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  1. T’other way round! or is that the joke that I missed?
  2. Had the pleasure of meeting, in previous life, I have to say an absolute gent. Also being of a certain age I remember him racing in the 50’s and early 60’s. R.I.P.
  3. Whatever your politics, we need strong leadership. I, for one, hope he recovers soon.
  4. “The club has no income” Well, they do still have some of the season ticket income, has the tv money stopped? and what about sponsorship?
  5. On the coach home we heard something of this, but didn’t really know what had happened.
  6. I remember chanting “6-5, we’re goin to win 6-5. At the final whistle there was a huge chant for Ni gel, Ni gel Worthington!
  7. Just for the record Delia was born June 1941 and MWJ September 1941, wouldn’t believe they are both 79 this year would you?
  8. I expect the Arsenal tickets will be sold out by 09.40, plenty of time to get a coffee and then start at 11.00 for the Man U tickets.
  9. Oh and don’t forget 65 plus £15 (while we’re still allowed to go)
  10. Thanks for this - most helpful. I never seem to find this sort of info myself
  11. Yeah, well last time we were lower and the view is not so good especially with everyone standing, but high up all good
  12. Good atmosphere, no moaning, enjoyed my second visit better than the first
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