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  1. Spirit of Lambo

    Awful awful sad sad news

    If Lambert goes to Wolves while we soldier on with the Dead Man Walking that is Alex Neil this will confirm theparalysis that normally afflicts our club when any hard decision needs to be made by the Board. Neil is a very poor imitation ofan effective manager from the ''Eddie the Eagle School of Management'' for technically limited wannabes. Lambert was the most successful manager we have seen in decades and has been available for months.  Neil is finished here and increasing numbers of the crowd and dressing room can see it. There is no way back for him from a year of decline. He has taken the club full circle and his stats are now around the same or worse than Adams. The Board should show some decisiveness, get rid before Neil does yet more damage and get some quality management back into the club.
  2. Spirit of Lambo

    I actually miss Rob Butler

    Butler is a total embarrassment on Canary Call. With him handling the phone in the quality of discussion has fallen to new lows since Neil Adams time on the programme. He uses the programme as a vehicle for his own views and finds it impossible to cope with other points of view. He doesn''t add any insights or views beyond low level banter. Get rid and upgrade .

    Get the King of Spain hosting it full time......he''s pure quality, has genuinely interesting views as an ex professional and doesn''t need the likes of no hopers like Butler alongside.
  3. Pathetic comments from the OP. Tin pot eh? Dream on. Burton are a very decent side and strong grass roots football club, who have come right through the leagues on a shoestring budget and fully deserve their place in the Championship. At times they gave our crowd and team a fright as Pinto fairly admitted in his post match interview. Honest manager too in Nigel Clough. I seriously doubt whether our Board and management team, given the same resources as Burton, could do anything like as well as the Brewers.
  4. Spirit of Lambo


    Good professional and team player. Probably the best all round midfielder we have. Covers the ground, box to box, has a bit of steel, and the best range of passing in the side. Hoping that from today he adds more goals as he can be a threat. Very pleased for him today.
  5. Spirit of Lambo

    Good Teams Play Badly and Win...............

    Good call Herman....but Barca couldn''t ever replace the Carra! Besides I''ve only just bought my new home shirt!
  6. Spirit of Lambo

    Good Teams Play Badly and Win...............

    [quote user="Herman"][

    "We have to win and we have to win convincingly,with a clean sheet, playing very entertaining football,without

    unpopular players like Martin, Naismith and Whittaker playing and the substitutions have to have the nod of approval by fans. Then,and only then,will some be a little bit happier".[/quote]

    Well seeing as you mention it yes most of the things in your list would be quite nice..........win convincingly, keep a clean sheet, entertain, decent substitutions which change a game now and then and actually make a positive difference to the result. We haven''t seen a lot of any of those in the last year and still aren''t.
  7. Spirit of Lambo

    Good Teams Play Badly and Win...............

    Agreed. Good teams sometimes play badly and win.... but it does not follow that a team playing badly and winning luckily is a good team. Without doubt we have some very good players - perhaps the strongest overall squad I have ever known - but they are not yet a convincing team and haven''t been since Wembley, now almost 18 months ago.

    AN is increasingly frantic in the dugout and is in the players ears constantly throughout every game. He often overthinks team selections and substitutions against much weaker opponents instead of letting other teams worry about us. Players pick up on this anxiety and lack real team composure and belief.