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  1. Just read the email as the warning on it states it''s a high risk investment I can think of better ways of spunking away £500
  2. The rate of interest isn''t bad under the circumstances but only a mad man would trust nepotism Tom and co with their capital which would surely be lost because of poor financial management
  3. Unbelievable from the Suffolk socialists They as owners should be investing capital in the club not the hard working common man Delia out stinking rich Chinese owner in
  4. A new level of incompetence for the stowmarket 2 they cant even hit a deadlines they set! Delia out stinking rich Chinese owner in
  5. Unless there is an injection of capital into the club next season is going to be depressing
  6. Webber has delivered 2 things 1) the worst negative football I can remember even makes what we watched under the rodent as exciting 2) a league finish below Ipswich which must be the first in a lifetime The basic offering from the club is completely unacceptable and he along with Delia and family must pay the price Delia out stinking rich Chinese owner in
  7. This has to be the point he gets retired through injury way beyond a joke now
  8. Bristol are a cracking example of a British owner spending wisely and professionally Why can''t we be Bristol
  9. Even the streaker was terrible Infact the worst one I have ever seen. Delia can''t even organise a proper streaker Delia out stinking rich Chinese owner in
  10. [quote user="DDD In The Fine City"]Shame you''re not a decent poster Frank, doubt anyone would even notice if you went 😕[/quote] I agree ☝️
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