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  1. Captain Birdseye

    Match thread

    Trybull is some player pick of the bunch so far
  2. Captain Birdseye

    We will struggle today

    You have been called out for all to see will leave it at that!
  3. Captain Birdseye

    We will struggle today

    Big players in the united team

    We look weak in comparison. Expect loads of high balls into the box today

    Going to be a long long afternoon
  4. Captain Birdseye

    Tomorrow's Defeat.

    The only skill this Farke geezer has is the frequent use of the phrase '' for sure''

    And that will only get you so far in the championship
  5. Whole season is turning into a disaster

    When will we see the back of the evil stowmarket 2
  6. Captain Birdseye

    Nobody out there

    Every club is seeing the future is big money and we are stuck with the stowmarket 2

    It really infuriates me that we are stuck with the cook and there is nothing we can do about it

    Financial mismanagement and nepotism surely they no longer pass the fit and proper test to run a football club?
  7. Captain Birdseye


    The OP has put together a well constructed argument which i back 100 per cent
  8. Captain Birdseye

    I've just realised I'm definitely a happy clapper

    Fans were happy home and away under the Messiah

    Simple solution to our problems
  9. Captain Birdseye

    So where do we go from here?

    Last night was an awful night in an awful season so far

    Do we just accept yet another season of rubbish? What can we actually do to show our dissatisfaction?

    A happy clapper in front of me who is never critical left at half time. When the likes of him go I have to say enough is enough

    But what to do? That is the question
  10. Captain Birdseye

    Crystal Palace

    Great owners understood they had made a mistake and acted quickly in the best interest of their club....

    And then we have the stowmarket 2 mismanaging our club!

    They are the issue here nothing else
  11. Captain Birdseye

    Farke life

    All the sideways passes so many sideways passes and they all go sideways, sideways Farke life
  12. Captain Birdseye

    Soft Underbelly Reigns OK

    Nothing wrong with a soft underbelly
  13. Fabulous analytical thread on the workings of the championship

    Thank you
  14. Captain Birdseye


    What was everyone''s opinion of him yesterday

    He looked solid and the partnership with tettey didn''t look bad

    I think he has the potential to be the best of the German signings
  15. Captain Birdseye

    Now is not the time for fans to show patience

    [quote user="STFU"]Even by your low standards this is a poor trolling attempt Waveney-1/10.

    I''m certainly not showing any patience with your tiresome antics. Just grow up.[/quote]

    Did you go to Millwall?
  16. Captain Birdseye

    Now is not the time for fans to show patience

    ^^^^^ binner ^^^^^^^
  17. Captain Birdseye

    Now is not the time for fans to show patience

    [quote user="Moo"]The time is now - Lambert is only Saviour.[/quote]

    Wise words moo wise words

    Where did you do your degree?
  18. Captain Birdseye

    Now is not the time for fans to show patience

    The usual booing Diane

  19. Captain Birdseye

    Now is not the time for fans to show patience

    With only weeks to go before an away game to that place down the A140 it is imperative that this gets turned round immediately

    I for one will be ensuring there is no let up on the pressure on Farke and the over paid players

    Messiah back by the end of the month if we aren''t motoring by then would be my alternative
  20. Captain Birdseye

    Tom Adeyemi's interview on TWTD

    He did the unforgivable no better than Andy Marshall

    Deserves plenty of stick when he comes to the Carra
  21. Captain Birdseye

    Biggest ever lasting BOO

    Worthies last game when the Doc did the rugby tackle was memorable
  22. Captain Birdseye

    New Poster

    Welcome Waveney
  23. Captain Birdseye

    Where is City1st?

    Whilst he is one of the arch plastics on here I do agree on this occasion with Indy bones

    Anyone who has to have multiple IDs and accounts clearly has mental health issues and needs therapy

    I am willing to provide the therapy free of charge

  24. Captain Birdseye

    Biggest ever lasting roar

    The winning goal against Derby at home in the Messiah promotion season

    As Neil Adams said at the time Carra Rud went bananas
  25. Captain Birdseye

    Hurricane Irma

    What did hurricane Irma say to the coconut tree?

    Hold onto your nuts this ain''t going to be no ordinary blow job