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  1. Captain Birdseye

    Sustaining the future

    Fortunately Nepotism Tom is waiting in the wings to be our saviour
  2. Captain Birdseye

    Brentford tickets, Carabao Cup

    [quote user="Van wink"]Great little ground and well worth the trip.[/quote]

    Conclusive proof this thing is a plastic

    It''s a sh!t hole and that is why they are moving
  3. Captain Birdseye

    Wes injured out of Irish game

    I just hope he is not out for the season
  4. Captain Birdseye

    New to pink message board

    Welcome to the message board

    Do you have an interest in breaded crustaceans?
  5. Replacing the working mans scampi with inferior cod goujons
  6. Wise words Hoggy wise words
  7. Captain Birdseye

    o/t. inspirational role model

    She looks a bit young I thought he liked them with free bus passes
  8. It''s a damning verdict on how badly the cook has mismanaged the club

    If we don''t go up we need to get rid of her not the high earners
  9. Captain Birdseye

    Natalie Sawyer

    Sexist nonsense

    Still to uneducated football opinions you Neanderthals
  10. Captain Birdseye


    Take it from the captain NO will still be a norwich player this time tomorrow
  11. Captain Birdseye

    Dwight Gayle available

    Why can''t we be Swansea
  12. Captain Birdseye

    Whos Leaving Tomorrow

    I have it from a very reliable source that we will have a quiet day today

    Couple of fringe players going out on loan and that is that
  13. Captain Birdseye

    Whos Leaving Tomorrow

    I hoping to see the chef at the gunn club leaving to join pontins in pakefield
  14. Captain Birdseye

    Webber Out

    Wow what a post
  15. Captain Birdseye

    The Messiah Has Spoken.

    Now we just need to the Messiah back to get the best out of him

    Farke out LAmbert back
  16. Captain Birdseye

    Where Are Yer?

    [quote user="TIL 1010"]I suggest you read the news features on here from Paddy Davitt,Chris Goreham and Michael Bailey in the aftermath of Millwall.[/quote]

    Leave Vince alone you scoundrel
  17. Captain Birdseye

    Grant Hanley

    That''s relegation sealed and delivered for me

    A sad day
  18. Captain Birdseye

    Where Are Yer?

    Vince don''t listen you are my hero
  19. It''s such a pity we don''t have supportive owners like Reading

    I.e. Looking to strengthen rather than weaken the team
  20. Captain Birdseye

    Grant Hanley

    [quote user="Hoola Han Solo"]Some people just love wallowing in the misery of it all[/quote]

    You have to enjoy your self whether the team is successful or not!
  21. Captain Birdseye

    Dwight Gayle available

    Fulham have made a £15m bid why can''t we be Fulham why can''t we have supportive owners like Fulham
  22. Captain Birdseye

    The Philosophy, the Company and the Future

    The well hidden message in this war and peace of a post is that what is required is the return of the Messiah and all will be ok
  23. Captain Birdseye

    Grant Hanley

    I am already looking forward to booing him for the first time
  24. Captain Birdseye

    Doesn't say much for Webber, does it?

    We need to divorce ourselves from tHat husband he is rubbish

    I would go back in for Mitchel D he is good innit
  25. Captain Birdseye

    Angus Gunn

    Not sure he should be starting over McGovern