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  1. Done my duty and just voted...hope that helps!
  2. Funny how Jordan Rhodes is so popular here, but not at Wednesday...
  3. Edge of the seat stuff today - once our injuries sort themselves out we’ll be flying!
  4. Not being funny, but i could afford the £30, but chose not to go (Covid related). As my mate said it does also give non-season ticket holders a chance to go, a bit like cup games... anyway I’m becoming an armchair supporter (boo hoo) Good win (eventually) today. OTBC
  5. T’other way round! or is that the joke that I missed?
  6. Had the pleasure of meeting, in previous life, I have to say an absolute gent. Also being of a certain age I remember him racing in the 50’s and early 60’s. R.I.P.
  7. Whatever your politics, we need strong leadership. I, for one, hope he recovers soon.
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