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Mr Cholmondley Warner

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  1. Mr Cholmondley Warner

    Great piece on Morison/Lambert

    I think we already knew how Suberb a manager the Messiah was in terms of tactics and man management

    The current incumbent is a million miles away

    Neil out Lambert back
  2. Mr Cholmondley Warner

    Brizzle City away beamback.

    Typical of the plastic Morty doing the beam back rather than actually attending a game

  3. Mr Cholmondley Warner

    I was magnificent last night

    Back on topic I have been magnificent for a few weeks now.

    Wigan away I was sublime and no less stunning at Cardiff away

    That said I am looking to take it to a whole new level against Burton

    I bet you wish you were me
  4. Mr Cholmondley Warner

    I was magnificent last night

    Forgot the team or the manager I was truly magnificent last night

    My singing, my lack of moaning, my consumption of the breaded crustaceans was premier league

    I would just like the praise myself, it''s fans like me that make the club

    I am sure you would all agree
  5. Mr Cholmondley Warner

    The bubble is about to burst

    I think Newcastle will give us a right good spanking tonight

    I also think it will be a reality check for the extreme happy clappers on here who think we have turned a corner

    Neil out Lambert back
  6. Mr Cholmondley Warner

    Whats on the menu?

    For all you scampi fans out there. Cosmo Norwich has an each as much as you want scampi option.

    I got through an impressive 53 pieces see if you can beat that!
  7. Mr Cholmondley Warner

    Whats on the menu?

    Breaded crustaceans with chipped potatoes
  8. Mr Cholmondley Warner

    50 points

    Now safe let''s kick on and just miss the playoffs
  9. Mr Cholmondley Warner

    Scampi thread

    Herman baby it is worrying me what I ate it was overly cheesy for a Scampi
  10. Mr Cholmondley Warner

    Scampi thread

    Absolutely disgraceful today. The usual inadequate 7 pieces but one was in the shape of a male appendage

    This is a family club and I am disgusted the club are selling phallic shaped scampi. This would never have happened under Moxey
  11. TG did the scampi situation have any part in the untimely departure of Moxey
  12. Mr Cholmondley Warner

    Buy one, get the 2nd at half price

    I wish we would do something similar on the catering front
  13. Mr Cholmondley Warner

    Wigan match report

    I WAS there and he wasn''t!
  14. Mr Cholmondley Warner

    Gunn Club Question/advice

    You get scampi (not a full portion) from noon
  15. Mr Cholmondley Warner

    Wigan match report

    Some extreme happy clapping on here there is no way this side is getting promoted and if it did it would get murdered in the premier league