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  1. from one chef to another Delia this is one burnt cookie if you wont swallow it dont eat it..........where are you we need a 12th diretor out here, come on lets be having you
  2. you''re right sham...........and i hate to admit that, big shades of chase here far too much money put into anything other than the players on the pitch. And how much does Delia take for her resturants to be on the premisis ? and how much of it goes back to the club? we have been led through the nose by an inept board and swallowed it all..........£56 million for a league 1 club? not now not ever the youth system has been systematically ignored by managers all thinking loans are the way forward, i wasn''t at charlton but the passion with which Corey Smith played is what i want to see.........he''s playing for a shirt next year not like the rest of the traveling wilburys happy to suck the cash from the club in loan payments. Lets face it we dont deserve this if previous managers had had some spine and looked a bit further than their own nose (glen Roeder,peter grant) then we may not be here,but we are, lets hope the board meeting sorts it, out new investment whatever is needed but i doubt it. from one chef to another Delia this is one burnt cookie if you wont swallow it dont eat it..........where are you we need a 12th diretor out here, come on lets be having you they can have my 20% when i see them take a 20% pay cut the anti nowhere league
  3. i was in E block lower last season and we stood for long periods of the matches i remember but i''ve stood for long periods of matches this season but it seems they are clamping down.its the inconsistancy that annoys me still Kevin was moved to A block after our chat.should have packed him off to the city stand
  4. GERRY GERRY GERRY! Norfolk Terrier, do u sit about 4 rows up? i think you maybe just behind me. im 2nd row, i often stand but my buddy is 6 foot 6 or something rediculous like that. uve probably noticed him, receeding hairline, no earlobes.. haha. Was it you that KEVIN took out for a word? it was me who went out for a word........im the only one in a yellow shirt around me. and i''m 3 rows back behind the goal .what really gets me is a row behind me and 4 seats to my right was a knot of fans standing.my complaint is as per usual why should i sit if no one else is going to.  i didn''t notice the stewards assesrs though would have been nice to chat to them as well. and if anyone from E block reads this........i hope you never get him over there "that kevin in C block 10/10, cant fault him"
  5. what is going on with them? sometimes they dont bother other times they cant leave us alone.......Tuesday we stood nearly all match today i get told to sit down every 5 minutes, i dont mind but KEVIN (block C lower barclay) well done, you earned that minimum wage today as for the puff and bluster about sitting down, i think we are ok when Norwich (thats us kev) are attacking. and where were you when we played on Tuesday night? or for that matter the game with the most potential for flashpoint the scum at home? i stood for the whole 90 mins there.....you really need to get some consistancy come on you useless gits get it right oh the game..........pretty good i thought we had most of the play and Plymouth offered very little in the way of football most of theirs was long ball. we played well, good to see it back to back atb Norfolk terrier
  6. i believe it to be 18 months.  A short letter in the Guardian alluded to this and wondered why Billy Davis has been given a 3 year contract, but hoped that he would see the end of his contract and get another one. Another letter on the same page asked why when managers are sacked for not getting results do the board not stand down, after all the board are the ones who put the manager there in the first place......
  7. We have two protests one led by smudger and one by canary ben (or his mate). Smudger, by his own admission, didn''t want to lead his protest but was pushed into it by arthur whittle which is verified in the ''Delia'' thread does this make smudger a sheep?
  8. please get rid of the cretin he has ruined the club  i love  
  9. out, he has just got to go. i am sick and tired of the way he has dragged this club down.As a season ticket holder i pays my money and i makes my noise. but with his deplorable away record and total lack of nous in the transfer/loans market it is not good enough,as fans we expect a certain standard of football and we are not getting it. so the club sacked Steeve Foley because we were not performing,so will we now sack hunter? me thinks ............no lets take the problem out at the top the club needs a new direction worthless is not the way forward
  10. This may be objective but  I too hate the football at the moment but as a firm WO i cant see any faction who will come out of this smelling of roses other than worthy .He took an average team up and then to the last day of the season when we were relegated .This season has not been good at all a total lack of creative passing football and a nonexistant midfield. But i hate to say this..... we are 7th not like southampton or that lot down the road. For me he has to change both the coaching AND style of play to sum up ,progress if any has been FAR too slow ,his record is abysmal,  we must now address all the problems in the close season (winger,midfield  and manager) etc if it means keeping him then he must be told that anything less than promotion is unacceptable and we do need to start winning away from home more.
  11. i think WLY is one of the most skillfull players we have, but the way he has been treated by worthless is disgraceful! if i was him i would think twice before signing a new contract.But im sure the majority of fans would like to see him stay for when we eventually return to our natural passing game........
  12. Has any one changed their opinion of worthless (positive or negative) based on tonights performance??  
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