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  1. He is bigger than Rangers who are a comedy act tribute act of there former team ..I can see Norwich going the same way . You missed the boat there with sacking Alex Neil . Ipswich will become the top team in that farmland area
  2. Alex Neil will end up at a bigger team ..then we will watch Norwich city go down down ..Norwich city are going down down lol
  3. If it''s in the true way ..it ya rake in the bins for something tae eat ya find a deid rat an ya think it''s ah treat lol in yer gorgie slums ..that''s a Hibs song about Hearts lol
  4. What high profile manager would even be interested in mid table championship side ?? Mark McGhee ? Mark Warburton that''s a laugh lol. The guy from the wonder years .Fred savage is available
  5. There ugly and there smelly they wash there hair wi jelly. The haven''t goat a telly the Norwich family ..Alex was spotted outside a boozer in Ipswich singing this on his way home .
  6. Well done st Johnstone on beating the biggest team in Tayside ..that''s like winning the champions league for them .
  7. When Alex Neil got his 2 million pay off ..I heard he was singing like a canary . Had the birdie song playing full blast on his car journey back to HAMILTON
  8. Get out of that crap English team called Norwich city ..bunch of clueless farmers ..enjoy relegation to league 1.
  9. I''m still trying to find out why Alex Neil is the anti Christ ? What has he done to deserve this treatment? Judas fans
  10. Chris Sutton is the great defender of Scottish football maybe you need more men like Chris to defend Norwich
  11. Hibs and Dundee utd clear 20 000 odd fans between them in the Scottish championship mate
  12. That''s hard to believe when Celtic and Rangers get over 45 crowds every home game ..fake news
  13. is it alien to you that it doesn''t matter how many fans you have that football is 11 v 11 ?
  14. Yeah places like dingwall aka ross county have a great population like Leeds ?lol get a grip mate
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