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  1. lincsy88

    Our Next Event - Thurs March 12th - Class of 93

    Little reminder for this event. Will be a great evening for all Norwich fans young and old, some great guests with some interesting stories I am sure.
  2. I'm good for the 21st Nutty. My selection for this week - Sunderland v Bristol Rovers - Home Win For the Norwich match bet, I am going and I have a dismal away record so I will go with a 2-1 away win. Good luck to all the PUPs and most importantly to Crabby and Dutchman
  3. I think there are exceptions to the rule, and yes if you are taking a friend who supports the other team, you are with them and they dont celebrate the other teams goals etc I think this is acceptable. I think my point is more to people who just sold their tickets to Liverpool fans for money, I was told of someone who got £200 each for two tickets, this is purely just done to make money for themselves and I dont think this should be done, hard to stop and police I know but just doesnt seem morally right to me.
  4. Fully agree with this. If I saw an away fan I would be first to the stewards to have them ejected and would hope the city 'fan' who gave them the ticket got their season ticket taken away. Two in front of us got taken out on Saturday, which Norwich City fan wouldnt want to go to all the home games!? I know people have commitments but god sell it too a home fan or back to the club, these people are just profiting on it, dont worry though they wont renew their season tickets next year if we go down.
  5. Fulham v Barnsley Home win for me. For the Norwich game I shall go for Buendia to score anytime, it has to happen sooner or later. Good luck everyone and especially to DJ and Jamie.
  6. lincsy88

    Spurs fixtures confirmed

    The Arsenal game was also during a half term and only £10 a ticket for adults. Everyone who is an away member will get a ticket (even the plastics) and there will be a fight for general sale I should imagine. We will do well to sell 9000 for a mid week game not in half term especially at £25 a ticket which I think is a bit steep for a cup game.
  7. Tranmere v Portsmouth - Away Win For BTTS I shall go with Luton v Cardiff Good luck everyone.
  8. lincsy88

    European Team Of The Month

    Failed to deliver!? Hes got 7 assists, created 9 chances in one game more than any other player, 50 chances all season (more now as this was after Wolves home) only beaten by De Bruyne & Alexander-Arnold just for your reference here is the link but yer Buendia hasn't delivered at all . https://www.squawka.com/en/news/buendia-norwich-hazard-impressionist-premier-league-stats
  9. ROTHERHAM v Burton Albion - Home win for me this week please. For Norwich I shall go with Duda to score anytime. Good luck all.
  10. lincsy88

    Who do you want to go down?

    Brighton, Villa, Bournemouth for me but a special mention for West Ham and Watford too, any 3 of those 5 would suit me but I feel it will be us Bournemouth and Villa.
  11. lincsy88

    Team for Newcastle

    Krul Aarons Zimmermann Hanley Byram Trybull Vrancic Buendía Duda Cantwell Pukki Subs: Fahrmann, Lewis, Hernandez, Rupp, Drmic, Tettey, Mclean.
  12. Been so busy this week so very late to the party but my pick for what it's worth is stevenage v Plymouth away win. And for norwich a 1-1 draw. Good luck to the pickers.
  13. lincsy88

    VAR tonight

    I firmly believe VAR has been bought in to help out the 'bigger' teams, they certainly seem to get the rub of the green on most decisions. The whole thing is a farce if you ask me and if we do get relegated the one thing I am looking forward to about being the championship is no VAR.
  14. lincsy88

    Jamal Lewis

    Sell him this transfer window, no. Sell him in the summer, I wouldn't be too bothered, personally think he's declined lately and isn't great defensively.
  15. lincsy88

    Leaving early

    I think the OP has some underlying issues here, does it really effect you if people leave early, no it doesn't. People pay their own hard earned money for their seat they can do as they chose with it, how many times this season is there going to be a thread on here about this for gods sake! I go down on injury time nearly every game and watch the last little bit on the TV so I suppose that makes me less of a fan than you does it? Bore off mate!
  16. Good Morning all, Not a good week for me last week but I will try and redeem myself this week with picking JUVENTUS v Parma - Home Win. For the Norwich game this week I shall go with C. Wilson and Pukki both to score. Good luck all.
  17. Good evening all. I am heading for the championship this weekend and Charlton Athletic v WEST BROMWICH ALBION - Away Win. For the game at Old Trafford after the debacle of VAR at Carrow Road I shall go for Man United to miss a penalty at 12/1 Good luck all!
  18. lincsy88

    Draw for 4th round of the FA Cup

    A new ground away would be nice to tick off (not that I will probably get tickets with the new away ticket scheme).
  19. £7 or so to the good so far good picking!
  20. Gonna take a bit of a risky punt in the FA Cup this week and go for Oxford United v Hartlepool Uninted - Home Win For Norwich I shall go for Hernandez to score at anytime.
  21. AFC Wimbledon v OXFORD UNITED - Away win for me please For Norwich bet I shall go with Norwich HT/Spurs FT.
  22. lincsy88

    Spurs Away

    I know tickets don't go on sale until New Years Eve but just wondered how you think we will need to que at the Carra to guarantee a ticket, I'm thinking of getting there around 6am, will that be too late? I missed out on West Ham due to turning up about half 7 but managed to get Brighton, Burnley, Palace, Everton tickets all fine.
  23. Good Morning PUPs. My selection for the final is Gloucester City (15th) v Kings Lynn Town (1st) away win for the Linnets For my Norwich bet I shall go with 2-2 Best of luck Sid and Duncan and a merry christmas to you all.
  24. lincsy88

    Maddison is great, but.....

    100% this mate. Before and after the game love him as much as possible, during the game the pantomime villain is a great way to go, Im sure Madders would take it in good heart.
  25. lincsy88

    Maddison is great, but.....

    For me he should get a massive round of applause pre match when his name is read out and then if he comes over after the game a clap and a rendition of his song just nothing during the game. I remember going to Derby a few season ago and the away fans where singing Bradley Johnsons song throughout the game and he popped up with the winner 15 minutes from time and they continued to sing his name during the game, didnt get that if im honest! Before and after the game fine, during the game not needed.