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  1. You can actually make your point without looking like a complete berk. Who are the 'Norwich numpty fans'? The ones who travel and support their team or pr1c7s like you seizing on every chance to spout sh1te ?
  2. Tons. Having been to matches since the mid/late 70s , I know tons, absolutely bags and bags of them. I have forgotten many though. Seriously though, I agree we sing OTBC and y army a lot and some more variety, as we have had in the past, would be great. However, it will come as the season progresses. Personally, I wish we would go back to the great tunes of 'you're going home in a Norfolk ambulance' and you're going to get your fuc7ing head kicked in' a bit more Can't please them all i suppose
  3. Two week break to work on the training ground after a moral boosting team performance. Stopped the rot and fingers crossed we can give them a game in a fortnight.
  4. DF intermated in his interview that if we can get some confidence back and therefore results/points we can start to be even more offensive. I suspect we will see a lot of Tzolis as the season progresses.
  5. He has played SIX games in the PL......................give the man a chance Ronaldo
  6. We will have to agree to disagree. The season for us was 6 games old, not a quarter gone, our record against teams like Burnley is absolutely terrible. A point there (for our type of general play) is good, very good. My ambition? I was hoping for the treble this season, but I will tune it down slightly an just settle for the double only.
  7. Agreed. I believe he is quite a class act. However, DF felt he was at fault for one or two of man city's goals.
  8. Read it again, this time correctly. I never said 'a top 5 side' I said 'if we were top 5 at this point' And yes I still believe we would be happy (given our poor record against them) to get a point there, no matter where we were in the table.
  9. Thought he and Giannoulis looked excellent today. He (Normann) has a great pass on him and with a bit more team confidence creeping in could be a big player for us this season.
  10. Spot on, this is exactly what was the plan today and it worked. I suspect we will see this deployed again. Something to build on hopefully
  11. Great run, shame he didn't see TP to his right, it would have been a superb chance
  12. Strong ref, just what we needed today.
  13. Perhaps you need to put you money where your mouth is and travel there yourself to lead them in the support. Having travelled in support of NCFC myself numerous times, I can tell you our away support is generally superb.
  14. Put it this way (to those who feel we threw the game), if we were in the top 5 at this point would we be happy with a point at Burney? Would we? 100% yes we would, so give them credit for an excellent battling display. The team look good against the ball and won back possession time and time again. This will at least stop some of the critics nationally but probably not locally
  15. Up until the penalty against Everton and for 5-10 mins before their second, we were 'in the game' against them even though we had very little meaningful shots on target. If we can produce that type of performance and a bit of the performance against Leicester just before we scored the disallowed equaliser, we may, just may have a feint chance of getting something there. In other thoughts, I'm going 5 yellows to Burnley for 'professional/tough' fouls and one red card for us for retaliation.
  16. Taking off the green and yellow specs, how do you honestly see it going against Burnley tomorrow? After their hard earned 2-2 draw at Leicester I can only imagine Sean Dyche will be rubbing his hands in glee in anticipation for us to turn up. I would describe myself as a generally Percy positive type however, having been present at most games this season including against a depleted Everton, I'm struggling to see us being able to get a foot hold in one of the toughest and more physical matches of the season. This has misery written all over it. Heart says 1-1 Head says 2-0 Burnley ......................................... (if we defend well) Thank god it will only be Brighton at CR afterwards..... The superb away support deserve a result and performance, and if it was on fan effort alone we would top this league.
  17. I'd love a two CDs of Sebastien Bassongs ability (first season with us) in our back line right now. Certainly shore us up more and provide a real physical presence.
  18. There is certainly reason to see why people believe we are improving gradually this season, and in actual fact we probably are. BUT.....are we improving at a rate quicker than our relegation rivals. Are they about to find their mojo too. Do they not expect to 'gel very soon' too and can we do all this at a pace fast enough to obtain the points required to survive? We are a hamstring injury away (to Normann) from being completely gutless and non competitive in midfield. Burnley are probably thinking they have hit the jackpot with us turning up there Saturday. So, the question is. Are we improving at a greater rate than Burnley and enough of an improvement to obtain the required 3 points from a team yet to win this season as well?
  19. He most certainly is not the answer for NCFC. But what he represents is an option. A big bruising, no nonsense, battling, heads up, in your face, experienced, battle hardened, non fancy dan, tud thumpnig, brave, non shirking, hardworking, scrapper fighting alternative in our ranks when we need to hold it up and force the issue against teams bullying us. 'Hope' is actually wandering aimlessly over the hill with toilet paper hanging from his trousers and someone needs to catch him soon. Unless we stand up and face the teams to come with a bit more steel to brace our weak spine, fight for the ball in each box soon then the likes of JH and his style will be required. He would have given the two Liverpool CDs something to think about the other night, rather than the decision on who's turn it was to pick the pocket of which ever city player wandered towards them. That he is not a fashionable player is understandable. However we, are not a fashionable team and being embarrassed each week is becoming tediously fashionable.
  20. I do not feel he should go and yes, it is too early. However, yet we again need a plan B. Whilst he was everyone's cup of tea, Jordan Hugill would have relished the clattered a few of those yesterday and probably upset enough for us to get a foot hold in the game. We could certainly have done with him for our corners, or to win a few headers, a few 50/50s etc etc.
  21. 100% this in a nut shell Excuse my terrible grammar in the original post. Written once and not checked
  22. Got back from Liverpool late last night (in time to see AJ outclassed unfortunately). We have the same old issues we have every time in the Pl and I'm not just talking about some of our team, more on that later. Without trying to sound too bitter we are a complete soft touch for officials and other teams sneaky little tactics. Other than DF losing his hair over some of the decisions the rest of the team just appear to bend over and take it, with a 'happy to be here attitude'. Some examples: Our free kick which Normann blasts over:- The ref, not wishing to upset anyone, marks the spot further back than the foul actually occurred, stands behind the ball then chats to some of our players over it (non of which appear to be particularly remonstrating about the foul). During this chat one of the Everton team picks up the ball and places it another 3-4 meters away from there goal, behind the ref. The ref looks for the ball, walks back to it the remarks the spot and none of our lot do a thing about it. Surely someone must have seen it? the free kick is therefore taken much further back. Later on Everton have a free kick, the ref jogs over and marks the spot 2-3 meters nearer our goal. None of our lot do a thing about it. The second yellow card:- clear hand ball stopping the cross. No unity in appeal from our team and whilst the ref is walking over trying to work out how to not give a card, Pickford cleverly pretends he is injured and falls over. This gives the ref the perfect opportunity to pretend he is now side tracked by the concerning situation involving the England keeper and thus allowing sufficient time to just give a stern waring and a Paddington bear stare in lieu of the deserved card. Following on from that free kick/no yellow-red card situation the ball 'disappears' and hardly anyone kicks off about it. The penalty: enough said, be surprised if it was the other way round but from our point it looked a clear dive. Time wasting: almost no control from the ref over this which commenced at the start of the second half. The referee have a tactic here where they ignore the time wasting by firstly turning their back to the offending goalie for long enough or initially ignore snail like sub changes until opposition fans make a racket or they start doing important things like engaging in conversation with random players from the winning side. All aspects were aptly demonstrated yesterday. After their second goal: their player picks up the ball from the centre spot in front of our whole team, then is aloud to walk away with it to the dug out and his manager and no one rugby tackle him or gives him a slap for his deliberate time wasting. The ref obviously doesn't see this! The disparity in professional foul decisions: You get the message, too many not given for us etc etc etc. Throw ins; any 50/50 was given against us. I said many moons ago that I do not believe the officials are corrupt or deliberately set out to show favouritism. However, every team we have played this season (other than Watford) will be in the Pl next and will be officiated again by the same referees etc. There is an unconscious bias as a result. There always has been except years ago it was far more 'in your face.' The point I'm making is that we appear to be able to do sod all about it despite DF highlighting certain points afterwards. However, the team, the captain, the club and the manager needs to get a bit of the old man utd/Ferguson about it and start picking fights and sticking up for each other, making it quite clear they are not happy and it will be highlighted. Everton were there for the taking yesterday, the crowd was nervous, players missing and yet again we failed in so many aspects. Our midfield other than hamstring hamstrung Normann, is too lightweight and PLM needs to be far more mobile. We are going down without punch being thrown. Frickin annoyed............ Mind you, the roads were clear on the return journey
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