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  1. In the last video there is more than a passing resemblance to Peter Crouch. Good touch for a big man and all that.
  2. [quote user="Green and Yellow fellow"]Personally would be gutted to be linked with Ciani and then get Scott Dann. He''s not bad though, was a £6m player and 26 years old. But I''d say Ciani would be more ambitious and have a bigger impact on our club imo.[/quote] So you''ve seen both play enough to make a judgement?
  3. [quote user="smudger"]That bloke was already offering the charlton fans out before we scored, holts goal juat made it all the more sweet.[/quote] For you to know that, you must have been there. How times have changed...
  4. [quote user="smudger"]That bloke was already offering the charlton fans out before we scored, holts goal juat made it all the more sweet.[/quote] For you to know that, you must have been there. How times have changed...
  5. [quote user="Houston Canary"][quote user="Downloads"][quote user="Houston Canary"]Downloads, if you were to be fired for making light hearted banter, you would win a wrongful dismissal case easily, and your company would be shamed for being so reactionary. We make jokes about ourselves all the time and nobody cries racism or anti- anything then. Why not? Because we all know it is just some harmless jokes. When we make them about someone else, the rules do not change. Or do they? They shouldn''t, and I''m not going to pretend they do just because you want to. And you admit you get threads like this removed? So you''re the wuss. We have been wondering. Thanks for the heads-up.[/quote] Who is to determine whast is light hearted and who would be offended by what? I work for the government and it would definitely not be tolerated, that i can guarantee you. Of course i wouldn''t get fired first off, but if i continued to air views as these, i would be fired. I''m no wuss, i''ll happily take it outside. I wouldn''t ask for comments on this thread to be removed, it doesn''t interest me, but i have had a couple removed previously. Someone''s comments regarding females which was incredibly insulting, i love my wife and wouldn''t expect anyone to speak about a woman as they did and someone elses racist comment, which was more obvious than anything on this thread. I care not for what you think and would do the same everytime. So in summary, go do one. [/quote] Who is to determine if a comment is light hearted, you ask. Umm, I guess the people in on the conversation. Porbalby people observing it could tell too, by the body language. You are confusing banter with, as you call it, airing views. I seriously doubt anyone who made a joke here really was being offensive, and I am equally sure anyone of Chinese origin would not be bothered by the comments because they would know it was in jest. Only people who want to be victims and look for reasons to become one would be bothered by the chatter. Having threads you find offensive removed definitely does make you a wuss. Then announcing here that you do this makes you not only a wuss, but a Martin Prince quality wuss. He''s the nerd in Bart Simpson''s class who does annoying things like reminding the teacher she forgot to assign homework. The tattle tale. The wuss. Whhaaaaaaa, I don''t like it, so NOBODY should be allowed to see it. Your approach is a very dangerous one. Limiting people''s freedom of expression in a forum like this is never a good thing. I love my wife, too, and I want her to know what people think so she doesn''t make bad decisions out of ignorance. Your protective approach only serves to make your wife more likely to be a victim, not less. I aprreciate the keyboard warrior approach you took in responding to me. I can do that too but I find it embarrassing to make physical challenges to people I will never meet. But if I did meet you, I''d kick your a__. [:D] [/quote] With the right to freedom of expression comes the responsibilitiy to endeavour not to offend where possible. Should anyone be able to express anything with no regard for what is acceptable? How about those who state that the USA brought 9/11 on itself due to its foreign policy? Clearly not. You can''t play the feedom of expression card without this caveat. I think this is a case where many will have to agre to disagree. I just feel that some of the comments were crass at best, offensive at worst.
  6. [quote user="Houston Canary"] There are only 3 or 4 races on Earth. Chinese is not a race. It is not even A single culture or A single language. If the comments were about zipperheads or sneaky yellow devils, then that would be RACist. They are about various aspects of various Chinese cultures or steroetypes associated with the Chinese specifically (not the Viet Namese, or Japanese or Thais).
  7. [quote user="Houston Canary"][quote user="avenging canary"]Bring back Jim Davidson, all is forgiven!! This isn''t cultural comment, harmless fun or ''life''. It is nothing short of small minded, ignorant racism. If joining in such shameful banter is to develop a sense of humour, I''ll do without.[/quote] You''ve done without a sense of humor this long, why change now? [/quote] Without a hint of irony; priceless. I''ll ignore the Americanism.
  8. Bring back Jim Davidson, all is forgiven!! This isn''t cultural comment, harmless fun or ''life''. It is nothing short of small minded, ignorant racism. If joining in such shameful banter is to develop a sense of humour, I''ll do without.
  9. Honestly can''t believe that some of these posts haven''t been removed. I haven''t seen a more small minded and bigoted set of comments for a long time. To reduce thousands of years of culture to a ''number 34 with fried rice'' in the 21st century leaves me struggling for words. Norfolk has reputation for small minded racism; no surprise there then! Before we get the PC bigade nonsense - no I''m not. Some of you have to have a long look at yourselves. Fools.
  10. Tudor Jones looks like a pub player. Can''t believe anyone who''s seen him rates him. Gunn succeeded in signing many very average (for this league) players and our new manager will have to pick up the pieces.
  11. Says it all. Childish, playground humour. Not a sensible response to any point made by anyone in disagreement. Only too happy to accept the plaudits of the sycophants even less cerebral than yourself. Brian was dead-on. This comment''s more purile that the one he gave you the trophy for. Must have hurt that one.
  12. What makes you think I''m a "Happy clapper"? On what basis? Is it the same logic you use to infer that things will be better if our only investors clear off? Solutions????? Keep asking, silence is deafening.
  13. [quote user="CANARYCHARGE"][quote user="avenging canary"]Sell to whom? I don''t see too many buyers knocking down the doors. We''re all angry. I''ve spoken to Doncaster personally and told him he has to resign. I chose not to do it surrounded by cronies. There clearly needs to be some monumental changes to the club at all levels. Munby and Doncaster have to go. Gunn is a wonderful human being, but is not a manager. Where are the solutions? Sure we can get a new Chair and CEO and I''m certain that there are many who could do a decent job. The fact still remains that nothing will change until we have investment. Until now there have been no takers - none. What would happen now if Delia walked? Administration; 10 point penalty; players leaving; years in Division 1. Brian Gunn has done his best. He came up short, but he had the courage to take on an almost impossible task. I would not want him to continue, but I wish him well and certainly don''t blame him. How many of your remember him playing shortly after his daughter died? He said it was what she would have wanted. A giant of a man in every sense. Those of you who slate him now, hang your heads. If you wish to complain, then by all means do so, but do so with dignity and choose your targets well. Thoughtless scattergun ranting will tear this club apart.[/quote]m8 you are sick!!!! what you doing dropping comments like that in! this have nothing to with that, i think every city fan respects him, just he has failed to deliver at the most important time! facts are there! [/quote] I''m dropping in quotes like that because many seem to forget his integrity and how much he has given this club. He doesn''t deserve the treatment he''s getting from some. Just pointing out that he has only done what any of us would have done; stepped up to the plate. Seems people have short memories. As I have said before, he''s not my choice, but he''s tried - chose your targets. It''s not rocket science; for most....
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