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  1. Wow just over 24 hours before the return of the Messiah I am like a child on Xmas eve What will he wear, how much will he beat us by Andrew many fans will faint by the excitement of it all. Will we get a special scampi portion at the Gunn club
  2. [quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="The Unsullied "]Shall we have a sweep stake to see if LDC is going to the game I am going for a no![/quote]I was thinking of running a sweepstake on whether for you it will be scampi in The Gunn Club or an all you can eat Chinese on Riverside. [/quote] Scampi !
  3. Shall we have a sweep stake to see if LDC is going to the game I am going for a no!
  4. [quote user="Kathy "]Its easy if you''re not to insulting. I didn''t last long on WACCOE![/quote] Agree although I appear to have been rumbled by scampi thread gave me away
  5. [quote user="Kathy "][quote user="morty"][quote user="The Unsullied "]I made a small contribution on there see if you can spot me![/quote]Yes.I can''t believe you got an account approved on there[:D][/quote] I''ve got one too![/quote] It''s a beautiful thing Kathy anyone on here with a twtd account should get on there and support agent Mick
  6. I am one of Mick McCarthys biggest fans on there!
  7. I made a small contribution on there see if you can spot me!
  8. You can''t blame the player for having ambition just that he had to leave due to the board not having the same ambition
  9. [quote user="hogesar"]Very occasional.[/quote] Very very occasional
  10. [quote user="morty"][quote user="Ren"]Yes but you could also look just up the road from Coventry to Leicester City.[/quote]The point is we aren''t Leicester or Coventry.We''re Norwich City, and always will be. People need to stop looking elsewhere, desperately wishing we were someone else.[/quote] Personally I wish we were Wolves
  11. [quote user="The Great Drinkell"]If we want perspective then just look at Coventry City''s plight. sold out to the highest bidder now they have nothing. These fans have really reason to moan and would happily swap position with us at Carrow Road.[/quote] Would you self describe yourself at the extreme end of happy clapping like the buffoon LDC?
  12. White flag raised at Carra Rudd, no ambition. I honestly can''t see us challenging for promotion for years to come
  13. Clear sign the club have given up on promotion this season Delia out Neil out Gunn Clubb Chef out
  14. I see you swerved the scampi portion size comparison
  15. LDC you off to Cardiff or Southampton. No I didn''t think so If you attended the occasional game you might feel the consequences of your brother in buffoonery and be realistic
  16. I didn''t like McNally, I don''t like Moxey but I would accept Michelle Keegan as CEO
  17. What we do know is that since poxey Moxey and his poor decision making has been at the club we have gone down the pan There is a symbiotic replacement between the 2 Communication with the fans is poor, issues on ticketing, the Galway roast debacle, and of course the scampigate scandal His track record at Wolves was poor. He is like LDC a buffoon
  18. I agree with broadstairs they are shrimps and small in number as well Maybe the OP could give us a chronological history of NCFC scampi through the ages, a fascinating story for all concerned
  19. I for one want to give the OP a chance for his view to be heard If you go back to the beginning of those 50 years supporting can you remember what the average size of scampi portion was at the club?
  20. [quote user="Barclay seats 48/49 the 3rd"]Ffs ! I used to hitch hike to away games at 14 years old ! 17 yrs and your mum won''t let you go ?? Was that nothing to do with the distance too ? Lifetime plastic Sound of nail being hit on the head
  21. [quote user="lake district canary"]I''d be going. Is this a test? [/quote] Liar
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