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  1. Any coincidence in the fact that Johnson and Grabban have both ended up in the East Midlands area
  2. I can neither confirm or deny these accusations. Question is who are you?
  3. Who on earth is going to show interest in McLean, Stevie Wonder!? Lewis and Aarons for me, we have replacements in the club already and Lewis isn't as good as people think he is.
  4. Sorry I have been so busy this totally slipped my mind this week. My pick would have been AC Milan to beat Bologna. Good luck to everybody
  5. Or, we show the same performance we have in the rest of the games since lockdown lose 2-0 to the spammers and are relegation is confirmed, I like your optimism Lakey but I know which one I would bet on
  6. Good Morning everybody. I shall plump for Barcelona to win away at Valladolid please. For the Norwich bet I shall go for a simple BTTS. Good luck to everybody especially those doing the picks.
  7. Fulham v Birmingham - Home Win Norwich bet, Maupay to score anytime. Good luck all.
  8. Swansea v Luton - Home win for me this week. For my Norwich bet, cant see anything but a Man United win to nil so that will be my pick.
  9. Right I have a meeting in a bit for work so gonna put my picks on now, I have tried to include as many as I can: 1-0 Norwich, Pukki to score - 50p 2-1 Norwich - 50p 2-0 Norwich - 50p 1-1 Draw - 50p Pukki to score first - 50p Cantwell to score first - 50p Over 2 goals, Danny Ings to score, Max Aarons to be booked and Norwich to Win - 50p 2-1 Norwich, Klose to score anytime - 50p Buendia to score first - 50p Norwich to win - £1 3-2 Norwich - 50p Pukki to score two goals - 50p McLean to score anytime - 50p 2-1 Norwich, Pukki to score two - 50p Norwich to win, godfrey to score - 50p 3-1 Norwich, Pukki to score anytime - 50p Norwich to win to nil - 50p More than 2.5 goals - 50p Danny Ings first goal, Norwich to win 2-1 - 50p. Hope I've added that up right!
  10. Seeing as BT didn't reduce their bill during lockdown despite having no live sport it only seems fair they should make up for it and show as many city games from now until the end of the season so i feel like i am getting my monies worth
  11. Thanks for the intro nutty and good luck all. It's a tough one to know where to go with everyone just coming back but I'll plump for a win for atletico Madrid at home to Vallidolid. @nutty nigel I'll post my picks about half 2 friday does that give you enough time mate?
  12. What else you going to be doing we are in lockdown lol.
  13. https://metro.co.uk/2020/06/05/premier-league-tv-schedule-fixtures-bbc-sky-bt-sport-amazon-12808749/ Full list for anyone that wants them.
  14. QPR v Barnsley - Home win for me please. For the Norwich game, Ings and Pukki both to score. Good luck all, stay clean!
  15. For me he has talent, he has shown a good touch, bit of skill and a decent pass but like a few have said on here I think he needs to settle into the side and plays much on confidence. I think for example you put him in say a team sitting around 10th in the prem he probably wouldn't look out of place.
  16. Cant say I agree with that to be honest and he is asked to do a much different job certainly to Trybull and both of those players you can give a little slack for being rusty. Rupp has been playing of late, his problem being he is not an attacking midfielder and not as good of a number 10 as Duda and Steipermann.
  17. Nice to see someone on here have a nice discussion about football and not jump on someones back for a difference of opinion
  18. I think for me as well, he has had the unfortunate job of replacing Buendia who I for one am a massive advocate for and believe should play every minute so that has slightly clouded my judgement. Was probably a bit OTT to say he should never play again and like you say hopefully after a pre-season we will see him flourish.
  19. He offers nothing for me, doesn't posses the skill or creativity to be an attacking midfielder, he isn't better then Tettey, Vrancic, Mclean or Trybull to get into the midfield two so for me would be a benchwarmer.
  20. Rupp should never start for us in this league ever again.
  21. Met a Plymouth fan on the train home last night, very nice chap and complimentary of our club so I will back Plymouth in my pick and go for the following Plymouth v Macclesfield - Home Win For the Norwich bet I will go with BTTS.
  22. FA Cup, shut them lot down the road up once and for all then.
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