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  1. It amazes me how worked up people get about 22 men kicking a ball on a field there are far bigger issues in the world to get worked up about
  2. Now you are talking weak as p1ss Lewis gets bundled off the ball way to easily
  3. So why are we leaking so many goals? They can’t all Be defending brilliantly
  4. We are leaking way to many goals there has to be a reason for that. Have a look how many come down his wing compared to Max!
  5. The kick off times were never this bad under Paul Lambert
  6. Been moved to the sunday noon kickoff disgrace
  7. One thing about Jamal has been on my mind for a while and concerned me again against Millwall. He is far to easy knocked off the ball especially compared to say Max A would really like to see him in the gym over the summer to bulk up. would make him the complete left back
  8. Goal music, flags, the drum completes the tinpot trio
  9. New levels of tinpottery were achieved today when is the drum being introduced to complete the effect?
  10. Indeed the internet police removed it and I looked so good as well
  11. In an exciting new venture I am starting the pinkun online exercise club to start you off I want you to raise your arms and lower them to the following tune going up going down going up going down here is me dressed and ready to start my exercise
  12. He is delivering really poor results to take the pressure off of Agent Evans who has been in deep cover for years
  13. We can all agree that Agent Lambert is doing a magnificent job One Paul Lambert there is only one Paul Lambert
  14. Will he be the first manager to relegate 2 separate teams in consecutive seasons?
  15. Funny enough there is a thread on twtd in the same subject
  16. We are Norwich we are here provide pleasure to your woman and drink your free beer
  17. It’s simple really like him he is doing very badly and covering this up with this stunt he is officially the worst manager in Ipswich history and the bar has been set very very low!
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