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  1. Is that the Holiday Inn?
  2. not a clue


    Love it. My favourite shirt was the 2003 green Lotus one. Will the academy shirts be available to buy?
  3. not a clue

    Gunn Club

    So after deciding that the Gunn Club might too busy we arranged to meet up at the Coach and Horses. Big mistake, full of Pompey fans by 4 o’clock. We moved on to the Gunn Club and it was quieter than usual so all’s well that ends well. Thanks again to those who replied earlier. Shame about the result today, but really think we need to “concentrate on the league”.
  4. not a clue

    Gunn Club

    Thanks for the prompt replies, much obliged.
  5. not a clue

    Gunn Club

    Does any one know if Gunn Club season tickets are valid for Saturdays cup game? Cheers and OTBC.
  6. not a clue

    Villa and Fulham tonight

    Was at Craven Cottage last night, Fulham had to battle hard against a very good Leeds side -we had better look out on 28th. Leeds fans (4500-5000 I would guess) were the loudest I''ve heard all season. Scoreline flattered Fulham, but still got them the three points.

    Looking forward to Villa on Saturday (I think!!!!)

  7. not a clue

    Brentford Friday 22nd

    Thank you kindly!
  8. not a clue

    Brentford Friday 22nd

    Can someone please remind me why we''ve got an evening kick off for this game?
  9. not a clue

    Arsenal Trains

    Due to the uncertainty of return train travel, we’ve booked Canary Travel, does anyone know if car parking is available at Carrow Road?
  10. Are we welcome to go to Colney today? Anyone know?
  11. not a clue

    Get Karanka

    His defensive record is good, but his attacking record is poor - the opposite to what we have now.