plastics if we get relegated

    Good idea, however I'm not sure we have any.

    That's why we need to start straight away in case they bring this ruling in!

    How do you attract a plastic when you're a club like us?

  3. With all the talk of the big 4 or 6 ruining the game due to the unlevel playing field regards TV money to appease the plastics, what about a 'Plastics Cap' being introduced?

    For example, each PL club could have a cap of 20,000 plastics per team (perhaps a slightly temporary higher number for plastics attracted to short European adventures) based on various criteria such as distance from club, loose (and likely bollox) family connections, half and half scarf collections, closeness of accent etc. If a team manages to secure a certain amount of registered plastics then they receive a certain share based on that each season.

    I'm sure there are better ideas for criteria.

    Of course when a team like ours reach the delights of the PL we could then try to recoup 'lost plastics' from our last venture here and hit that ceiling, therefore increasing our pot. Everyone's a winner. With some of the talented people we have had at the club I suspect we could make it a success.

    Certainly we would attract more plastics than clubs like Burnley or Brentford?

    The more I think about it the less flaws I see.




  4. 1 hour ago, BroadstairsR said:

    Another one.

    Your second sentence completely contradicted your first.

    Another one what?

    My second sentence refers to my feelings which I have long held, regarding their predicaments and is in response to another posters comments. It certainly doesn't mean that I'm contrary in my own position on something, despite your personal narrative.

    As said, I have 'little to zero' interest in their plight.

    You have more interest obviously. Great.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Samwam27 said:

    As a Norwich supporter and Norwich forum who gives a f*ck about what's happening at Ipswich. Lets talk Norwich. If you wanna talk about our local rivals join their forum

    Agreed. As sad as it may seem I have little to zero interest in them however, I understand if others are laughing at there plight.

    But I've said it before, until they stop believing every team they have is going to 'walk a league' or conversely comparing the current incumbents  to 'the greats from the 60s/70s' , they will languish where they are. League 1 or chumps.

  6. 9 hours ago, sgncfc said:

    Ha ha! 😊My tongue was firmly in my cheek, but I just know this is all going to go t!t5 up. I so hope I'm wrong and you're right.

    Unfortunately you're probably going to be right.

    However factoring in how well our Scottish two have just played and the point Krull will want to make, we could be in for a very interesting game.

    This will be the best chance we have, of getting something there, in a loooooooooooooong while

  7. 5 hours ago, sgncfc said:

    I do sometimes wonder if some of the comments on here are really from Norwich City fans. This is a 100% nailed on home win. Norwich City have seldom performed in these sort of games. Ryan Giggs first home game? ACN 4-0. Every team on a losing run? ACN. Watford, no points, at home 2019? 0-2. 

    Put your house on a 3-0 defeat.

    Console yourself with the knowledge that whatever team Arsenal put out, at least 8 of them would walk into our team.

    Back to reality, so we can win the next game; Watford at home......oh.

    I can assure as a season ticket holder and supporter since the mid 70s I am a genuine, bona fide, 100%, you can't bend it Norwich city fan!

    The only reality is that we play a cr4p arsenal on Saturday who appear to be trying to prove a point and we just as likely to gain a point or three here as anywhere. 

    You put your house on a 3-0 defeat and show us the conviction in your prediction. As I said it, could be worse that that. Especially if at least 8 of their team 'shows up'




  8. 36 minutes ago, Canary Jedi said:

    Here’s the thing. How much do the Arsenal players support Arteta? If they don’t, they may deliberately underperform in order to lose and get rid of him. That’s a positive ‘along come Norwich’ scenario!

    Quite. It could easily go either way.  It's obvious if they down tools, we win, he is finished there. However, they may just look at us feel they need a performance, change a few 'first choice' players to fringe ones and annihilate us as a result.

    Alternatively, the scenario might be that they put one past us then just sit in and deliver a poor 1-0 win, which again may be enough (against a team they see as relegation fodder) to shift him anyway.

    My prediction? We will win. We played well against Leicester and Liverpool in parts, so bring it on

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  9. 3 hours ago, Thirsty Lizard said:

    You need to watch more closely. There's a limit to how much you can get away with nowadays, and Grant probably did it more in the Championship because he could get away with it more - but he's always sneakily leaving a bit on opposition players. Don't know if you've ever watched them, but the club sometimes put out interviews with our players on our Youtube channel. One of the questions they ask is 'which of your team mates would you least like to play against?' The answer is always Hanley! There's a reason for that. 


    Malky Mackay was an expert at this side of the game. An underrated player in my opinion.

    Really do like G Hanley in our team though.

  10. 4 hours ago, Mr.Carrow said:

    It really isn't a huge surprise that two young lads just getting used to our intense training methods and off the back of an intense cup tie have some muscle issues. 

    Yep, my thoughts exactly. 

    Also, why would you drop your top scorer and probably our best player, after just two games against two of the worlds nest teams? 

    DF does not get swayed by others, as has been proven time and again therefore I suspect he is stating it how it is. However, if possible it would be great to see Sargent and Tzolis on today. Especially if we are wining.


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  11. 4 minutes ago, Ken Hairy said:

    Delighted to see all Arsenal's big guns getting up to speed in time for us....... 🙄

    I was going to say something similar. Looks like they are getting their act together (unfortunately) .

    That said West Brom have a very young/inexperienced side out there (except one S Nodgrass)

  12. 1 hour ago, yellowrider120 said:

    How strange that in this thread one K Dowell barely merits a mention yet some of his passing was sublime and he was instrumental in at least two of the goals. Of course Sargent and Tzolis grabbed the headlines but make no mistake Dowell is the new Vrancic and needs to be given time in the PL to prove his undoubted ability. P Davitt waxed lyrical about the boy in his summary and rightly so.


    He has been on an upward trajectory for a while now. Surprised he hasn't been involved but I suspect we will see more of him as this season progresses. 


  13. 55 minutes ago, hogesar said:

    No actual Norwich fan spouts rubbish about the board giving up when we've spent more than any other point in our history. They definitely don't spout the players have given up 2 games into a Premier League season.



    Spot on.

    People will never agree on the merits of selling our best player and it's to be expected. However, to suggest the players have given up after 2 games is utter nonsense. The odd observation either reached out of frustration that we can't compete with one of the richest, talented and best equipped teams in the league or an ippo fan.

    Leicester, despite being a superb team did not look anywhere near the level of Man City and we will hopefully stand a better chance against them, come the weekend.


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