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  1. I''d like to see him stay. Solid player and always pops with the odd goal. Can do a job for us next year.
  2. Only being saying for two months Madidison should be playing. Finally seen the light - all too late though for this season .......
  3. Can''t believe Bennett''s playing what a joke. Sooner Irvine goes the better. We might as well still have AN here as he picks the same old dross week in week out. Why is Tettey out today? Injured, suspended?
  4. Bennett''s a complete waste of space. Villa, Huddersfield and now Fulham and that''s just his mistakes that have cost us goals in the last three games ...............
  5. Been saying this for ages. Best player at Aberdeen this season when on loan. He must wonder what he''s done wrong sitting on the bench each week saying guys getting on the pitch ahead of him just going through the motions. Godfrey, Maddison and Pritchard in the middle of the park on Saturday please.
  6. I have no time for Whitaker whatsoever but based on last night he was better than Martin, Bennett and Klose. I would rather see him start Saturday at right back than Martin. At least Djiks and surely Bassong has to play so basically picking one from Martin, Bennett and Klose.
  7. Not far short of what happened on Saturday at Villa for their second goal with the first goal last night. Total lack of communication and Bennett should have put the ball in the stands. Fact remains McGovern is one of the worst keepers we''ve ever had at the club.
  8. Guy hasn''t got a clue. Gone for the safe option every game and followed in AN''s footsteps in terms of team selection and tactics. Needs to have first team matters taken out of his hands today.
  9. Have been calling for Maddison to start for weeks. Don''t know what the guy has done wrong? Surely he must start Saturday?
  10. That''s ridiculous - he must have had a double standing in for him when he had his medical and got measured ... Hope he brings back Ruddy tonight. Another scary thought is that Malumbu is fit and in the squad .......
  11. Add to that a short keeper behind them who can''t seem to catch a ball or command his box and it could get messy ...............
  12. Its all about the players we bring in. New keeper, two new centre backs, left back and defensive midfielder. Only defender I see worth persevering with is Pinto, assuming Djiks leaves. Like to see Tofollo back and given a shot. Midfield - got to keep Howson and Thomson to come in once fit. Maddison and Pritchard. Like to see more of Wildschut before commenting. Up front - Murphys/Oliveira/Jerome. Also Morris. Think Dorans, Tettey and Wes are all past their sell-by date but probably good enough as squad back up. We all know about Martin, Whittaker, Klose, Bassong and Turner so see most of them going or at best back up. Bennett ought to be better than he is but maybe he has had too many chances? Wouldn''t mind seeing Rudd back but a new keeper would be good. Interesting times ahead?
  13. Still think we will get enough points at home to finish in the top half. Probably 9th or 10th but still a very poor season based on expectations.
  14. Pritchard and Maddison yes, but can''t see where Wes and Naismith are the way forward; brilliant as Wes has been for us over the years. Good as Jacob Murphy has been this season, there have been some games where he has clearly been tired and often subbed without making much of an impact. I still feel giving Canos a couple of starts would have given Murphy a rest and Canos a fair crack of the whip. All a mute point now anyway ......
  15. When you consider the Centre backs for Leeds and Brentford have scored 7 times between them, Preston 6, Newcastle 5, Huddersfield 5 and Brighton and Reading 4 our return of two seems poor I agree.
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