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    Worrying signs

    [quote user="Hoola Han Solo"]Worrying signs that a load of grown men are whining like spoilt children because we haven''t signed a player yet.[/quote]

    This ^^^^^^^^^^^
  2. Captain Birdseye


    I like many on here are very grateful that Archant host this great message board
  3. Captain Birdseye

    Norwich agree fee for..

    [quote user="CanaryOne"]We have not learnt a thing from last season , club is run by amateurs .[/quote]

    It is starting to look a lot like this I hope there is stuff going on we are not aware of behind the scene
  4. Captain Birdseye

    New 1st Team coach

    I am surprised the ex copper didn''t break the news
  5. Captain Birdseye

    Steven Fletcher

    Think we have avoided another plodder let''s give the club a chance and see who they bring in. Who is to say we were even interested in him
  6. Captain Birdseye

    TV screen.

    I won''t believe it until Tilsons secret high level source confirms it
  7. Captain Birdseye

    The Wallet Is Empty.

    The psychology of these threads where people pretend to be in the know and make up this stuff is interesting. Looks like inclusion issues from a traumatic childhood resurfacing.

    I would treat any thread where the source isn''t named as highly dubious
  8. Captain Birdseye

    Gary Holt gone

    Hell in a hand cart

    Hell in a hand cart and Delia is driving it
  9. Captain Birdseye

    Transfers In

    Starting to feel like the shambles of a transfer window last season

    The lack of communication from the club is worrying. At least by now you expect an interview from Neil advising of the outcome of his discussions with the individual players and where he wants to strengthen

    Also what is happening with all the players out of contract next year

    It''s the lack of a strategy, CEO and an invisible board and manager that is most worrying

    We are going to hell in a hand cart
  10. Captain Birdseye

    Olsson to Besiktas?

    Having spoken to the WAG of one of the players there are only 2 more departures that is Olsson and Brady and that is it. Howson etc are all commited
  11. Captain Birdseye


    I doubt we would have sold him under McNally
  12. Captain Birdseye


    Selling club we are going to hell in a hand cart
  13. Captain Birdseye

    Your hopes for the new season

    Simply want us in the top six all season competing well and if we go up that''s good if not then I am ok with that as well.

    Double over Ipswich is a must.
  14. Captain Birdseye

    Gunn Club

    I was very fortunate to receive Gunn Club membership from my family for Father''s Day.

    I don''t know to much about it though.

    Is anyone a member? What''s it like?

    What are the opening hours on match day?

    Thanks Paul
  15. Captain Birdseye

    Norwich City's shirt sponsor revealed

    Interesting that it is just a one year deal never known a main sponsor contract to last for such a short period of time. I wonder if they are waiting to see if we get back in the prem before committing to a longer deal?

    Good news though that the local connection with the regions biggest company is maintained