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  1. Captain Birdseye

    Jarvis out till Febuary

    Like the tooth fairy or father xmas I no longer believe in matt jarvis
  2. Captain Birdseye

    Free Football Tonight At Carrow Road

    Devaluing the product by giving it away for free
  3. Captain Birdseye

    A Catalogue of Failings

    Vince I find you an absolute inspiration how you stick to your beliefs regardless of the extreme provocations you get from the happy clappers

    I bet you have the looks of brad pitt have the brains of Stephen Hawkins and Dion dublins gentlemans sausage
  4. Captain Birdseye

    A Catalogue of Failings

    Vince you keep going son don''t listen to these happy clappers, inner circle apologised and binners
  5. Captain Birdseye

    A Catalogue of Failings

    Vince do you have a fan club?
  6. Captain Birdseye

    A Catalogue of Failings

    Vince don''t listen to the Extreme happy clappers you make a balanced and informed view in this thread

    After highland canary you are my hero
  7. Captain Birdseye

    It's been a busy summer apart from one person

    Other than eat a complimentary meal on match day and sit in the directors box that is about the total sum of his impact

    What a waste of space he should be replaced by some one who can offer something tangible like a marketer who can generate income.

    Typical example of nepotism at its worst
  8. Captain Birdseye

    Steven Naismith

    Leader on the pitch, good defensive work, does his shift albeit not spectacularly

    A class above the likes of Russell martin
  9. Captain Birdseye


    Cracking fish and chips at number 1 by the way

    Thoroughly recommended
  10. Captain Birdseye

    It's been a busy summer apart from one person

    There are members of the inner circle on here close enough to the board who will know

    Best the organ grinder comments rather then the monkeys
  11. Captain Birdseye


    Again the latest stowmarket related crisis

    When will our fans wake up to the systemic nature of our problems and that only the removal of the 2 will sort the club out and give us the club we deserve
  12. Captain Birdseye


    Bonzo prior to playing us they were bottom of the league and devoid of confidence

    If they can drub us heaven help us
  13. Captain Birdseye

    It's been a busy summer apart from one person

    I don''t expect either you Herman or that idiot from Cumbria to know what is going on you need to actually go to the club interact with the club to know what is going on

    I am looking for people like me spend time with the club rather than being key board warriors
  14. Captain Birdseye

    It's been a busy summer apart from one person

    Plenty of cheap shots about me

    But can any of you actually tell me what nephew Tom has done in the close season to get us ready for this season

    What is his role? What are his responsibilities as a Director?

    Does he add any value what so ever!
  15. Captain Birdseye

    The new signings are not good enough.

    We have cut our cloth according to how much the stowmarket 2 are prepared to spend

    That is why we have 4th division German players playing for us and are fishing in the Lincoln and Leyton orient squads

    You get what you pay for at the next of the day
  16. Captain Birdseye

    Rome was not built in a day.

    To be fair the stowmarket 2 had last season to rebuild this isn''t a new start

    Patience is not something they deserve

    In fact they have had 2 decades

    It is nonsense to say they need patience
  17. Captain Birdseye

    Unnecessary gamble...

    Hermy baby your extreme happy clapping is always a highlight on this message board

    Don''t ever change by looking at the situation rationally
  18. Captain Birdseye


    With the stowmarket 2 we stumble from one crisis to the next

    Never have the impression they are working to a clear strategy just a series of knee jerks depending on the mood of the fans
  19. Captain Birdseye

    Unnecessary gamble...

    The only reason we have an issue is because our owners haven''t got on place a modern method of football financing

    Or to put it another way to sell off to a stinking rich Chinese or Arab owner
  20. Captain Birdseye

    It's been a busy summer apart from one person

    We hear about the need to cost cut surely he is a cost worth cutting and maybe we wouldn''t have had to sell the Murphy

    So you have a choice cut your playing staff or trim the hangers on.

    What would you do if you were delia?

    Give nepotism Tom some stick next time you see him and hopefully he will get the message

  21. Captain Birdseye

    It's been a busy summer apart from one person

    Webber and stone have clearly been very busy refreshing the squad over the past few months. The fruits of their labour will be seen over the coming months

    One person who has done jack all during this time is nepotism Tom.

    Does anyone have any idea what value he adds other than being a very nice chap and a lifelong canary?
  22. Captain Birdseye

    still too early to pass judgement

    A poor defeat and the usual binners are on here with their false support for the club
  23. Captain Birdseye

    Hang on in there

    How many of you bothered to travel to the game today

    Giving up your day, your hard end cash etc etc

    Maybe then you would feel differently
  24. Captain Birdseye

    Blame the Board not Farke

    No matter what changes we make to players managers etc the same old problems persist

    It''s screamingly obvious the board are the issue until they decide to do the decent thing and sell up we will struggle
  25. Captain Birdseye

    My last ever Russell Martin post

    He was truly truly awful today

    He is no leader of men either