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  1. I always thought it was 22,000 season ticket holders. In any case, I've always felt that a bond type affair whereby you invest and have a chance of securing a seat in the new stand when it opens if you are not already a ST holder or indeed get a certain % return if you were, would work. The last bond was a big success. If the club then market it well and limit the season tickets to say 25/26k maximum at a decent price, they would sell. Leaving 3-4k for larger away followings and the rest for members, casuals and corporates. Couldn't see why achieving 30-35k a game is not possible
  2. Not a penalty in a million years. In fact rather than enforcing it being a possible penalty in slow motion reply (which often happens), the slow replays show the attacker missed the ball due to it's speed and then headed for the keeper. Enforcing the belief it was not a pen The blame lies at the door of the VAR official. He would have had time and lack of pressure to make the right decision. He failed. Why he failed is a mystery indeed. Lucky Liverpool
  3. Not if they use the same var set up from the palace v liverpool game Disgusting decision to award a penalty
  4. I would, if I were paid enough (and had a clear run out of the door). However, I can't speak Japanese, so that's me out
  5. I was going to start a thread highlighting exactly the same. He is a colossus for us at times and a very cleaver player in a very unforgiving league. Loved the palm off on one of their winging players as well. Fingers crossed he stays fit
  6. Good post. I'm up and hungover but happy. Great result and phenomenal support by our lot at Vicarage Road.
  7. I do understand your point, to a degree. I'm not sure I would describe it as a worldie (though my boy does). However, he has put himself in there and kept going the whole game. That goal came from effort, effort and effort. And for that alone I thought it was beautifully executed.
  8. The only good thing about this thread was learning you can get a 'Redhead Car wash.' My car is bleeding filthy!
  9. Dean Smith knows this area of the league and has 'battle hardened' in his dna. I thought it was a good appointment at the time (getting both of them in) and we are reaping the benefits of it, at last
  10. If he carries on playing like that in midfield with his athleticism and aggression and add in a goal or two along the way, not only will he become a big asset for us he will, because of his enthusiasm and endeavour, become a fans favourite. Very quickly
  11. I'm not ( ) but what I am related to is the thought of a fellow canary trying his hardest to perform for us. And whilst it is clearly fashionable to stick the boot into NCFC, I will not and never bow to those di(kheads. Having supported us since the mid 70's these evenings to me are precious. One or two of our support need to look at the bigger picture OTBC
  12. He's not crap (whatever that is compared to) and that description of a young man who has worked his way up to a team like our is offensive. He is a midfielder in a PL team. On top of that, he is a is a midfielder in OUR team. I suspect that DS has a much higher opinion of him than you do and that is ALL THAT MATTERS
  13. I would imaging that SW knows that a typical fan base has at least 50% who have never played the game in any sense and 95% who have never played for a recognised league team. He probably does know better, but has well known limitations we have to keep to. OTBC
  14. An absolute statement to the PL, supporters, players and board. This team has done us proud tonight.
  15. He works and works and works and works and works and works and works. And when that doesn't work? He just works and works and works.................................... Absolutely delighted for him
  16. Big fan of KM, I know it's all the rage to join the gang and criticise him but he has an ability that we need especially when going forward. Good man. Great result
  17. Ha, ha, he certainly didn't look like a coffin dodger. Simply a concerned citizen of this county who insisted on passing the ball back personally. Yep, nice to see some more 'proactive' type interactions to stop them gaining a foothold. More of the same please
  18. The way he just casually picked it up, held it out in front and then calmly walked down the steps was class.
  19. I agree, think it was more the change in personnel up top, which made us far more physical, rather than just Sorensen display (though i do like him in the team) KM has a big part to play for us still though
  20. Hats off to the city fan in the GW stand who took it upon himself to personally hand deliver the ball to the everton player in extra time at the end of the game. You sir, won the star of the match award for me. Very funny and spot on.
  21. Nice if they did. Looked good in the highlights
  22. Have no doubt, an on form Todd Cantwell could be the pivotal piece in our survival challenge.
  23. Pathetic comment. Were you at the actual game? I was, nothing dodgy about it. We have most of our team back and deserved the 3 points.
  24. On what basis is he not fit to wear the shirt? If it is purely skills based then I suspect 99.9999% of our support are not fit to wear it either. I agree he is struggling big time but your comments towards a young footballer trying his best in unfamiliar surroundings are harsh
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