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  1. Do they know something we don't? Why would Frank Lampard come here?
  2. It's a bit disturbing how many people are willing to go to bat for twats like this under the guise of free speech.
  3. Swindon Town fans will be pleased at least, reckon we've got a good chance of conceding more than 100.
  4. We looked alright before covid hit last prem season, had some decent performances and results. We were abysmal after that though and that has somehow continued into this season (despite the champ season in-between).
  5. Mick could've got this team more than 2 points out of these first 10 games. We'd play some absolute ****e but he'd have done it.
  6. He scored against Man City and has been riding that high ever since.
  7. Surely he's gonna just walk soon, he must know he isn't up to the task even if the board will blindly back him.
  8. Would be utter madness to sack him. Promoted on a shoestring, given no money to stay up. Relegation was always the most likely outcome. He's our best chance of bouncing right back, and hopefully on the 2nd try at the Prem we can get a bit of financial backing.
  9. I reckon Aarons, Buendia and Cantwell will be off, but we'd still be more than competitive in the top 6 of the championship without them.
  10. Well it seems we're always much worse lately in one half so hopefully we'll see a stark improvement second half
  11. Preston fans are pissed off at the ref for not sending their keeper off
  12. We've also learned McGovern is still nowhere near Krul! He makes me incredibly nervous
  13. Really wish we'd stop putting people on the post for set pieces
  14. Their keeper is having a clanger...but that was a lovely finish.
  15. Teams around us all won/winning. Badly need this win to keep in touching distance
  16. This season should never have even happened. You'd do well to remember that when you're all crying about how we're going down again. Look at our ****ing squad, look where they came from. We've got academy players, players from German league 4, players we signed on free transfers. We shouldn't be anywhere near the Premier League, yet here we are and we're not completely out of it despite how bleak it looks. Even if we go down, what this manager has achieved with peanuts cannot be overstated. Would you rather be a club that spends 15 years in the Championship?
  17. I can't believe its happened again. Wolves have looked absolutely dire and they are still going to win. Its painful to watch
  18. If we go on to not win this game I'll be absolutely gutted. Should've been out of sight. No way Wolves will be as bad 2nd half.
  19. Did they just called Steiperman a defensive midfielder? Plonkers
  20. I wanna see 3 subs made or I'm just gonna go watch the Liverpool game, this has been diabolical!
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