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  1. [quote]Yes, heard several new rumours yesterday, to add to the 10 or so i have heard during the week. all a load of tosh if you ask me![/quote] The rumours flying around yesterday would explain why ashton looked like an outcast and argued with his teammates for a lot of thegame. Also why Huckerby hasnt looked at his best recently and why we havent seen Mckenzie ( and before anyone shouts I know he was injured in training because my son witnessed it).   Add all together and you get a very disorganized team, whatever manager we have.
  2. My first post...before anyone shouts I have been going to carrow rd since 1968...I like others am dismayed at our current performances and I believe worthy should go. BUT I keep hearing rumours concerning some of the players and have been looking on here for any or some of them. If there is any truth in some of these rumours it could explain a lot of what is happening on the pitch. I am sorry but I am not going to repeat these rumours on here but my guess is most of you will know what I am talking about.
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