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  1. Roxton

    Leeds v Norwich

    It was exciting, that''s for sure...

  2. Roxton

    Leeds v Norwich

    He is done for the season...
  3. Roxton

    Leeds v Norwich

    We got them where we want them now, ugh!
  4. Roxton

    Leeds v Norwich

    Had a few chances of the counter already!!
  5. Roxton

    Leeds v Norwich

    Getting interesting (per usual when we get the lead)... 3 - 2.
  6. Roxton

    Leeds v Norwich

    Good point Herman. Hopefully we get a positive carryover into next season, but it is a lot easier to relax and play when there is no pressure to play/win. I am just glad that most of the players have NOT packed it in.
  7. Roxton

    Leeds v Norwich

    It won''t be 2 - 2
  8. Roxton

    Leeds v Norwich

    It sounds like Leeds is getting sandwiched between Norwich & Fulham in concern with keeping them out of the playoffs. 2 - 0 Norwich!!!
  9. Roxton

    Leeds v Norwich

    Listening to the game on Ustream, sounds like we are starting well. Hoping for some Pritchard magic. He played very well in space last week against Brighton.
  10. There could be some truth in the subject content. We were fortunate on the first shot (post deflection). Brighton looked pretty flat. Only time will tell. I had the honor of sitting with Bill Punton. We were joking that the player of the match should have been the Brighton Goalkeeper.
  11. Roxton


    Well, we booked the Brighton game 5 months ago, and we are traveling from the USA. I was hoping for a meaningful game, but I am looking forward for what is going to be an annual trip to Carrow Road!
  12. Roxton

    Burton Match Thread

    Ugg, No sense of urgency in the first half.

    Better in the second, but not enough!
  13. Roxton

    Well Done Lincoln!

    Good start to the day!