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  1. Captain Birdseye

    Is it just me

    Or do I
  2. Captain Birdseye

    Bad news for the doom mongers.........

    I have already nominated Russell Martin as my season scapegoat a few will choose Naismith no doubtb
  3. Captain Birdseye

    The friendly cup

    Is there an actual trophy and if there is do we get to put a tin pot gold star on our jersey like that lot down the 140?
  4. Captain Birdseye

    Groundhog Day...

    [quote user="Hoola Han Solo"]Just started raining. Russell Martin''s fault[/quote]

    He does seem to be at the heart of most of the goals we are conceding

    But don''t let facts get on the way of your opinion
  5. Captain Birdseye

    Mick Dennis on MFW - Good Read

    I think that this is a clever piece of distraction journalism to hide the fact that the truth is out there and that scampi is no longer on the menu at the gunn club
  6. Captain Birdseye

    Mick Dennis on MFW - Good Read

    To be fair to him he doesn''t claim to be objective when Delia wants to get a positive PR message out she goes to her pet Minister of Information to get the message out

    Nothing wrong with that you just need to take his opinions and motives with a pinch of salt
  7. Captain Birdseye

    Mick Dennis on MFW - Good Read

    Good article from Delias Minister of Information!
  8. Captain Birdseye

    Protest outside main entrance 7.15pm

    Rude my left footed friend

    With the club in financial crisis it''s the fans that are having to pay the price of the stowmarket 2s failure

    If they think I am giving up my pre match scampi quietly they have another thing coming

    This is will topic for the season
  9. Captain Birdseye

    Protest outside main entrance 7.15pm

    Just in gunn club and its official no scampi this season been replaced by blooming cod goujons

    It''s an affront to the loyal fans

    I will be protesting in front of the main entrance I hope you will join me
  10. Captain Birdseye

    Weather for Swindon

    That man bag will be carrying my waterproof!

    Won''t catch me moaning about the weather
  11. Captain Birdseye

    Weather for Swindon

    Man up you tarts
  12. Captain Birdseye

    The South Stand

    Ldc goes to a game shocker
  13. Captain Birdseye

    It's been a long time coming

    But the fans yesterday at Fulham were magnificent

    They sung their hearts our from the start and all the way out the stadium

    I haven''t seen it like that since the days of the Messiah

    As usual I was magnificent but yesterday was something special

    Let''s see if we can get the carra rocking next
  14. Captain Birdseye

    Russell Martin... enough is enough is enough...

    We were defensively weak yesterday especially the first half

    A bit like last season and the link to last season Russell Martin

    When we were getting battered first half we needed a big voice to organise the defence as usual he was as quiet as a mouse
  15. Silly Diane do you think I have but one account on their scummy site!
  16. Just building up my profile for when we play them in October
  17. It''s going to be an enjoyable session watching that lot down the a140 implode during the season
  18. Captain Birdseye

    Sunderland v Derby

    I loved Bj
  19. Captain Birdseye

    Marco Stiepermann

    Gone is the traditional great British scampi
  20. Captain Birdseye

    Fulham v Norwich live on ESPN

    [quote user="TIL 1010"]I must say i am a tad surprised Captain Birdseye has not found this thread yet. [:P][/quote]

    It is my new seasons resolution I will not let the plastics get to me they are not worth it
  21. Captain Birdseye

    Trybull is in the building

    Another free transfer why can''t we be PSG
  22. Captain Birdseye

    Stuart Webber hates plastics

    Great interview on the scrimmage tonight

    He really tore into the plastic fans that follow the club

    Hopefully that will be the start of the club dealing with the issue.
  23. Captain Birdseye

    The Fulham hoodoo

    Like the Bermuda Triangle it is very real

    Can we ever overcome it or is the best we can ever hope for down there is a draw

    No matter the manager or the players the hoodoo strikes

    Not expecting much on Saturday because of it
  24. Captain Birdseye

    Greater Anglia

    Buy an off peak first class ticket it doesn''t cost that much and keeps you away from the riff raff